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Saturday, July 23, 2005 at 7:23 PM

Hello you xxx

I’m looking for some rather intimate interaction from my rather perfectly formed readership (I mean you, my dear, lovely reader). Does what I write turn you on? Do I arouse you? Do you masturbate gorgeously when you read my stories? Do I make you come? I'd really love to know...

Though as this is an earlier version of the questionnaire, click on this link for the current version - and have fun ;)

my lovely new sexy questionnaire



1. secretive
2. I have reddish blonde hair and green eyes. High IQ. Highly sexed. It's hard to get intense stimulation for both brain and body from one source. Belong to someone physically, but my thoughts and fantasies are nobody's business but mine.
3. No.
4. Dumb luck.
5. I just found it two days ago, and have barely scratched the surface of all you have written here.
6. It's fantastic stuff, your writing. I have an incredible array of fantasies, so good and nuanced that online stuff is usually disappointing. Yours is potent and highly charged with an intense sexual energy that can't be faked.
7. I only read on cybersex story. I found it less interesting than the other things I've read.
8. My favorites so far have been 'thinking about blowjobs' and 'fucking you from behind'.
9. Both. Definitely both.
10. Always.
11. 'masturbating'.
12. I have so much still to explore, that for me the answer it 'no' right now.
13. Yes. The visual made me cum. Your writing is very vivid and real.
14. Yes, the fantasy request I made...
15. Not really. But the thought of you writing that fantasy did. I have my own versions of that fantasy, but I want to see how you will spin it. Your sexuality is really raw, and that absolutely thrills me.
secretive, July 23rd, 2004

I just realized that I should have emailed this privately. No matter though. There is nothing I would have said different privately; either way, I would only say what I'm really thinking.
secretive, July 23rd, 2004

Thankyou, very much appreciated x - I actually have around eight of these now (a few more have drifted in via email since I last commented on this page), and every one of these that gets filled in helps me know what kind of things you all like to read.
Hope you're enjoying your fantasy so far, Secretive - I'll be finishing it tomorrow night, if all goes to plan - I'm very much looking forward to writing it...
dirtyboy, July 23rd, 2004

Hey Rog,
If you'r still interested here
are my answers,
2)I'm 19, Brown curly hair and brown eyes
that ive been told twinkle mischieviously all too often :p (i wonder why...? ;))
Love all the sex and the teasing, but I also enjoy actually just talking to people, and can be quite the creative intellectual. Definitely an explorer...
Hey Rog, your readership is international ;) im currently living in Italy
3)Sorry, no blog...
4)Hmm...your blog was okay, maybe it could do with some adjustments - set up.
5)I've only discovered your blog a few day ago, but have been hooked ever since, and ive read practically all of your articles
6)Baby, I LOVE what you write, can't you tell from answer to question 5?
7)I read the cybersex and it was definitely good, still, some of your other articles work better for me...
8)Hmmmm...well, I loved The Shop, but i adored most of your articles, especially the ones from the back, its one of my favortie positions ;)
9)Well, though it's a mixture of both I'm inclined to say that its the writing style, after all lots of people post some of the same kinds of content, but yours is written much better ;)
10)Exactly how explicit you could get, while not seeming incredibly impersonal and maintaining the sensuality of the articles.
11)Yes...;) that way its better for both of us, dont you think?
12)waking you...
13)Yes, I came, so hard. Well, although perhaps not as explicit as some others, it's quite sensual. Besides, I love doing it from behind, and I'm very into morning sessions ;)
13) (you have 2 number 13s) Whatever happened to the rest of The House??
I haven't even waited for the beginning and I'm already restless and achingly impatient.
14)I'd rather just be surprized by YOUR creativity, but if you need any ideas feel free to ask.
15)No, although I'd love to chat with you sometime, I think posting the photo up on the blog would ruin a definite part of its magic, don't you? Besides, though I'm a very frank and down to earth person, mytique can be quite intriguing...
16)i was already turned on, but filling this out did not enhance it because I was actually trying togive you a decent, at least semi-serious, response...
p.s. I love the articles with the cream and the oil...I've used them both before and they are quite delicious indeed :P

1. What’s your name? (just make one up - or if you’re a blogger, whatever you call yourself in your blog – just so I have an idea who said what.)

