Masturbatathon with DLG and me...

Saturday, March 29, 2008 at 1:45 AM

I thought you might like to know that tomorrow evening, between the hours of 6pm and 9pm, I'm going to be attending DirtyLittleGirl's Masturbatathon event - see her latest post for more details. She's asked me to invite you along too, should any of you like to attend - if only so that there's a nice mix of guys and girls there. Just to emphasise what DLG mentioned, we won't be there to have cybersex with you, as it's strictly a voyeuristic event (so please don't try to send me private messages, it's not about cybersex, and I'll be turnbing down any and all offers), but we will be indulging in some delightful mutual masturbation with you, should you like to join us ;)

All the details, and the rules for the event, are on DLG's post - hope you'll come and join us, I think it could be fun ;)

roger xx


¿how to participate??

anonymous - as I said in the post, you had to go to DLG's post to find out how to participate - unfortunately, you missed it, as it was last night, though I understand she's going to be posting highlights of the session on her blog. Much fun was had ;)

no wonder you never answered my im's!
i'm getting a nice little ab workout from laughing hysterically at myself!


I had exciting news for you, too.

Ah well.

bwaahahahah! *shakes head*

Yep, I was busy having sex with a bunch of other disgraceful exhibitionists ;) Email me your news, you know I like to hear! xx

I'm always late to the party. So sorry I missed it.


Sorry about that, Stephanie - I did know the event was coming up, but it was only confirmed the night before, so it was really just the luck of the draw, and whoever saw the post. I'd encourage you to head across to DLG's blog though, as she's going to be posting what we all got up to over the next week or two, I believe (part one is up as we speak). Hopefully you'll be able to make it next time ;) xx

Hello nice ppost

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