The morning after...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 12:44 PM

And the orgy is finally over... and what a wonderful, decadent, fabulous time we all had. It turned out to be the biggest event I've ever held in here, with over 1,000 comments, around 40 eager participants, and a grand total of 144 orgasms delightfully described, 15 of which were mine *gasp* - what a night ;) I'd like to thank every single person who took part for making it such a wonderful, sensual, intensely sexual experience, and I hope you'll all come along for the next event next year - I'm already looking forward to it ;)

Hopefully there's lots of delightful smut in the six parts for you to enjoy - I'm strongly considering doing a collection of this and the previous two orgies for Republica Press, probably focussing on my own group and those around it to make it less confusing to read, as there's a great deal of really good erotica in there, most of it written whislt we were touching ourselves, as the orgy tends to inspire that kind of fevered, lustful writing ;)

This does mean I now need to start writing some lovely new erotica for you, and there's lots coming up (oo-er!) ;)

In the meantime, please go buy my new book from Republica Press! It's a heavily edited and newly revised version of Sophie in Paris, hopefully now tighter and better written than the original version here on my blog - go take a look at it, I can promise that you'll enjoy it ;)

You'll find it here: or if you prefer to buy a Kindle version from Amazon, you'll also find it here:


I haven't been to your blog in a long time... I always miss the fun stuff. ;)

There'll be another one along before you know it, and hopefully you'll be able to join in ;) In the meantime you could always dip in anyway and enjoy some of the fun we were having ;) xx

something new would be really nice... I've dipped into your archives so much that I can pretty much recite the posts from memory. =) (for some reason the orgies never do it for me... Wouldn't mind having one... wouldn't mind you writing a story about one but with all the people posting... i don't know. doesn't do it for me. sigh)

please tell me you're writing something new for me? Preferably something really rough and dirty

*bends over the back of a couch and wiggle my ass (in a red thong) at you*


Agreed... there have been no new stories all year Roger ;)

I also concur. Really, the orgies are only fun for a few, while new stories are for the many.

Heather, Rach, Anon - you'll all be pleased to hear that I've just started a new story - part one is up now, and hopefully you'll enjoy it ;) xx

Dearest Roger,
it has been so long since I have stopped by. I see you are still hard at work bringing secret pleasure to millions of lustful ladies. I was part of the first orgy, my how it's grown! There has been some changes in my life and I may be lurking around in shadows now and then. My ego is in need if your devices. :)

Siiren - it's way too long since I've heard from you, drop me a line! I'm delighted that you're looking in on me again after all this time *hugs* xx

I had lots of sexy fun at my first orgy! I might be more of a naughty girl than a good girl after all. ;-)
Thanks for the wonderful orgy and looking forward to next years!

I think it's very clear from your behaviour in the orgy that you're a very naughty girl indeed ;) I'm delighted that you had such a good time, and I'll look forward to your company again at the next one ;) xx

Roger! Just dropping by to wave at you and see what you are up to. Same naughty stuff, I see. Good!
Keep it up!

I am still not behaving properly. But i am sure you like me that way!

I always keep it up when I'm writing in here, Liras ;) And if you insist on behaving badly, I may have no alternative but to take you over my lap and give you a good, hard spank ;)


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