London 4:4 - Sophie's Orgy

Sunday, April 08, 2007 at 1:59 PM

Henri was breathing harder, his arousal intensified from watching Sophie and Kathryn, astonished by their kiss, unable to take his eyes from them as their lips clashed together, Sophie's hand in Kathryn's hair, pulling her closer, their kiss greedy, passionate, sensual.

Kathryn was becoming a real revelation - in conversations, she was always the most shy, the most reticent, and at first I'd wondered if she had agreed to this for her husband's sake - she had said as much earlier, suggesting that it was Henri's desire to fuck Sophie that had brought them to us. And yet now here she was, kissing another woman for the first time, and clearly loving it. I knew that Kathryn's lips would taste of my cum. She seemed to have her own, private rituals - denial, initial reticence, a need to appear shy and demure, and then a sudden switch, allowing her lust to overtake her, prepared to do whatever was expected enthusiastically. She had the makings of a perfect submissive, and I knew this would excite Sophie. As much as she was clearly enjoying Henri's cock inside her, I felt sure that Kathryn was more likely to be returning to our bed. I felt a sudden urge to see Sophie dominate her, use her, take her - to treat her like a little slut. The notion intensified my erection - I climbed onto the bed behind Sophie, straddling Henri's legs, and slipped my hands over her hips, around her waist, sliding them up to her breasts, caressing them softly. Looking down between my thighs, I could see Henri's hard cock still sliding in and out of Sophie's cunt, dripping wet with her juices as she fucked him slowly.

I pinched Sophie's nipples gently, and she gasped, her lips leaving Kathryn's for a moment, turning back to face me, breathing hard, lust in her eyes, kissing me greedily as I moved close behind her, pressing my body against her back.

"Take me from behind," she breathed, "I want you both inside me... I want you to fuck my ass as I fuck Henri... put your cock in my ass..."

"I shall need you to make me wet..." I smiled, kissing her again sensually, my fingers drifting through her hair as Henri and Kathryn watched us.

Sophie slowly lifted up from Henri, his cock making a wet splash as it slipped out from inside her, his penis still intensely erect, glistening with her juices. As I watched, a trail of his cum began to dribble slowly from Sophie's cunt, dripping down onto the bed. I took hold of my erection, sliding the head between her wet lips, pushing my cock deep into her cunt. She groaned softly, pushing back onto me, so warm and wet, Henri's cum and her own juices coating the length of my cock as I fucked her slowly. I teasingly pulled out of her, my erection now dripping wet, watching as Sophie's fingers found Henri's cock, holding it erect, sliding all the way back down onto him, Henri groaning deliciously. I slid my own erection up to Sophie's ass, rubbing the swollen head of my cock against her asshole, and took hold of her hips, holding her steady as I pushed, slowly, into her...

Sophie groaned, moving back against me, her breath trembling as my cock began to penetrate her ass, feeling it part slowly around my wet cock, until the head suddenly slipped inside. She groaned again. "Fuck my ass... put it all the way inside... god... I want it inside me..."

I gasped, taking firmer hold of her hips, sliding my cock deeper into her ass, slowly filling her - she was already trembling, pushing down harder onto Henri's huge cock, taking it deep inside her, holding it there as I pushed my own erection deeper, two cocks inside her now, pulsing, throbbing, filling her...

"I'm going to cum..." she gasped, "I'm going to fucking cum..."

Her breath was coming in short gasps, one hand grabbing onto the bed as she straddled Henri, beginning to convulse, her other hand taking a handful of Kathryn's hair, tugging her to her lips, kissing her greedily. Kathryn returned the kiss passionately, her tongue slipping into Sophie's mouth, her hand sliding down Sophie's body, down to her clit, stroking it now, rubbing her... hard... fast...

Sophie couldn't take any more - her cunt full of Henri's cock, her ass squeezing tightly around my erection, both of us fucking her, penetrating her, deep inside her, Kathryn kissing her urgently, her tongue in Sophie's mouth, her fingers skidding wetly around her clit - it was all she could take - breaking the kiss, clinging onto Kathryn, she screamed with pleasure: "FUCKK... FUCKKK... I'm cumminnggg... AAANNNNHHHHH! ohhh fucking god UUUUNNNHHHH!! ohhh god.... ohhh fuckk..."

Henri groaned with pleasure, grabbing onto her waist, holding her down on him as she came all over his cock, drenching his erection as she came hard. "Ahhh god..." he gasped, "fuck I don't think I can hold back..."

"Don't you cum..." Sophie breathed, "don't you dare cum... hold on to it... keep fucking me..."

My own cock was pulsing hard in Sophie's ass, pushing myself deeper, fucking her now from behind, trying to hold onto my own orgasm, not wanting to stop. My belly was slapping against her ass with each long, deep thrust, both of us fucking her hard now, both intensely erect, trying not to come, her body trembling again, right on the edge of another orgasm. Our rhythms matched each other - each time Sophie moved forward, she slid deep onto Henri's cock - each time she moved back, my own cock slid deeper into her ass, each of us breathing hard, Sophie groaning intensely, so full, both of our cocks so erect inside her, fucking her harder... faster...

Kathryn couldn't take much more - she was masturbating urgently again, watching us, her fingers skidding around her clit, pushing them into her wet cunt, desperately needing to be filled, to be fucked. Sophie took hold of her, pulling her astride Henri's face, straddling it, Henri grabbing onto her hips, holding her there as his tongue lapped at her cunt, sucking on her, licking her greedily. I could see drops of her wetness dribbling down onto his face, her body trembling as Sophie's hands slid up over Kathryn's breasts, squeezing them, pinching them. Kathryn could barely take it - I could see her body convulsing a little - Sophie pulled her close again, one hand in her hair, pulling her to her lips roughly, kissing her greedily, Sophie's other hand sliding down to Kathryn's clit, skidding across it, circling and stroking rapidly. It was all she could take - Kathryn surrendered, her hips bucking over Henri's face, Sophie's tongue deep in her mouth, her fingers rubbing urgently at her clit - that was it - Kathryn screamed: "ohhhh fuckkk... FUCKK... I'm cumminggg.... NOW... UUNNHHHHH!"

