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Monday, May 13, 2013 at 9:37 PM

It's been a while since I mentioned this, and since I'm a little skint at the moment (the curse of freelance writing, sadly), would you like to take a look at my other site:

Once there, you'll find a lovely small selection of my cheap, cheerful and intensely sexy e-books for sale.

At just $2.00 (£1.30) each they're an absolute bargain, and I like to think they'll make you come delightfully.

Also now available is 'Sophie & the Artist', a complete collection of the Sophie in London and Sophie in Paris erotic stories - you'll find it here:

If you'd prefer it as a paperback to stash underneath your pillow, you'll find that here:

Also still available is "Touch Yourself" the 196 page anthology of my erotica, full of all kinds of filthy, decadent lovely smut for your pleasure and enjoyment.

You'll find that one here:

I'm also very happy to take requests for other e-books - is there anything you'd like me to make available in that format, for ease of reading? I'd be delighted to be of assistance ;)

Roger x


I'd be delighted if you'd fuck me over my desk. You've been gone way too long, Roger!

Oops forgot to sign it. That last comment was me


I'd be only too pleased to fuck you over your desk, Heather ;)

And it has been too long! Been crazy busy with my vanilla writing career, but I'll be back with lovely new smut, I'm never too far away :) xx

Take me fast, hard and rough!


So glad to hear from you! Got a little worried about you (and worry is definitely not a sexy emotion).

You HAVE to continue the game, it really has me on the edge of my seat in arousal.

I'm never very far away :) x
And The Game is the first thing I'll be going back to - it's pretty intense to write, as you can probably understand ;)

I'm glad to see you back writing the blog again :) I am very much looking forward to the new posts (obviously)


Thank you Kelly, it's good to be back xx

You're back! How delightful!


yep, I'm pottering about ;) xx

Lots of girls love you! This will be exciting fun.

Hope you enjoy, Kiki! xx

I'd love to purchase "Sophie in Hollywood" as an e-book! I always come back to this story. It makes me incredibly wet and pulsing whenever I read it! I always come delightfully before I can even reach The end of the story! ❤

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