I know, you couldn't access my site...

Saturday, February 04, 2006 at 2:25 AM

And neither could I! Apologies to anyone who tried to drop in last night and just got a blank screen or a 'Forbidden - you dont have permission to access / on this server' message - it was completely out of my control, some kind of technical problem with Blogger. Hopefully back up and running now though!

roger x


god forbid some slaven chick be denied her orgasm on demand, rog.

the sky will crumble, seas bubble, rivers boil. yes, it will be an end to all things should she be denied.

but at least you're concerned about it, and that's always a good sign. i appreciate concerned men. and ones that do dishes in between orgasms. they're my favourites.

(hmm.. my word verification is "fistbe". urm. well, then. with that, off i go.


steff - hey, it's Friday night, girls like to cum delightfully - and I do like to be reliable ;)

mine this time was 'bpjyltw', which isn't at all exciting. One day I'd like to get 'cumslut' or something, but I live in hope...

glad to see your site is back up and running now too!

r x

yes, baby's all bettah. for the meantime, anyhow. the bastards.

reliability's a sexy thing. i signed on for this sex-on-demand casual thing last fall and the guy was not reliable. i said screw it. unreliability's a total mood killer.

good on you. :)

oh, weird, my word verif: btehr. kinda the phonetic of BETTER, huh? weeiiiIrdd.

they're following me, rog.

Lmao, love your first post steff. Sorry, I just had to say it. And it's good to see you're back up and running again roger :)

My word verification is "trhmp" it's not that thrilling either lol

I think you should be able to sign up for some sort of special sexy word verification thing, so that it's a little more of a pleasure when you type it in - this time for me it's 'gnruk' which still isn't at all enticing. If anyone ever gets 'unnhhh' I want a screenshot of it lol

yes, "filth verification" is an option i'd like to enable for The Cunt.

pitty blogger doesn't go that way.

you know, they deleted a posting of mine, i think. i had put something up, and a reader even commented on it in email to me, and now the thing's gone, and i'm having that, 'did i imagine bitching and griping' weirdness. hmm.

If anyone ever gets 'unnhhh' I want a screenshot of it

Lmao, I hope I get that one ;) unfortunately mine this time is "gwkcp" I think that's worse then my previous one lol

steff - hmmm weird - I've never had anything deleted, I wonder if it was an accident, as I'm not aware of any censorship in here, so long as it's clear that it's adults only

psy - as much as I'd love to report that this time I got 'cumminnggg', sadly I'm having to settle for 'phxvex'...

lildirtyann - yep, you definitely would get a prize, though I have to be brutally honest and say that german bread does nothing for me sexually ;)
And I'm glad you like the rearranged archives - I still have a few to 'file', but I'm getting there. Hopefully should make finding what you want to read a little easier ;)
My word this time is 'mysreqfm'

I have to be fairly careful with the unwilling sex ones, as although I know some girls find rape fantasies exciting, I don't want to be seen as condoning that at all, so it's a tricky one. Would you be happy with just something very dominant, where you submit to me completely and I just take you as I please, despite your whimpers? ;)
I only specify that scenario, as it's one I've been thinking of doing this week anyway...

then look out for it in the next few days ;)

ann - I don't think I received it - could you please send again?

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