The House 2 - part two

Sunday, August 07, 2005 at 2:58 PM

You give Rachel a quick tour around the house, picking up her bags on the way, your mind drifting back a few short weeks to when I'd given you this same tour, smiling to yourself when you remember how that particular tour ended. No such illicit thrill for this girl - you take my deliberate absence this time as a definite signal that I have no intention of seducing her - or if I do, then I'm clearly in no hurry. So long as she understands that I get him first, you think to yourself. I might let her have him when I've finished with him... so long as I get to watch...

By the time you arrive in the large loft room on the top floor, you're already putting these thoughts behind you - Rachel is clearly a really sweet girl - quite innocent in an enthusiastic kind of way - she smiles and laughs a lot, you've noticed, and really does seem to consider this just a temporary bolt-hole, somewhere to crash for a few weeks while she sorts out her own place.

You sit on her bed as she unpacks, watching her, talking to her as she makes the room her own, enjoying the conversation. Though as you talk, you can't help your mind drifting a little, slightly disassociated from what the two of you are talking about, finding yourself, a little disconcertingly, rather attracted to her. It's probably something in her nature - a flirtatious, easy-going manner that makes it impossible not to like her, and she's confident too - when she talks to you, she looks you straight in the eye, and there's a sparkle to her gaze when she does that, something she seems to do automatically, without thinking about it - a way of drawing you in, making you want to talk to her, enjoy being with her, even feel a small glimmer of lust for her... it's an unconcious thing, you're sure, she's just good in social situations - it's not even as if you're normally attracted to girls - but something about Rachel has definitely got your interest.

You continue talking to her, listening as she chats about her life, her friends, but your mind is still elsewhere, holding your own conversation with yourself as she continues talking and unpacking...

She's definitely pretty... just look at her... stunningly pretty, in fact... I bet Roger's noticed that too, I know what he's like... I bet if she was an ugly girl he wouldn't have been so keen for her to move in... but still... I do like her... it's going to be fun having her around the place... it'll stop Roger and me ending up like some stupid couple or something... I definitely don't want that... don't want things to get boring... she's quite tall... is she taller than me...? I think she might be... such long legs... nice bum too... she definitely has the perfect figure of a 19 year old, the bitch... look at those eyes... god such lovely eyes... I wish she wouldn't look at me like that... it just makes me melt... and those lips... I wonder what she'd taste like if I kissed her... why am I thinking this stuff...?

"Are you sure you don't mind...?" she asks, pulling you out of your thoughts for a moment. "Sorry," you smile, blushing a little, "I was miles away for a moment there - what did you ask again...?" Rachel returns your smile, not letting you get embarrassed. "I just wondered if you'd mind if I got changed while we're talking? I've been in these clothes all day and now I've managed to unpack, I really need to get into some fresh clothes." "Oh, erm..." you start to get up, "I'll leave you to it if you like, if you need some privacy..." "It's okay," she smiles, "it'll only take me a minute or so - stay there, I don't mind".

You watch her, still sat on her bed, almost rooted to the spot, as she casually unzips her jeans and tugs them down her bare thighs.

(continued next time)


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mmmmm.... more please Roger....please....
Wanton Witch, November 18th, 2004

ya b*stard!!! that's soooo unfair.....i luv it ;)
Anakalia, November 18th, 2004

more on it's way Wanton Witch - and it's going to get hotter x
I know, I'm teasing again, Anakalia - glad you're enjoying the build-up x
dirtyboy, November 19th, 2004

ur so cruel - only in a good way, of course. waiting for the next part is almost unbearable.
rach, November 19th, 2004 BIG TEASE!! Give me what I want! lol.
Blush, November 19th, 2004

rachel x - hope it's not too unbearable - as always with these longer stories, it's going to get hotter with each successive part...
Blush x - you're so impatient and greedy - consider this foreplay, it's going to get much more intense...
dirtyboy, November 19th, 2004

hmmmmm, dirty, there you definitely got me hooked... i love the sight of her, and i can't wait to kiss her and lay my hands on her, while you're there watching... definitely like this story! do go on with it, pleeeeaaaaase!
lucy, November 28th, 2004

thankyou lucy, I'm glad you're enjoying it - I'll definitely be returning to it, either this week, or next week at the latest x
dirtyboy, November 28th, 2004

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