The House 2 - part six

Sunday, August 07, 2005 at 3:04 PM

(continued from part five - parts 1-5 just over to the right of the page in the list of archives, if you want to catch up...)

Rachel looks at you, clearly nervous - you can't look away - you don't know what to say - and as you watch, your heart beating fast, she slides a hand down between her open thighs, touching herself gently through her panties - just a slow, gentle rubbing, still watching you... her fingers barely moving... and then as quickly as she began, she slips her hand away again, her face a little flushed as she tugs her skirt back down.

"I'm sorry..." she blushes, "I don't know why I did that... I feel silly now..."

"No, it's okay," you reply, "you looked beautiful... I didn't want you to stop..."


"Yes, really... please... carry on... I don't mind... I want to watch you..."

"I don't know... I've never..."

"Please..." you insist, "you looked so beautiful... show me... please..."

She smiles at you again, looking a little shy, settling back down and leaning against the head of the bed, slowly tugging up her skirt again. She watches you all the time, still slightly embarrassed, but clearly getting very aroused. She slides her hand back down between her thighs, sliding over the crotch of her panties, and as you watch, she begins to rub... slowly... firmly... her fingers moving in a gentle rhythm, round and round, rubbing herself through her small white panties. You can't take your eyes off her - your lips are dry, your heart pounding, watching her fingers trace round and round... watching her face... her delightful body laid back as she strokes, slowly, rhythmically.

You're getting so, so wet.

You can't resist - still watching her, you slide a hand up to your breasts, cupping one of them through your t-shirt, squeezing gently. She's starting to look very turned on - a nervous, excited expression of intense arousal - she wants this - she wants to come for you - you squeeze your thighs together rhythmically - you know you're going to have to touch yourself soon, watching her is getting you so hot...

Rachel sees your hand at your breast - she makes another decision, and sits up for a moment, tugging up her small black vest, pulling it off over her head, leaving her naked from the waist up. She smiles at you, blushing again a little as she leans back, her hand back at her crotch, her panties visibly dampening. She looks so beautiful, so sensual, her hair draped on the pillow, one hand down between her thighs, stroking slowly, the other at her naked breasts, stroking, squeezing, her nipples hard as she caresses herself deliciously.

You need to reciprocate - you want her to see you naked - tugging up your small t-shirt, you pull it off over your head - Rachel gasps deliciously, looking at your naked breasts, her fingers rubbing a little harder - she makes another decision, unzipping her skirt, pulling it quickly down her long thighs, kicking it onto the floor, now only wearing her small white panties, which are now visibly wet as she rubs harder at her cunt through the thin cotton of her knickers.

You can't take much more - this is turning you on so much - you unzip your jeans, knowing she's watching you as you slip your hand down inside, down to your cunt, surprised just how wet you are, dipping your finger into the warm wetness, spreading it up to your clit, rubbing round and round, watching her, so turned on now. Rachel gasps, trembling a little, quickly tugging down her small panties, dropping them onto the floor by the bed, leaning back again, her eyes never leaving you, spreading her legs a little more. You can see everything now - her gorgeous breasts, her smooth, firm belly, a dusting of pubic hair between her open thighs, her fingers sliding round and round her clit, her cunt swollen, visibly wet, a drop of her wetness dribbling down the inside of her thighs.

It's all you can take - you pull down your jeans, tugging them off, leaving you naked too. spreading your thighs for her, sliding your wet fingers over your cunt, stroking, teasing, so wet, Rachel gasping as you slide two fingers slowly into your sex, getting them wet, stroking, rubbing, Rachel getting closer to her own orgasm, her fingers skidding gorgeously around her deliciously wet clit...

You can feel yourself trembling - you're not sure you can hold it back much longer - Rachel is rubbing hard now, a hand cupping one of her breasts, stroking, rubbing, squeezing - she's so close... so wet... she groans deliciously... "ohhh god... ohhh god I'm gonna come..."

It's all you can take - you can't hold it back any longer - you start to convulse, trying to keep watching her, delicious pulses of pleasure surging through your body - so hard - so intense - you feel a sudden gush of wetness from your cunt - and that's it - you come, hard, urgent, groaning with intense pleasure - Rachel gasps deliciously - it's all she can take - she thrusts her fingers into her cunt, rubbing so hard, her back arching, her thighs trembling as her body shudders into gorgeous convulsions, crying out intensely as she comes, another convulsion, and another, her wetness streaming from her cunt as she comes, so good, so hard, both of you trembling on the bed, hot, wet, your fingers still deep inside your cunt, squeezing around them, teasing yourself, greedy to touch her, needing to taste her, not wanting the sensations to end, your gaze wandering over her naked body, taking it all in, wanting her so much...

Rachel goes shy immediately, suddenly realising what she's done - before you know it, you're politely, efficiently scurried out of her room, picking up your clothes on the way - but you know she's watching you as you make your way downstairs, still naked - and you know you want more...

