Erotica writing contest: The Voting!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 8:26 PM

It's time now to vote for your favourite story in the erotica writing contest I held this month - the winner will receive a shiney new copy of the Sophie book shown to the left which I self-publish through Lulu).

I'll be deciding the winner based on the number of votes it gets in the comments - please just tell me which is your favourite in the comments below. NOTE: Please vote by commenting here in this post, not on the post containing the story. The closing date for voting is midnight on Sunday, 28th February. Choose from the following:

Story 1: Sophie's Story by Lady Grinning Soul

Story 2: My First Encounter with Sophie by Madelyn

Story 3: Sophie and the Gardener by Lily

Story 4: Uncle James's Request by Babe

The one with the most votes wins! Get voting now! (Only one vote per person).

Best of luck to all four of you! :)

Roger xx


Okay - I'm voting for Story 1.. xx

Story #2.

story 1

story #3 please :P

Story 3!

Story 1

sophie and the gardner . cuz it is softly sensual and sweet

Story 1


Story 1

story one. gorgeous.

Story 1

story #1

Tough choice, but no. 3 xx

Adding my own vote here (because I'm in charge and so I can) - I really liked all four stories, though for me it was Story 3 which captured most closely the real essence of the Sophie stories, and was even cheeky enough to word as a 'DVD extra' to the current Sophie in Hollywood stories. So my vote: Story 3 :)

I have to agree with roger, I think Story 3 captures Sophie very well. I vote for 3.

Story 3! (Lily, please write the next part for us!)

Story number 1

All such good stories...I vote for Story 2.

1 please

I hear what you say about story three, roger. And that IS true (delightfully so...) but if its about what I liked most personally, I have to say story 1.
xoxo polarsun

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