2. Tell me a bit about yourself, if you want to (I'm curious about my readership).
I'm a student at a very good university. I study psychology and a good part of that deals with sex. I'm 5'6, athletic, brown hair, blue-gray eyes.

3. Do you have a blog of your own? If so, feel free to tell me what it is, and I’ll link to you (if you want me to).
Yes, but nothing of this nature. ;-)

4. How did you find my blog?
A lucky find, just by looking at what had just been updated at blogger.com.

5. How often do you read my blog (roughly) – do you read every post? Or just now and again?
Hm. During the school year when I haven't got my own room, I read probably once or twice a week. Every post, though. During school breaks, probably 4 times a week, reviewing posts I find particularly enjoyable.

6. Do you mostly enjoy what I write, or doesn’t it do much for you?
Pretty much everything is great.

7. Do you read the cybersex? Does it turn you on? Or do you wish I’d stop posting it?
it's okay...the "group orgy" or whatever it's called was too confusing, too much effort for a good time. But some of the roleplay is good.

8. What’s been your favourite thing/s I’ve written? (more than one if you like)
At the party...and threesomes.

9. What did you like about it? Was it the writing style, or was it the content?
oh, content, sure. I do like the writing style of the sophie and vanessa story, though.

10. Which part of it really turned you on, specifically?
I love the idea of threesomes, thats a wish of mine to participate in...so anytime I start reading from the begining, your detail with the first kiss...it's great.

11. Do you ever masturbate when you read my blog?

12. If you answered ‘yes’ to question 11, what was the last entry that inspired you to masturbate?
Well...what was your last entry?

13. Did you reach orgasm? If so, what made you come? (Told you some of these were quite personal! The more idea I have of what arouses you, the more I can write with that in mind. Plus I'm nosey lol)
Today, yes...I read the first chapter on the orient express...against the door is fabulous...

13. Is there anything I still haven’t finished that you’d like to read more of? If so, which one?
just the paris story

14. Is there anything you’d really love me to write about – something that would really get you hot and horny?
anything outside and public...

15. Do you want me to post a photo of myself naked? I’m not going to, I just want to know how shallow you are! Then again, if I get more than ten responses (very unlikely - I reckon five is pushing it! Everybody hates me! I just know it!), I'll post a naked pic, it's only fair...
nope, because naked pictures don't do it for me. I like using my imagination. ;-)

16. Did filling in this questionnaire turn you on?
nah, I just came twice and felt quite satisfied.

hi kota x
These usually get emailed to me - it's fun to reply in here for a change!
The group sex 'Orgy' post is confusing to read, I agree - I think the only way to read it and get a sense of what we were enjoying is to read it slowly - it lasted three or four hours, as i recall, but of course it takes a lot less time to read, and I think it's easy to lose some of the sense of it as a result. I had lots of fun though! ;)
oh, threesomes are gorgeous - I've been lucky enough to have indulged in three this year (three more than I ever have before lol), and there's an intenisty about them that's like no other sexual experience. I try to convey that in the posts - though in real life the reality is that bodies begin to blur, time stands still, hands and lips and bodies everywhere - everyone should try it at least once, I think...
And I'm returning to the Sophie stories next week - and you'll be pleased to hear that the next chapter does indeed have a threesome included ;)
Thankyou for this - and it's a pleasure to have been able to excite you so much, to make you come so delightfully - hope you'll keep commenting xx

