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Wednesday, February 07, 2007 at 6:49 PM

Apologies for lack of updates this week - I've been away for a few days, but I'm back now, and should have a new post for you before the end of the week. If you've been awaiting an email reply from me, I currently have a rather large backlog (oo-er) due to my trip (I was already behind before I left), so please be patient - if I owe you an email, I will reply, it may just take me a few more days - I promise I haven't forgotten you!
While you're waiting for a new post, why not have some fun and go fill in the 'sexy questionnaire' near the top of the archives on the left - or just click here - I've received a few of these recently (all of which are also awaiting replies - I'm getting there!) and I really do love getting them. Most of the questions are very dirty, and if you approach the questionnaire in the right frame of mind, it's very much designed to turn you on as you progress through the disgraceful questions (and the replies frequently arouse me intensely). Go give it a go, I promise I'll send an equally detailed reply (though given my current backlog, allow me a few days lol).
Filthy stuff to arrive by the weekend... ;)

roger x


I'm certainly looking forward to your next post ;) xxx

It should be up later today (and so should my post lol) xxx

I thought it was perpetually up . . .

I dont know if it's just me, but i seem to have to scroll down very far on your blog before I reach the actual text. It looks like the picture of the lady above the text, is just slightly too large to fit between the margins... but like i say, i could just be me.

steamy stuff as always ;)


mariah - it's up as often as possible ;)

extraordinary woman - I've been told this from time to time, and it looks fine to me - I think it might be that you're possibly using an older browser (say, an old version of Internet Explorer?), and the problem might be solved if you either get the most recent version of IE, or if you try using Mozilla Firefox (which you should anyway, IE is horrible...).

I thought it was probably me... technologically I am a nightmare.. it's a good job I'm a dab hand with biology...


I always suspected you were ;) xx

Oh Roger- I am missing you so much I can hardly stand it.

I am one in queue for an email...I wait patiently for you...


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