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Thursday, May 18, 2006 at 7:56 PM

Okay, the new audio interview that I mentioned here is all set up for this weekend - this is your last chance to ask me any questions for the interview - and we'll be saying the name of who it was who asked the question, so that I can reply to you personally.

So imagine the situation - we're in bed together, maybe just about to have delightful sex together, but before we begin, you get to ask me some delightfully filthy questions... now's your chance - and they can be as dirty as you like... just add them into the comments below, or email them if you're shy...

roger x

22 Comments: question. Let's see, what have I been dying to know from you? Ahh, I have it..though it's not that graphic in nature.

Have you ever tasted yourself...either on a lover's tongue or by going down on your lover after cumming inside her?

Oh, and when you answer it...could you say my real name and not my handle? My name is April.

Thank You Roger for being..well, you. :)

Describe your most embarrassing/awkward sex experience.

April - thankyou - I'll add it to the list, and will indeed say your name x

Anonymous - and that one's added too, thankyou x

Roger, I look forward to your next interview. Here is my question - Have you ever made a videotape of yourself having sex with someone other than me? Especially having nasty, raunchy, hard sex? If so can we watch it while we make fuck?


I would like to know what the longest love-making session is that you've had, and can you describe some of it?

vahri - fun question ;)
I'll add it to the others x

dukky - and I like this one too - also added ;)

Hello there,
What a great idea....
So we're in bed getting aroused....and I would ask you what your biggest turn on is! I know it's not a very arousing question but I'm dying to know!


It may very well be an arousing answer though ;) thankyou - added to the list ;)

any question seem very experiecnced from the dealails in your writings, so, did you get all this wonderful knowlege from practice with various women or do just have a vivid imagination?

Yeah, I'm a romantic...

Is there anyone in your past that you've never been able to forget, and if so, what would you do, given a second chance?

danielle - I like that one - added as well, thankyou xx

green eyes - ahh a wistful one - it's on the list!

LOL I have a question Roger. Do you have a hard time being a good boy when you're in a relationship and how do you resist all the temptation around you?

my question:

how many people that you know in real life know you keep a blog of this nature?

If you decide to answer, I too would like my real name. I'm Lisa.

I am sure it is too late for my question and i didn't have time before to ask.

I have been watching this blog for a while now and i notive that the people always seem rather experienced. I was curious as to what you would do if you had a virgin on your hands. A completely clean slate?

mmmm..well..I think questions I would have wanted asked have been, so I plan on just laying back and enjoying the answers..;)

heya lovely rog! 2 questions, in the same vein...

describe the sexiest image you can recall from when you were with a predominantly submissive girl... one that gets that cock nice and hard, lol ;)

and on the flip-side!

tell me about the image that sticks foremost in your mind, from when a girl took control over you. when she took you all for herself...

i do so like naughty imagery ;)

here's mine:

When was the first time you went down on someone? If you didn't enjoy the first time that happened, when did you realize that you absolutely love giving it?

Tell us about your very first romantic/sexual kiss.


Catching my attention.. My question. But I won't be around...

Why does a man want to watch his wife with another man? Why does the very idea turn him on so much? Love to hear any insights. Just call me the Devil in a Blue Dress...

I managed to catch most of these questions before we recorded the interview, so wonderwoman, wetnwild, LG, nez and paige - you're all in there.
Alwaysarousedgirl - sadly yours was just a bit too late, though I have to be honest and say I probably would have evaded the question, as I'm rubbish at the really personal ones - hope you forgive me, and if not, I'll accept a spanking ;)
Devil in a Blue Dress - I'm afraid your question was too late as well - though my reply would have been that I, personally, wouldn't want to watch a girlfriend fucking another man, I just wouldn't like it - so I'm probably as mystified as you are! x

I've also noticed that some men like to watch their girlfriend/wife with another man. I think they might like watching her control the other guy. Also, it's kind of like live porn.

I'm sure you're right - personally I think my own jealousy might just creep in though lol

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