I'm bored, so what the heck? I'll stop lurking for a change xD

1. Psy

2. Honey brown hair, green eyes, 5'2, slim/slender.

3. Nope ;P

4. Randomly by Google

5. I check about once a week usually, or whenever I'm bored, like now lol

6. I enjoy alot of it.

7. Paris/London Series, early morning sex, fucking you from behind, astride me... (could go on)

8. Mostly the way its written and the intensity in the words

9. Too many to name... lol

10. Pretty much always

11. London 2 the shop girl

12. Yes, when Sophie came

13. Another one like astride me? (likes to be ontop ;P)

14. Desk in computer room

15. Nope :( Never had access to the internet away from home lol

16. -

17. Yes, right here at my desk

18. 2 girl friends ;P

19. One was very surprised and joined in for the fun of it.

20. Yes while talking to others and also on skype. Not a one off, but I dont do it on a regular basis either, just randomly when I feel like it lol

21. Nope, only on my own, though if I meet someone who doesnt mind I'd prolly give it a go. :)

22. From behind xP

23. No toy, only fingers

24. Yes and Yes

25. Yes and probably lol

26. hmm... maybe? ;P

27. I'll leave this to your wild imagination ;)

Psy x

psy - such a naughty girl (and very lovely to hear from you x) - some delightful replies here, and I'll email you with my responses over the weekend ;) - glad you had fun with it ;) xx

I only discovered your delicious blog to-day,and am a bit overwhelmed by your ability to arouse the lust in me with your writing.
So I'll answer Q's 1-11 for now.
2)39,tall, long legs,44c bra size, voluptuous, Scottish,love reading erotica.
3)No blog.
4)Via 'Easily Aroused' blog.
5)'Just found it to-day, but inspired to comment by your mouth-watering blogging.
6)As above, but am already addicted.
7)'Still working my way through the archives.Loving every moment.
8)Too early to comment, really, but posts relating to threesomes, spanking and mutual masturbation spring to mind.
9)I'd have to think about that.
10)As above.
11)Oh yes.Twice already, to-day.And not quite finished yet.

hi caroline - did you know you can type the name 'caroline' below, instead of coming up as 'anonymous' in the comments? You're still anonymous that way, but I'll know that it's you that commented ;)
I'm glad you're having fun in here, and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the questionnaire completed - most tend to email them to me, as it's much more private, as some of the questions are rather intimate ;)
You'll also be interested to know that there's a new threesome story just started, with some spanking following soon after... ;) xx

12.'Fucking you from behind, bent over the back of the couch.'

13.Oh yes, I came imagining you watching me,stroking yourself.'Lost control at the words 'ramming deeper, harder, cock pulsing'...toy throbbing inside me and fingers rubbing my wet clit.Delicious.Thank you!

mmmm... very much my pleasure - and I rather like you answering these questions in installments ;) xx

More to come,if you like.

I'd absolutely love you to complete the rest of the questions, yes - though they're increasingly intimate, so you might want to email them rather than post the replies out here x

I feel a bit shy about e-mailing you, so I'll stay here for now.It seems quite a few of us girls are happy to share our intimate comments with you and each other right here!
So, Q14 - Something that would really get me hot, outside or in public?
1)In a sauna, you and I touching each other and a stranger joining us - m/f.
2)In a taxi, driver watching us, then joining in - mmf.
3)In the woods, you taking me leaning against a tree and being watched.

Oops,I've just realised that last question was number 15.I think.Your writing seems to get me all hot and bothered.....
Incidentally, the other thing I would absolutely love you to write would be the sequal to 'Taking you as I please,part one.'I hadn't realised how much rough sex was to my tastes until I read your posts, and that one had me writhing in my chair, fingers deep inside my soaking wet pussy.Part two, please!

You're not the first person to ask for a part two of that - you'll be pleased to hear that some rough sex is coming up soon, as part of the 'you choose' posts that I've been writing - should be fun for both of us, I think ;)
I'm enjoying your questionnaire responses, though they do get more and more intimate - though if you're happy to answer them out here, I'm fine with that too - and I suspect the readers will be too ;) I see how much you love the idea of being watched - again that's another theme coming up in the 'you choose' stories ;)

1. My name is Wendy.

2. I’m 18. I live in the states. I am a completely sexually curious person and I love your blogs. I read them every time I want to come and come hard. Besides that I love writing, music and anything artsy.

