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Wednesday, August 03, 2005 at 7:36 PM

Lots more archives from my old blog added again today, complete with comments.
New erotica to come once I have everything up here, but for now - go have fun, there's plenty to read in here ;)
roger x


Mmmmm God! how I have missed your archives... x

Hmm. glad ur back on the blogosphere...


and I'm very glad to be here! x

I was just thinking of how great of an opportunity this is to re-read all your old posts.... and I'll have you know... I'm throughly enjoying them.... thank you for the delightful orgasms you've given me tonight xxx... all because of your wonderful, seducing words... Thank you Rogy ;) I'll have to show you my appreciation properly later, along with some details ;)

smd here...i've started another blog while indecent is down, thought I'd share my link..

Kitten, it's my pleasure to make you come, over and over again xxx

Isis - happy to help you promote your new space x

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