'Touch Yourself': my new erotic anthology

Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 9:00 PM

While you're waiting for the next part of 'The Game' (due early next week), I thought I'd throw a little extra fun your way.

Too many posts in here to know what you're looking for? Wonderful things buried deep in the archives that you've never seen? Not wanting to be caught looking at my blog? Wanting something sexy to take with you on trips away? Or maybe you just want me right there at your bedside?

Touch Yourself is a sparkling new 196 page collection of all the best erotica here on my site, carefully chosen for your pleasure, wrapped up in a lovely cover and ideal to place next to your bed. I've selected all of your favourite posts on here, including a few of my own personal favourites dating back over the past six years. Every single story is delightfully sexy, intensely erotic, and very much designed to make you come.

Expect urgent, decadent threesomes with both boys and girls; delightfully rough sex where I take you as I please, using you as my perfect little slut; exquisitely sensual masturbation, where I come for you intensely; greedy voyeurism, where I watch you come for me again and again; intimate girl-on-girl, her body moving against you as you taste her; intense ass-fucking, cumming delightfully deep inside you; submission and domination, where I make you beg me to let you come; and so much more besides...

The book is intended to arouse you, to excite you, to make you wet. I think it'll make you come delightfully. Go take a look, you'll find it here:


It's currently available in two formats: as a paperback book for £7.99, or as a pdf file for £4.99 for those of you who need to be a little more discreet.

It's also available as an ebook for £5.99 here: http://www.lulu.com/product/ebook/touch-yourself/15840189

Hope you enjoy it - I wrote it for you x

roger xx


Until the end of May, there's a 25% off any order at Lulu code on their site!

I definitely want to buy this, I just have to figure out when I'll be able to buy it without family noticing; or else I just have to find another book on there to buy at the same time, as a cover.

hmmm... I think I may post it tomorrow as an ebook in addition to this version, for those of you who don't need to be caught reading me ;) xx

I've just checked - there's a cheaper downloadable pdf option too if you prefer :)

Speaking of books, you reminded me.
I heard that you're planning another orgy but just before it begins (and once you've finished this current Sophie story), a special 'bookshop' of your own is missing part 2 (or more) for quite some time.
(365 days come May 30th, but who's counting) >.>

Care to grant a lowly bookworm some peace in seeing it completed before the orgy begins?
This must be one of the longest erotic story cliffhangers in history, I dare hazard. *doe eyes*

You're the second person to remind me about 'The Bookshop' in the past week - yikes! ;)
But yes, I think I'll write the rest of that one before we plunge into the orgy, so expect it soon after the current Sophie story is completed :) xx

Does this mean you are going to take down some of your archives in the future? That would make me very sad Roger.

Definitely not, no, my archives will remain as they are :)

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