The sexy questionnaire returns...

Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 8:02 PM

Hello you xxx

I've started to receive a couple more of these lately, and given how much I adore receiving them (and given how much you seem to enjoy completing them), I've decided to put it to the top of the blog again to give you a chance to notice it.

I always genuinely love hearing from you, and these questionnaires are my absolute favourite thing to receive - so here’s the latest version for your fun and perusal ;) You always get a personal reply from me if you ask for one (usually picking up on some of the things you mentioned, where it seems appropriate), so if you haven't sent one of these to me before - or even if you have and you'd like to give it another go - I'd very much love you to give it a try xx

Oh, and if you haven't had a response to a previous questionnaire you've sent, please let me know and I'll get right to it - sometimes I enjoy them so much that I'm a little too sated and throbbing to respond coherently ;)

The questionnaire asks a lot of very intimate, mostly sexual questions. You'll discover that the questions get much more intimate (and much more fun) the further you get. The questionnaire is very much designed to arouse you - as well as giving me a guide to the kinds of things you enjoy in here, it should also turn you on, make you delightfully wet and make you need to come... and I do so very much want to make you come, as it's my favourite thing to do for you... so you're probably going to need a little quiet time alone with this, when you know you're not going to be disturbed, as it gets rather filthy towards the end ;)

My preference would be for you to cut and paste the questionnaire into an email and answer the questions for me privately, so that you feel you can say anything you want to me, and so that I can reply to you privately too. Really I’m just after an idea of what you like to read in my blog, what turns you on, and what I can do to help you reach delightful orgasm... and hopefully to give you a good time in return ;)

Obviously any emails sent to me will be treated in the strictest confidence, as always. This is meant to be fun for you, so the questions are all optional. Please ignore questions you don’t want to answer or that you feel shy about, I really don’t mind at all. Some of the questions are deliberately intimate and intended to arouse and excite you, but please feel free to skip any you aren't comfortable with, and have fun with those that you do like ;)

Send your questionnaires to me at:

Thankyou xxx - and here we go... have fun ;)

Getting to know you...
1. What’s your name? (just something I can call you when I reply to you, it can be completely made up - maybe the name you use in the comments, or if you’re a blogger, whatever you call yourself in your blog - real names not required here, of course)

2. Tell me something about yourself, if you want to (I'm always curious). Be as vague or as detailed as you like, it's entirely up to you. Most readers tend to give me a general description of what they look like, their age, their nationality, things like that, with maybe a couple of things they like to do - though as little or as much as you're comfortable telling me would be lovely.

3. Do you have a blog of your own? I'd love to read your own writing, and I’ll happily link to you if want me to.

How you found me...
4. Can you remember how you found my blog? Perhaps a link from somewhere else, or googling for something naughty, or maybe a recommendation from a friend?

5. Were you particularly looking for erotica, or was finding me a happy accident?

Reading habits...
6. Are you a new reader, or have you been reading me for a while?

7. How often do you drop by to read my blog? Is it a regular thing, or do you just dip in now and again when you're feeling frisky and horny?

8. Have you read pretty much everything in the blog, or are you still working your way through the archives, enjoying yourself delightfully?

9. Do you ever leave comments?

10. If not, is there a reason why you prefer not to?

11. If you do leave comments, does it arouse you to leave them?

12. Do you check back to read my replies to you?

13. Do you enjoy reading comments from other readers?

14. Do you ever get turned on reading the other comments, perhaps when it's clear that they were touching themselves as they wrote, delightfully wet?

Sharing me...
15. Have you ever told anyone else about my blog, or do you prefer to keep me to yourself as your naughty little secret?

16. If not, do you think there's anyone you would ever tell about me, to share the pleasure?

17. If you have told someone else, what was their reaction?

18. Did it turn you on to tell them about me?

19. And have you looked at my blog together with them, at the same time?

20. If not, do you think it would excite you to read my blog with a friend?

What you love to read...
21. What are your current favourites of the things you've read? What’s really turned you on in there lately? More than one, if you like :)

22. Why do you particularly like those stories? What is it that excites or arouses you about them?

23. Was there something about those stories that really worked for you, that got you intensely turned on?

24. Was there any particular phrase or words that especially did it for you, that took you over the edge?

Touching yourself...
25. Do you ever masturbate when you read my blog?

26. If you answered ‘yes’ to question 25 (and most do), what was the last story that inspired you to masturbate?

27. Did you take yourself all the way to orgasm?

28. And was it a good one if you did? ;)

29. If you did reach delightful orgasm, can you remember which part of it made you come? I'd love to know.

30. Have I often made you come, or am I just an occasional pleasure?

31. Is there anything you’d really love me to write more about - something that really works for you, and would turn you on intensely?

Where you like to read...

