Not the best sex blog after all! *sob!*

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 at 5:59 PM

Hi you xx

To the dismay of weeping girls across the world (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating lol), I wasn't picked as a finalist for the Best Sex Blog - rather surprisingly, it seems that the number of nominations I received worked against me, as the judges (I think) assumed that consequently I had a huge readership and didn't need the extra traffic that making the finals would bring. The truth is that I only average between 800-900 hits a day, (and still about 600-700 a day on the old, now dead blog), which is rather small potatoes out here in blog land - but still! Never mind! It's lovely that you, my dear lovely reader, are here - why do I need all those other new women coming to see me when I have you!

Thankyou again to those of you who nominated me, and maybe next year I'll do better! And since I'm not getting all that extra traffic - why not tell a friend about my blog? I bet your best friend would love reading this just as much as you do - and the two of you could giggle about me secretly! I'd like that! You could email me and tell me what you've been talking about! hurrah!

In the meantime, given that I'm not one of the finalists (grrr!) I very much urge you to vote for the blog by my great friend Dirty Little Girl (who was the first to nominate me, bless her) - you'll find her blog in my links - enjoy!

The next part of Paris follows tomorrow, and I'm aiming to make you come, deliciously...


Aah, too bad! You would've deserved to win. :(

But yes, better luck next time!

Maybe you should think through what you could do to make the blog better? It would be interesting to hear what people think about how you could do something differently. There's always room for improvement - although I still think you are the best! x


Thank you dirtyboy for your generous support. You are a fabulous blogger and I know you'll be back in the running next year. Come here, let me comfort you, slip between my thighs ;)

and very much looking forward to the next Paris post. I'm sure I will be delighted by it x

Laura - thankyou x
I sorta quite like my blog the way it is, alternating chapters of 'Paris' with other odds and ends, though I'm always happy to hear suggestions. At it's most basic, just bunging in a photo of my erect cock would pull in the readers lol, but that's not something that I feel suits the mellow atmosphere of the site. But if you have ideas (or indeed you're craving something that I'm not providing), please let me know! x

dirtylittlegirl - mmmm, I'd very much love to slip between your thighs - wrap them around me ;)
And more urgent naughtiness with Sophie tomorrow ;)

Ahhhhh too bad....
But yours is still the best blog i've come across... with consistently hot, sensual, intense, fuck me now i'm horny, posts!!
If you need cheering up, I'm sure we could do somehting about that! ;-)


dirtygirl - thankyou, it's definitely a pleasure to arouse you so delightfully - and I'd love you to cheer me up - what did you have in mind? ;)

Hang in there. At least ya know you're loved right? ;)

Too bad in a way the awards criteria include popularity as a negative. That means any blogger who gets noticed quickly for their quality & gets talked up by word of mouth, and is unlucky enough to get traffic, is immediately unworthy of recognition for an award that's supposed to reward quality and content. Hurts just a little doncha think? Also kinda seems like odd logic. But oh well.

I'd say that if the judges have fair criteria to use for evaluating content, design, appeal, effort, reader participation etc, and the rules are strict that popular votes only carry some weight but not all, popularity should not really need to be a detractor or disqualifier.

Call the awards, "get traffic for small good blogs award" if hits per day matter most in selection.

Oh well. Ya did good. Your blog is good. Keep on keeping on just for the sheer joy of bloggin OK. *g* and *wink* *handing over the tissue box even though it's half empty* *sniff*

I agree entirely Patty, but what can we do? You got a zillion nominations and I was certain you had to make the finalists - and you didn't! That was a huge surprise for me. It could also just be that the judges didn't like my blog (we each have different tastes) - but darn it, one of the finalists hasn't written a post since October! What's that about?? lol

Patty had trouble posting her comment (blogger was acting up) so I posted it for her - go check out her blog here (also nominated for the awards):

Judges be damned! You are the best, you must be, your writing has kept me coming back again and again for nearly a year now. I won't be petty and run down your competition, but none of the finalist has captured my attention the way you have. Don't be discouraged and know that you have an adoring, highly satisfied audience.

sweetkittythree - thankyou x
I'm not really interested in awards, I write for you, I write to give you pleasure - to give all my readers pleasure - that I continue tondo that for you is all the pleasure I need - hope you like the new post today x

You're a winner in our eyes dirtyboy! ~ kisses

thankyou wonderwoman - a sweet and lovely thing to say xx


omg baby, i'm sooooo kicking myself for not reading your posting before last nights show.

"She clearly loved to be watched" mmmmmm it fit is so perfectly with our topic.

........ off to work on my "homework".

xxx Grumps xxx


damn my fast fingers ....... wrong posting

hahaha i'll put it where it belongs.


exciteable fingers, perhaps? ;)
Do try and concentrate! lol


What kinda criteria is that, I agree with patty, obviously they had some kinda criteria in mind for blogs that weren't so popular, but duh, lots of nominations means its worthy of being selected with good reason.
It's messed up logic really.

*cocks shotgun*
Yo patty wanna jump in my ride and pay the lil judges a visit, of course its just a friendly one...
*whistles innocently*

(And oh, you know we all love ya anyways, if not an award something perhaps more worthwhile will find its way to you soon.) ^^

I like how it is, with the fiction that flows and not so dammed obvious or flashy images/words either.
It's enticing and alluring.
Seems perfect ^^

Keep doing what you do best, the rest of us have no complaints ^^

mystique - thankyou x
And it's okay, I'm over it now - to be honest, it was a real thrill to receive so many nominations, and everyone has been so lovely and appreciative to me, both out here and in emails - as I said a little further up, I've never done this for awards, just for the pleasure I get from pleasing you - comments like yours leave me all warm and mushy and smiling broadly - thankyou mystique xx

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