London 4:3 - Sophie's Orgy (interlude)

Friday, April 06, 2007 at 12:36 PM

I caught my breath, my heart still racing, my cock still pulsing deliciously. Glancing away from the bed for a moment, I looked down at Kathryn, bent over my lap, one of her hands still between her thighs, her other hand firmly around my erection, stroking it slowly. Her face was still streaked with my warm cum, dribbling slowly down her chin, her tongue lapping greedily around the swollen head of my cock, not wanting to miss a drop. It felt so good. I was already in a very heightened state of arousal - group sex always did that to me, made me insatiable, needing more and more - I was still intensely erect, and I'd had enough of voyeurism, I now urgently needed to fuck.

On the bed, Sophie was equally insatiable, now straddling Henri, his cock still inside her, fucking him slowly. As I watched her slide up and down on him, I could see his hard cock slipping in and out of her cunt, dripping wet, a trail of cum coating his cock. He had momentarily lost his energy, clearly not accustomed to such intense sessions, but I could tell from her movements that Sophie was subtly squeezing around him with her cunt, keeping him erect, her fingernails scraping down his chest teasingly, then leaning over him to kiss him greedily, not allowing him to stop.

Sophie could easily have come again, very quickly - she was in heat, and one orgasm was never enough for her - but she wanted more now than simply to be watched. She wanted hands, and lips, and bodies all over her. She looked back at me, smiling lustfully. "Come and join us... both of you..."

Kathryn lifted up from my erection, her fingertips scooping up the cum on her face, lapping it onto her tongue, drinking it down. I remembered the shy, nervous, slightly repressed woman we had first met on the airship, now so much more comfortable with her sexuality, eager to please. Smiling at Sophie, she stepped over to the bed.

Sophie watched Kathryn as she leaned over her husband, smiling at him, stroking his cheek affectionately and kissing him gently. As she kissed Henri, Sophie brushed her fingers through Kathryn's hair, teasing it gently. Kathryn looked at her and smiled, watching Sophie as she slowly moved astride her husband, Sophie's cunt still sliding up and down his cock, delicious wet sounds accompanying her rhythm. Sophie looked at her, smiling softly again, her fingers sliding back through Kathryn's hair, brushing across her cheek, looking her in the eyes.

"Kiss me, Kathryn," Sophie whispered, breathing softly, still slowly fucking Henri.

Kathryn hesitated. "I don't know..." she answered, "I've never... with another woman, I mean... I don't know..."

Sophie slipped her fingers through Kathryn's hair, and pulled her closer, smiling softly, and kissed her, gently, sensually. Kathryn gasped, not resisting, Sophie kissing her more passionately, her hand tracing down Kathryn's body, brushing over her breasts. I watched, mesmerised. I had never seen Sophie touch another girl before, and it was intensely exciting to me. My erection pulsed in my hand, stroking myself a little harder - I needed to fuck her. As Sophie kissed Kathryn more passionately, I got up from the couch to join them...

to be continued...


Mmmm, I need to remember this blog isn't one I can just pop along to visit and check up on, it always requires a long visit.. Short but sexy.. Lovely ;)

I like to think that once I've got you here, I'm not gonna let you go until you come delightfully - something of a mission of mine ;)
More to follow in the next day or two, by the way... xx

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