32. Where would you normally read my blog? In bed? At your desk? On the sofa? In the office? Somewhere else...?

33. And are you there right now (in your bed, at your desk, wherever), or are you sneakily typing the replies to this in a coffee house or on a train somewhere? (It wouldn't be the first time!)

34. And how are you dressed right now? (I’m shallow, I know, I can‘t help it)

35. Do you tend to masturbate there as you read, perhaps all the way to orgasm, or do you prefer to maybe dip in a little, get yourself hot, and then slip into bed to fantasise about what you've read?

Reading in public...
36. Have you ever read my blog in public - maybe on a train, in a park, or in a cafe etc? If so, tell me a little about it, I'm curious...

37. If you answered yes to the above, did you discreetly touch yourself?

38. And did it arouse you to read where you knew you might be seen?

39. And were you able to come?

40. Has reading my blog ever caused you to masturbate somewhere where you might be discovered (eg at work, in the rest room, at your desk etc)?

Enjoying me with another...
41. Have you ever read my blog in the company of someone else (maybe your husband, or a lover, or with friends - or perhaps whilst IM-ing or on skype with someone)?

42. If you have, was it erotic for you having someone else there, or were you mostly giggling and blushing?

43. And were they aware that you were reading erotica, or was it your own secret?

44. And were you able to come (and did they know that you came)?

45. Related to the above, have you ever masturbated with someone else whilst you both enjoyed my blog?

46. If so, was it enjoyable and something you'd do again, or do you prefer me to be a private pleasure of your own?

47. And did you both come?

Trying something new...
48. Has reading my blog inspired you to try something sexually that you've never done before?

49. If so, did you enjoy it? (I hope so!)

The Sophie stories
50. Have you tried the Sophie stories? Do they excite you?

51. If you have been enjoying them, which of them aroused you the most intensely?

52. Is there anything you'd really love to see Sophie do, something which would really turn you on?

Taking you as I please...
53. Do the rough sex stories excite you?

54. Do you like to be taken that way? Does it excite you thinking of being tied up or held down whilst I’m fucking you hard?

55. Does it turn you on to imagine me taking you as I please, treating you as my dirty little slut?

56. And do those words turn you on? Does it excite you when I call you my bad little girl, my slut?

57. Is it arousing you now, thinking about it?

58. Do you like to be spanked?

59. Would you happily bend over for me, tug down your panties, and accept a delightful spanking?

60. And would you submit to me, if I treated you that way? Would you let me take you any way I pleased?

Outdoor sex...
61. Have you ever had sex outdoors?

62. If yes, would you do it again?

63. Did it excite you, knowing you might be seen?

64. Have you ever masturbated outdoors, perhaps in a park, or when out on a walk?

Playing with other girls...
65. Do the girl-girl fantasies that I write excite you?

66. Do you ever fantasise about being touched by another girl?

67. Have you ever had a sexual experience with another girl? If so, I'd love to know what happened, tell me more about it...

Group sex...
68. Have you ever had any group sex experiences? Perhaps a threesome, or an experience with another couple? I'd love you to tell me more about it if you have...

69. Do you like to watch other people having sex, or do you prefer to be watched?

70. If you were able to watch me, would you enjoy seeing me fuck another girl, or would you prefer that you had me to yourself?

71. Have you ever posed naked for photographs for a friend or lover?

72. If you have, did it excite you to do so?

73. How far did you allow it to go? Did you masturbate for them?

74. And did you come?

75. Have you ever taken photographs of yourself naked, just for the pleasure of it or for a lover?

76. If you have, did it excite you?

77. Does it arouse you to know that I masturbate as I write?

78. Do you ever imagine me masturbating as I write the blog?

79. Have you ever read any of my masturbation posts, watching me come for you?

80. And if you have, did it excite you to watch me?

81. Did you come with me?

82. And if you discovered me like that, masturbating delightfully, would you want to watch me come, or would you want me to stop touching myself and fuck you deliciously?

83. Would you want me to watch you as you masturbated for me?

84. Do you use a toy to masturbate with when you read my blog, or do you prefer to use your fingers?

85. If you use a toy, do you have a favourite that you like to use?

86. Have you ever made up your own sexual fantasies about being with me? If you have, tell me a little about it.

87. If you're brave enough, tell me how you like to masturbate when you're reading my words - I'd love to know how you make yourself come, describe it for me...

Getting playful...

88. Is filling in this questionnaire turning you on?

89. Are you wet?

90. If the answer to the above is yes, are you touching yourself right now?

91. Are you going to need to come soon?

92. If so, then go with it a little, enjoy it, I want you to touch yourself, it's why you read my words, it's why you're here. Slip your fingers down between your thighs, I want that. I want to watch you, it excites me intensely… does it arouse you, knowing I'm watching you right now...?

93. Tell me what you're doing right now, so that I can picture you... tell me how you're dressed, how you're sat, what you're doing with your fingers...