Kathryn's body rippled with intense convulsions, smearing her cunt against Henri's face, her wetness streaming from her sex, gripping onto Sophie as she came - Henri couldn't take any more - he groaned, animal-like, his body arching up between Sophie's thighs, slamming his cock up harder into Sophie's cunt - once - twice - three times - and that was it - he cried out with intense pleasure, his cock ramming deep into Sophie's cunt, crying out as he started to cum: "ohhhhh... I'm... fucking... cumminggg... UUNNHHHHHH!!"

Sophie cried out urgently again, clinging onto Kathryn, ramming down onto his spurting cock, feeling each hot spurt inside her, again, and again, and again, his spunk spashing deep into her wet cunt - I could feel her about to cum - I thrust my erection harder into her ass, holding it there, biting her neck hard, my hands clutching her breasts, pinching her nipples, and she screamed again: "FUCKK... NOW.... UUNNNNHHHHHH!! ohhh FUCK yes... UUNNHHHHH!. Her body shuddered into intense convulsions - I couldn't take any more - with an intense, urgent cry, I felt my cock throbbing so fucking hard, grabbing onto Sophie as my cum suddenly spurted from my cock, again and again, flooding deep into her ass, followed by another spurt... and another, each of us clinging to the other, our orgasms feeding off each other, pulsing... throbbing... my spunk spurting into her ass, Henri's cum still pouring into her cunt, Sophie and Kathryn clinging to each other, cumming so fucking hard together...

to be continued...



Oh lovely, Roger... reminds me of some past conversations... ;-)

Lady R

That, my dear, is so delicious. They're all so enthusiastic! The possibilities are endless.


You certainly know just what will make me cum for you - I only made it halfway through and came along with Sophie ;) Such a delightful and arousing continuation of this naughty foursome. xxx

oh Roger, you rock... make me squirm.. get wet.... rub.... and cummm...... it has been so long that it certainly didn't take long to cum!!! It would rock to be Kathryn... and Sophie... and Henri... and you.... mmmmmmm deeeeeelish!!

This was - ahem - an arousing story.

mariah - glad you liked it - and I haven't finished with this group yet or should I say, they haven't finished with each other yet...) ;)

Lady R - thankyou - so glad you enjoyed it x

eve in chains - they're definitely bursting with enthusiasm! And yes, so many possibilities - I'm giving them one more round, I think, as if it were me (and the artist is, really), then I'd definitely want one more spin around the bed with them ;)

dlg - I adore making you cum - hopefully the second half will be equally effective ;) xxx

anonymous - mmm thankyou, such praise - and there's still more to come ;)

camilla - thankyou x - it was rather - ahem - arousing to write too ;) x

My word - total sensory overload just imagining hands and mouths all over. I'm with DLG - Sophie's first orgasm did it for me ;o)

"I felt a sudden urge to see Sophie dominate her, use her, take her - to treat her like a little slut." Oh yes please, would love to see this too! Though can't decide who I'd rather be - normally (in my submissive little mind) there'd be no contest - but have been feeling somewhat Sophie-ish recently. Hmmm, it may be time for a little role swapping in the bedroom...


Always a pleasure to make you cum so delightfully x
There's a hint of Sophie's dom nature coming through after her first orgasm, where she gets ever so slightly rougher with Kathryn, pulling her by her hair, none of which Kathryn protests to - I'm going to push that a little further in the last part of this chapter, and then Kathryn will be returning on her own, possibly just with Sophie there (haven't decided yet whether the artist will be watching or not, as this is going to be specifically a pleasure for Sophie), and she'll be submitting to Sophie properly, and taught a lesson or two - coming up soon, and I'm looking forward to writing it ;)

"Kathryn was becoming ... this would excite Sophie."

Can I just sit here and hiss a bit at that stereotype? Thank you. I know I think too much. ;)

You do think too much ;)
But as usual you do find the weaknesses lol - I have to deal with stereotypes to a certain extent in here, as for the most part it's the dirty bits that my audience wants me to get to, and consequently a little shorthand with the characters is necessary, in order to set up the sexual encounters. If I was ever to flesh this out into a 'proper' novel, rather than just serialised erotica, I'd spend more time delving into character motivations, but in here (particularly with the supporting cast) it makes more sense just to sketch them in, to allow for future scenarios. (Here I'm clearly signalling a Sophie / Kathryn encounter coming up, with some dom/sub stuff thrown in).
I do take more care with the leads though - both the artist and Sophie are only slowly becoming aware that they're now a couple (a condition that's alien to both of them), and I try to deal with that a little in each chapter. And Sophie's dominant nature is also slow to come to the fore, simmering mostly in the background.
If I was thinking of having Kathryn and Henri as ongoing characters, I'd spend more time building to it, but since after the London story they'll be discarded (at least for the moment), you'll just have to put up with the sketchiness ;)

wow, stunning there. And you reckon the novellas are less charged...This is so sexy and so well-written - I felt completely there - and I think I came harder than all of them....
I've updated today btw. :) x

To be honest, I tend to think the reverse - the Sophie posts are probably the most intense things on my site, for those with the patience to wait for the good stuff ;)
Always such a pleasure to make you come ;) xx

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