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Monday, December 24, 2007 at 10:13 PM

Okay, you've had a few days to leave your votes, the scores are in, and you've made your choices, so over the next week or two I'll be posting brand new stories based on the most popular subjects - hope you'll enjoy them gorgeously! Here's how the voting went:

35 points - 6) Rough sex - me taking you any way I please, hard and dirty
31 points - 8) Dominating you, punishing you, maybe a little light bondage
23 points - 4) You, me and another guy, maybe a little gay sex involved
23 points - 11) Fucking you in front of an audience of beautiful people
16 points - 5) You, me and another guy - no gay sex involved
11 points - 3) You, me and another girl in a gorgeously intense threesome
10 points - 2) You and another girl (maybe with me watching you)
9 points - 1) You and me, some lovely, basic, delightful sex together
7 points - 7) Something soft, romantic and sensual
5 points - 9) Fucking you in the ass, long and slow
5 points - 10) Watching me masturbate for you, all the way to orgasm
2 points - 12) You dominating me in front of the audience from #11

I'm happy to be persuaded otherwise if it seems a bad idea, but I think we could do a little mixing and matching here. 'Fucking you in front of an audience' featured somewhere on almost everyone's choices, so there's clearly a lot of enthusiasm for the idea of being watched, as good looking people masturbate around you. I kinda think that it would combine really well with the second choice - dominating you - I think it would add to the intensity of your punishment if you were watched... does that seem a good plan?
Rough sex will be a post on it's own, I think - something hard and dirty that isn't actual domination, just something wild and frantic and filthy, taking you roughly - I have a few ideas for that one ;)
Also in the line-up will be the guy-guy-girl threesome, and though the contest was fought hard, in the end it appears that you want to see me getting frisky with the guy too - and so I will ;)

So here's the three stories I'll be writing for you:
1) Rough sex - me taking you any way I please, hard and dirty
2) Dominating you, punishing you, with a little light bondage, all in front of an audience of beautiful people, masturbating as they watch us
3) You, me and another guy, with a little gay sex involved

Before we do those, there's going to be some playful spanking in here from Boxing Day for a couple of days - if you think you've been a little naughty this year, I'll be expecting you to attend for your punishment ;)

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas, enjoy yourselves, and I'll see you back here on the 26th for a little Xmas spanking ;)

*big Xmas hugs and kisses!*

roger xx


oh dear, i think i have been a bad girl. whatever will i do?? *lays over your lap with bum exposed*

mmmm....boxing day...i like it already.

mm just the idea of being tied up a little, in front of an audience, with you dominating me is getting me wet i can't wait for the stories to come out. i hope i haven't been too bad for wanting this so much.... but i'll pull my panties down all the same and let you decide


Can't wait for the fun to cum!

And you KNOW how bad I've been...I'll take as many of those spankings as you are willing to dish out...harder please...


three such very bad girls, already lining up for their punishment... such naughty girls...

lady in waiting - you have been a bad girl... the spanking post is now open, I'll be expecting you to attend...

kitten - I'm rather looking forward to writing that story too - don't exepct me to go easy on you ;)
and yes, you've been very bad -I'll also expect you at the spanking post, don't keep me waiting ;)

b - I do know how bad you've been - you know what you need to do...

That mix for story 2 sounds just fine.
Look forward to all the stories <3
Hope you had a lovely christmas as well, all the best ^^

mystique - thankyou, I'm having a lovely christmas - hope you are too! I think I might be looking forward to writing the stories as much as you are to reading them ;) xx

Merry Christmas, Sir

*Sigh* know how dreadfully naughty I have been...what a filthy little slut I truly am...

I shall lift my skirt up, bend forward and take my punshment like a good girl should, Sir...


and another dirty girl who's clearly eager to be taught a lesson - but you're in the wrong room here, A, I'm waiting for you in the new post, and you're already late. Don't forget to pull your panties down before you bend over, I'm a stickler for detail...

The picture next to this post is one of the hottest I have seen on here.
I can't wait for the new storys

Hope you had a lovley and somewhat naughty christmas


Raven - I had a delightful Christmas thankyou - hope you had fun too ;) xx

Hi Roger!

Happy New Year! :)

I love your user-votes story idea. Looks like you have a lot of women who enjoy a nice steamy helping of good old-fashioned male domination in here...Isn't it interesting the kind of women you seem to attract? hehe. (Myself included - I'm a sucker for those hard, delicious, dominating stories of yours.)

Hope you have a sex-filled evening, and I look forward to reading your new masterpieces!

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