94. Does it feel good?

95. I'm masturbating as I watch you... does it excite you to think of me that way...?

96. Don’t come yet, I want you to try to hold it back... increase the rhythm a little... I’m watching you… tell me what you're doing... don't worry about typos, I'd guess it's getting harder to type... tell me what you're doing...

97. Are you alone?

98. Are you likely to be discovered?

99. If you are alone, take off your panties for me, right now... I want you to be able to touch yourself properly...

100. Don't stop touching yourself... are you getting close...?

101. Try to hold it back a little longer... it'll feel better if you hold it back... tell me what you're doing right now...

102. God I love watching you... tell me how wet you are...

103. Push your fingers inside... do it for me right now... imagine it's my cock inside you... does it feel good...?

104. Tell me what you'd want me to do to you if I was there with you now - if I was naked, and erect, and masturbating right there next to you - just as I am right now as I write this... how would you want me to touch you...?

105. Tell me how you'd want me to fuck you. Tell me what you need, right now.

106. And if I was fucking you, just like that... tell me how you'd want me to make you come.

107. And when I came... right there with you... where would you want me to cum...? In your mouth...? In your cunt...? Or would you want me to cum all over you...? Tell me what you'd want...

108. Does it excite you, thinking of me cumming like that?

109. Would you want to see me come? My cum spurting from my cock, pouring in hot wet spurts all over you?

110. Don't stop masturbating for me, I want it to feel really good... take yourself as close as you can to orgasm, but don't come yet... tell me what you're doing... try to keep writing for me...

111. God… such a delightfully dirty girl... I love watching you… I need to come with you... are you ready to come...? Do you need to come...?

112. Then don't hold it back... come for me... right now... I'm watching you... I'm stroking myself as I watch you... come for me... god I need you to come all over my cock... ohhh god come for me...

113. mmmmm god... that's what I wanted... such a good girl... feeling better...?

114. mmmm... I'm very much looking forward to reading your replies... don't edit this, send it as it is, typos and all... I like the typos ;)

and thankyou ;) I'll write back to you x

roger xxx


Hey Roger! I sent my answers to you in January of this year and didn't hear a response from you.
Should I resend you my answers?

yes, definitely, please do :) I'll still have them, but send again anyway to make sure - I'll reply over the weekend xx

Will do! ;)

i cant wait to start this
it may take a while


mmm... enjoy yourself with it Ivy - I'm vey much looking forward to your replies, and I hope it makes you come gorgeously...

I so want to do this questionaire. I don't know how to cut and paste so that i can send you my replies.I am a techno twit!

Hi Lotty x
Just select it all by dragging your cursor over the text, and then choose 'copy' in the Edit menu of your browser (it should be up at the top somewhere). That'll copy all the text you've selected. Then just open an email to me, choose 'paste' in the edit menu of the email, and it'll paste that text into your email - then you're ready to go.
Hope that makes sense! :)

mmm, Roger...loved your reply to my answers from your questionaire. Made me come so good and hard! Yum! :)

I'm going to have some fun with this, saving it for tonight :)

Hi lover,

I know it's been a while since I've commented, but I've been revisiting your archives... and frankly... I've just been too busy cumming... gushing, squirting, moaning over your filthy words...

I'd love a reply to the questionnaire I sent the back end of last year ;-)


D - I'm already looking forward to the results - I hope you have a good time with it ;)

Honora - I had a computer crash late last year and lost a whole bunch of emails - it looks as though yours may have been amongst them, as I have no record of it. Could you please forward it to me again if you still have it? I'll then get the long-awaited reply to you this week ;) x

I seriously cannot wait for some time alone so I can fill this out and send it to you. I am wet and my heart is racing, just reading the questions.
Thank you,

Roger, come on.. your public is waiting for something new - us girls need to get our kicks somehow!! x

all-fucking-right already... you've not posted for two months.

I need to be fucked... taken... the rougher the better... I've been a very bad girl, Roger...

Roger- Darling. Where have you been? I came to visit and noticed you have not written here in such a long time. Inspire me as you usually do. I have sent email must be slammed.

Wish I was slammed by you.

mmm hi girls ;)
My apologies, I've been in the middle of a pile of deadlines, but I'm about to emerge from them and there''s lots of new stuff coming imminently, starting with Part Two of The Bookshop - thank you for your continued patience ;) I'll try to get the next part up this week, should be fun ;)

roger xx

Thank you, I'll be eagerly awaiting it!

Thanks Roger. I'll be looking forward to it! ;)

Wow! Can you make us all Cuuuummmmm. Please.
Be a good Boy and do this for me.

Roger are you still wanting to receive filled out questionnaires? Just reading the questions have me so aroused...

Hi Lily - yes definitely please, I'd love that - hope you have fun with it ;) xx

Hm, the things you tempt us with?? lol........;)xx

What can I say, I like tempting you ;) xx

Who wants to see him. Suck this dick while I lick that sweet pussy

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