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Friday, May 25, 2007 at 6:59 PM

hello you xxx

Apologies for my absence - I've been away on vacation, visiting friends in the US and generally having fun - I did intend to do the audio interview whilst I was there, but time proved to be too short. I'll be over again in the next two or three months, so I'm going to hang onto those questions and do it then instead. Next on my agenda, this weekend, though, is to do the final part of the current Sophie chapter - should have it up some time this weekend - and very much looking forward to writing it ;)
So this is a very short post, just checking in to assure my regular readers that I'm alive and well! Hope you've been having fun in my absence, naughty girls - hope you haven't been up to anything that'll require me to have to spank you ;)
Sophie to follow, this weekend...

roger x


Wonderful to have you back... I'll wait (not so) patiently for that Sophie update and email <3

Hope you had a lovely time off!

Lady R

Oh Roger - visiting here and you didn't stop by - oh well. I have missed your words very much.

Though, I have been exceptionally naughty and loving it...in fact last night I was up well past the point of ridiculousness...but having such a wonderful phone conversation that I couldn't hang up. Why would I end a phone call that succeeded in making me cum 5 or 6 times at least? That would be just silly. So yes,I have been having a great deal of fun lately.

oh, thank goodness, was gonna have to venture out in search of some kind of methadone to replace you

From Lily :P

How do I make comments with out my blog link showing up?

Lady R - I had a lovely time, thankyou x

nadine - it sounds as though you had the most amazing evening - must have been some very intense phone sex - ahh to have been a voyeur ;)

Lily - if you look where it says 'Choose an identity' under the box where you type your comment, you can either use the name you use on your blog, or click on anonymous (as you did), or if you click 'other', it gives you the option to simply type in any name you like, without linking you to your blog. Allow me to demonstrate...

and this is roger again, but this time you'll see I'm not linked to my blog, it simply puts my name in bold above the comment. This way, you can be whoever you please, without other people knowing who you are - used by a lot of commenters in here, and should be helpful for you too. xx

In the U.S., you say? Now that's very interesting. Were you in NYC? Our city of sin? Where moi resides.

I want to watch you, Roger. You know I do. Don't hide from me.


Amazing and intense - I would use both those words! Roger you can feel free to stop by ANYTIME you like...consider this your open invitation.

mmm, Mr. Roger. . .here in the US?!

You should swing by the dirty south. I luv it when a man goes down. . .to visit me (:

eve - I was indeed in NYC - maybe next time ;)

nadine - ooh, all these lovely offers of free lodgings - though I suspect I wouldn't get much sleep ;)

lina - I've never been to the South, though such a delightful invitation ;) x

Roger - honestly sleep is overated when there is so much fucking to be done. Don't you agree? Though it is rather nice to fit together and doze off just as the sun comes up...

such a naughty girl ;)

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