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Monday, June 13, 2011 at 11:22 PM

Some of you will already know from Twitter that I've started a new blog, which you'll find at Just to reassure you - the blog isn't a replacement for this site, which will continue on as normal, and all my new erotica will always be posted here first as always.

The new site is really intended for those people who have never looked in here - I'm reaching out to a new audience, with the specific intention of selling my work as individual, cheap e-books. Erotic e-books are the big thing at the moment, allowing you to read smut without having to access those sites that might get you into trouble, and indeed without needing to be online at all.

All my new ebooks will be put up on the new site over the course of the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye on the site and feel free to add my new twitter account:

You'll be familiar with most of the work that I'm collecting as e-books, but if you want them in that format I'll be posting a wide range on the new site for you to download. If you have friends interested in quality erotica but whom you'd never want to tell about this site, then the new blog is the place to direct them ;)


Good luck with the new digitising of your stories!


Thank you :) It's all going well so far! xx

When will we get to read the next installment of the game? 8-)


Seconded. I must know how this game turns out.

And you'll be finding out shortly, I'm about to return to it (mmmm) xx

Eagerly looking forward to it! I think Claudia and Abigail will be my favorites, because they don't seem as used to this sort of thing as Katheryn and Sophie, and there's something about the newness and unknownness that makes it all the more exciting.

I definitely agree. Sophie and Kathryn have experience of group sex, and know just how intense it gets and don't have the same trepidation about being that exposed as Claudia and Abigail do. Claudia is keen but definitely nervous, and Abigail is young and has never done anything even remotely like this, she's very much an innocent. So I think their turns are going to be rather fun ;) It's also about time the guys started to come, I think...
The next part should be up next week :) xx

Mmmm, I didn't even thing about the guys coming...extra treat!

Have you thought about making Kindle and Barnes and Noble versions of the book? The booksellers will take a cut of your profits if you sell through their sites/devices, but you'll also be available to audiences who might not find you otherwise.

Yes indeed, and I definitely will. I've had no time to organise it over the past couple of months, but I'll be adding new formats over the next couple of weeks - and thank you for the advice :) xx

wow very nice cum check me out as well?

Good luck with new stories

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