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Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 10:18 AM

I've managed to somewhat neglect answering my email of late, which is very bad of me - generally I prefer to reply to everything I receive, but I've been so busy this year that they've fallen off the radar. I'm dashing off a few replies to the more recent ones, but I'm wary of answering older ones, as if you're not expecting them they might be an unwelcome surprise.

I'd like to assure you though that I read and enjoy everything sent to me, and some of the questionnaires in particular have been just exquisite, thank you! :) I do get spoiled, I know ;)

Could you please let me know if you'd like a reply to an email / questionnaire etc you might have sent to me? I still have them all so will be able to send you a frisky reply if you're still wanting one :)

roger xx


Roger, I definitely want a reply to your questionnaire, but I think I may fill it out all over again, look for it soon, xo Annika Mari

yes please!

Caroline x

Caroline - the questionnaire from August? I'll reply today :) xx

mmmmmm thank you very much Roger, that was lovely ;)

Caroline xxx

mmm I'm delighted you liked it, I hope you'll reply :) xx

I know the feeling about things falling off the radar, its been a rather busy year and I haven't had time to write very much at all although still enjoying your blog as much as possible...

you do still owe me a questionnaire, but it is entirely up to you :)much kisses xx

Oh PLEASE do respond! ^.~

This isn't a questionnaire response request, but is there any chance of you posting something for Christmas? On another note, it was sometime this month a year ago that I first discovered you...don't remember where exactly, but I've enjoyed you very much since then!

I agree with n. A Christmas bit of naughtiness would be lovely.

Then you'll both be pleased to hear the Christmas naughtiness is definitely on the way ;) xx

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