3. I just made my blog recently. As in just now. I’m hoping soon I can open up enough and spring into the world of erotica.

4. I don’t remember how I found your blog. I’m just happy I did J

5. This is my first comment.. Simply because I never knew what to say.

6. As much as possible. I’ve been here every night this week. Let’s just say I’ve been exceptionally aroused.

7. I’ve practically read everything.. Two or three times.

8. Any urgent fucking, threesomes with men and women. I love the new sophie story. Personally I love being bent over and fucked. You do it so well. I come every time.

9. The way you express it. I feel like I’m there, it’s happening.

10. I love the word fuck. every time I hear it I get wet. Imagining someone begging me to fuck them, me begging to be fucked. Sends chills down my spine. Dampens my panties ;)

11. I can’t leave without coming at least three times when I read your blogs.

12. The most recent sophie installment. 7 I believe?

13. I always come when your characters come. It pushes me over the edge to imagine them.

14. I just read one. I’m calming down from my orgasm and I can still feel my cunt pulsing. Mm it feels so wonderful im going to return after this and read something else.

15. I have many fantasies. You’ve covered a lot of them. I love older men, and I love imagining myself with an older man. Otherwise anything really.

16. I normally read it in bed. I almost always masturbate to your stories before I turn in for the night.

17. I always masturbate when reading. Always.

18. I’m in bed right now, with my soft blanket covering every inch of my skin, rubbing against my clit, in between my legs, keeping my nipples nice and erect.

19. I used to read it at school.

20. Occasionally I would touch myself, as long as I knew no one was looking.

21. I tend to keep it in my bed, or in the bathtub or shower.. However I always scream, moan and make plenty of noise. I’m sure everyone here knows how delightful I come when reading.. Now I may take it to other places, since you mentioned it.

22. I have told many friends about your blog. They have all loved it.

23. They weren’t surprised at all. They were pleased I must say about what I had discovered for them.

24. I have read your blog with a friend of mine once. The only girl I have ever imagined myself fucking.. Needless to say I was soaking wet when we’d finished.

25. Not yet.. I hope to soon someday.

26. It has inspired me to do many many things.

27. I use a mixture between my fingers and my lovely dildo. Which fills me perfectly.

28. It makes it very intense. I always imagine you masturbating with me or fucking me, coming when I do.

29. Immensely.

30. I would watch you as long as I could, hoping you wouldn‘t mind a nice fuck

31. Plenty of times.

32. I always build myself up, rubbing my clit slowly until it aches and my juices drip down my fingers, I always soak my bed sheets. When the characters start fucking, then I start fucking, I hold off coming until the last minute, teasing myself as much as I can. Then I come urgently and hard.

33. I am soaking wet. Extremely turned on. I can’t wait to come to the next story I read.

34. Not yet, but I can feel my cunt start to pulse and I can feel the first bit of come drip down my slit and over my ass.

35. I’m laying on my bed, with my head tilted up on the pillows completely naked just me and my blanket.

36. If you were here watching me masturbate and I could watch you masturbate I would keep us where we are. I’d close my eyes and tell you to beg me to fuck you. Tell me how good it feels. I’d want to hear your breath quicken. I’d want you to beg me to stop masturbating so you should slam your cock inside me.. You want to fuck me. I want you to fuck me.

37. I’m going to go read now.. I so desperately need to come. Thank you.

38. Such a delightfully dirty girl... enough questions, I think... I want you to come for me, right now... I'm watching you masturbate... stroking myself as I watch you... needing to fuck you... needing to slide my cock deep inside you... come for me... god please come for me... don't hold it back... I need you to come...

39. mmmmm... such a good girl... and thankyou xxx Hope you feel a little better for that ;) xx

wendy xx
this is a very intense reply, and quite simply gorgeous. Normally these questionnaires are emailed to me, and I give a full reply privately - if you want to drop me a quick email, I can give you a proper personal reply, but if I don't hear from you after two or three days, I'll reply in here instead, so do check back if you decide you'd prefer not to email.
This was so very, very arousing... xx

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