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Tuesday, October 17, 2006 at 9:26 PM

I'm starting to get entries for the audio contest now (see the post at the top of the archive list on the left for more details) but I'd still love to hear you, and to encourage your exhibitionist tendencies. I really would love you to enter, it'll be an intimate and very delicious pleasure for me, bringing us closer together, arousing me intensely. I know for certain that hearing you cum for me will make me cum, gorgeously, urgently... I so love to listen...

To enter, all you need to do is record yourself reaching delightful orgasm for me, mentioning my name somewhere in the audio. The prize is a long audio in return from me, for your ears only, where I'll read the post of your choice, and talk to you personally and intimately. If you want an idea of how that might sound, below are the first 8 minutes of the 40 minute audio I recorded for the winner of the previous contest. I can't give you more of this one, as it was recorded just for her, but if you want your own, all you need to do is to win the contest...

I've also decided to record a short audio for everyone who enters - just something sexy, sweet and dirty, so that everyone gets a prize of some kind. Again, this will only be sent to those who enter the contest, so if you want to hear me, you'll need to enter...

Hope you'll join in - more details on how to record yourself and send files to me are here, and I've extended the deadline to October 31st, to give you a little more time.

I'm very much looking forward to hearing you - and here's those eight minutes - enjoy!

roger x

Click here for the audio story.
If you want to save it to your own computer, right-click on this link and select 'save link as' and it'll download it to your computer (it's 7mb) - if you only want to listen to it, just click on it and it'll play automatically.


YOu have a lovely voice, Roger. I'm only sorry I don't have recording equipment to return the favor.

Thankyou JP x
I've always hated hearing my own voice, but I guess that's pretty common!

Oh my I am so wet and aroused...

I bet you could talk me to orgasm...

I know it...

I am at work...

Don't worry I won't get caught...

Oh my, I'm definitely inspired now. That was very sexy and yes you do have a lovely voice Roger.

I would love to have a bedtime story like that every night.

Oh my, I'm definitely inspired now. That was very sexy and yes you do have a lovely voice Roger.

I would love to have a bedtime story like that every night.

p oflust - I'd hope I could talk you to orgasm, yes - I'd certainly have a good try ;) And yes, be careful, naughty girl!

blondie - thankyou - and always happy to provide a little inspiration ;)

Dirtyboy, I know *exactly* what you mean! The first time I heard my voice on a recording, I could have cried. In my head, my voice sounds like Kathleen Turner's, but in reality it seemed so much more brash and nasal. Waah.

JP - no crying allowed in here - come and get a hug ;)

cranberry - I can't post any more of this, I'm afraid - it was the prize for the previous contest, and promised for the winner alone. If you want to hear more of me, then you'll have to enter the contest... ;)

Aww, thanks Roger. What can I say, I'm much better with the written and visual media than audio!

I see there's lots of audio stuff going on now what with the audio posting and the contest!

jen - hello you, long time no see here in the comments (giving you a big hug!) x And yep, there's five audio posts from me in here now (mostly interviews, but part three of the second interview is rather filthy), and probably more to come from time to time - some time soon I'll do an audio post (i.e. a story) for everyone to hear, I'm sure xx

"some time soon I'll do an audio post (i.e. a story)"

now, i'll rather wait, thank you. :P

downloading the 8 minutes as i comment...can't wait to listen to it as i go to bed...

and while i'm at it, i'm thrilled to find out that the deadline has been moved. i'll be getting myself a mic this week


paige - if you're planning to join in, I'll include yours in the contest too if you end up running slightly late - just let me know if you need me to extend the deadline a little x


Thank you so much for having this contest. I do love your voice and the thought of having something personal...just for just so arousing...

To hear you say my name...


p of lust - yep, now that you've entered, you're guaranteed something personal from me - and thankyou - I know it took a lot of guts for you to do it, and it's just gorgeous that you've decided to share that intimacy with me xx

Any word on who may have won yet... I am being bombarded with questions on the forum Roger.

There's a slight hold-up, as I'm ludicrously busy this month and it's not going to slack off until the end of the month, and I don't want to announce the winner until I have time to record the prize (as it is I'm struggling to find time to actually write any decent posts - it'll settle down again at the end of November and things will return to normal, but at the moment it's all a bit hectic here). I'm actually considering extending the deadline because of this, but we'll see - it's not been forgotten though, I promise!

mmmh, what about sending something the oldfashioned way, you know, using envelopes and licking stamps?

only if it includes chocolates.

your voice does't match your rough vulgar stories that turn me on so much, it is too soft i dont like it

sorry about that lol - I could get somebody rough and vulgar from down the road to record a story for me ;)

white, milk or dark?

well now that I look like a complete retard to those on the forum I can't believe I am the only ones wondering what has happened. I know I just can't believe it has been almost 4 months and absolutely no word at all about the contest or the winner or the lil present to all the participants Roger. You have broken my lil heart this time. I know you are busy but my goodness I think at least a word to the people in the running or the finals or something. You don't have to print this on the site if you don't wish I don't mean to bring any negativity your way... but I have promoted you and you know how much and to not answer my questions regarding the blog and not let the people know if they suck or rock after giving so intimately kind of sucks Roger. Are you really that busy? Don't get angry but sometimes friends need to kick your ass if you mess up and well certainly I am at least trying to be that. ttfn.

niagra - I'm sure that nobody thinks you're a retard - the reactions I've seen to you posting your audio up in your forum have all been very positive, and they clearly loved it (as I did too). Such an impatient girl! ;)
To be honest, the main reason I haven't done an 'official' announcement of the winner yet is because it'll mean that a) I'll need to record the prize for the winner and b) I'll need to record the generic short file for the others who entered. It was quite a low turnout for this one (I think about seven or eight girls entered) and all received very appreciative emails in response (as indeed you did), and almost all were regular correspondents, so with time limited at the moment for the blog (I'm currently only posting once a week, and I'm WAY behind on email responses), it's consequently become a low priority. Most of my audience are clamouring for more Sophie stories, so I'm concentrating on giving them that until the current storyline is done.
One way or another, you're guaranteed to get some kind of audio file from me (as one was promised to all the girls who entered), as I find choosing a winner for these contests always very difficult and wanted everyone to 'win' something in return for being so bold, so you can look forward to getting something eventually, though I suspect it's not going to be until I've finished the current 'London' story.
It's true that I'm behind in my blogging 'duties' (I currently have 28 emails awaiting response in my in-tray - nightmare lol!), but patience, as they say, is a virtue ;) x

Roger, Although you are of course forgiven you sexy thing... 4 months is not being impatient... that you must admit. I guess we will have to get use to our Roger being busy now that he's a big star and all of that. hehe... Ahhh the price one must pay to have known and loved you even then. There are certainly worse things that could have been causing the delay!! Niagra is feeling much better now so catch up on your fan mail and well you know I love Sophie and London. mmmmm Please try and make it before another 4 months trickles by though. xxx

Oh no none of the audio files seem to work anymore, please help sexy Roger, I am so desperate to hear your voice, aural stimulation would be amazing

Yes I know, I'm so sorry about that - I forgot to check the files on the online server I was using and they expired. Annoyingly I don't have any of these early ones saved, but I will be posting new audio things from time to time :) xx

Glad to hear it, that's definitely something to look forward to (if I can hold on that long *blush*)

I definitely wouldn't want you to hold on for too long, that could be rather frustrating ;)

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