(continued next time...)


previous comments:

By an amazing coincidence, my tiny white panties are visibly wet too. Gorgeous. More!
strawberry, December 08th, 2004

More to come Strawberry, I promise - and I'd love to see you in those tiny white panties of yours, as I'm sure you know xx
dirtyboy, December 08th, 2004

Wouldn't it be more fun to see me out of them, though? xx
strawberry, December 08th, 2004

Only so long as it was me who got to tug them all the way down your thighs... quite slowly I think xx
dirtyboy, December 08th, 2004

Now how many men in the world wish this was what real female roommates did? This and naked pillow fights! ^_^
JeN, December 08th, 2004

me, definitely! (Clearly, since i wrote it lol)
dirtyboy, December 08th, 2004

It's always worth the wait...and I agree about the tease it was better that me just walking in on you two. Can't wait for more. xx
good girl, December 08th, 2004

thankyou good girl - lots more to come xx
dirtyboy, December 09th, 2004

tell me about "lots more to come"....
slutgurL, December 09th, 2004

Hmmmpf. That Rachel isn't very nice, clearly a tease who needs to be taught a lesson. Hopefully one that involves spanking ;)
Anakalia, December 09th, 2004

slutgirl - the 'lots more to come' will become clear as the story continues - but I think you'll like it...x
dirtyboy, December 09th, 2004

Anakalia - yes, Rachel is clearly a tease. And I promise you'll be getting the opportunity to teach her a lesson ;) xx
dirtyboy, December 09th, 2004

I'm a new girl and have just read some of your blogs. I have never had such an intense exquisite ache between my legs which I plan to relieve shortly. But I will be thinking of what i've read.
Thankyou in advance xxx ;)
Velvet, December 09th, 2004

Hi Velvet x
Always a pleasure to meet new readers - I'm pleased my writing has had such a lovely effect on you - hope you have fun exploring the archives ;) xx
dirtyboy, December 10th, 2004

Well I'm back for more!
I thought you might like to know what happened after I went to bed.
I laid there in the dark in just a dark cherry red silk camisole, I could still feel the throbbing between my legs and held back from touching myself just yet as I stroked the insides of my thighs.
I slid a hand across one of my breasts and found the hard swollen nipple which i began to tease through the silky material.
Gradually I slid a hand between my legs and let one finger push ever so slightly between my pussy lips, finding the swollen throbbing clit that ached because of what I had read earlier in the evening.
I started to circle my clit slowly at first and then hooking the ball of my middle finger in the hood of my clit I began to rub the little nub softly and then picked up pace.
Pinching each nipple hard and closing my eyes I have images in my mind from the different stories i'd read and I begin to rub more furiously as I felt myself begin to cum. Hard and intense and wonderful, my fingers soaked with my pussy juice.
Laying there with a hot lovely glow.
Velvet, December 10th, 2004

I have been reading for awhile, but have not yet posted a comment. I couldn't resist this time...
Beautifully written. Lovely way to start my morning...
LovesTheBeach, December 10th, 2004

Velvet - thankyou xxx
Absolutely delicious, delightfully explicit, and it's very arousing to me to think that it was my writing that got you so turned on. Thankyou again - such a delicious, erotic comment x
dirtyboy, December 10th, 2004

LovesTheBeach - thankyou x
And I'm glad you've decided to comment - I love getting reactions to what I've written, always makes my day x
dirtyboy, December 10th, 2004

i am a new reader. me and my panties havent been this wet in a long time ...i am so grateful to you for doing this. i love the other stuff you have written too..lots more fun for me ....THANKYOU :}
michelle c, December 11th, 2004

michelle - thankyou x - it's always lovely meeting a new reader, and i definitely love making you wet - it's what I'm here for.
Hope you have fun in the archives xx
dirtyboy, December 11th, 2004

oh my, roger, that story was amazing...i couldn't stop reading, and i've completly caught up through the archives on "the house." and i've soaked not only my thong, my skirt, but this chair? what a mess. mmm, but what fun making it. ;)
i'll have to clean it up though, can't have anybody knowing, now can i?
i'm sure you have a plan for where this is going, but i just have a little suggestion. take it or leave it, of course, but here's what i think:
rachel's a firecracker. maybe i (the character) could have an experience with her...?
i was intrigued, i dont think i could keep away. and you could always watch, without us knowing....mmm....but you couldn't resist, you'd have to join in on the fun....
imagine coming home early one day to be greeted by high pitched moaning, Following the grunts and groans to my bedroom, you're unsure if you hear only me or could there possibly be another voice mixed in there? that couldn't possibly open my door, excited at the prospect of catching me masturbating.
instead, you stop and gasp at the sight that meets you. I'm on my knees, and my ass to you with my short-short pajama bottoms riding up my crack; in front of Rachel's long lovely legs spread wide....
well, there's what i think. i've missed you and your writing roger, its so good to come back (mm, got to love double meanings).
wetnwild, December 14th, 2004

wetnwild - I do have a plan, written down quite firmly, but Rachel keeps writing herself, the little minx, not letting me do with her what I wanted to do, wanting to take her time. It's weird when characters start doing this, but you start to really like them, and it's easy to get into their heads and let them lead you a little.
I think your suggestion sounds delicious, but there's no way she'd do that at this stage (though she would later, as you'll see) - right now, having masturbated with you, that'sas far as she'd go with you at the moment one-on-one - she's a dirty little girl, but she'll only go so far without being pushed. Persuasion, however, she definitely responds to, as I've discovered.
I know just the scenario that'll get her into bed with the two of us, so that's where I'm going with the story next - she'll need a little persuasion again, but I love that, and it's going to be a very long scene (probably spread across at least three posts, all intense sex) - that's coming next, when I get back to this next week.
In the meantime, I'd like to save your suggestion if I may, as it'll come in useful later on... ;)
And thankyou x - glad you're enjoying it so much - as you know, I love making you come... xx
dirtyboy, December 16th, 2004

Roger...that was so hot...I just started House part one and could not stop reading..I've read them all and my panties are so wet...I am going to go to my room right now and masturbate for you...won't you join me...pretty please? I know you would love the show and I would keep my eyes fixated on you while I did it...that greedy naughty glint in my eye the whole time. I'm yours tonite....M
M, December 23rd, 2004

M - yes, I would love the show, very much - and I'd love to join you, watching you as you come for me... mmm god, so delicious... x
dirtyboy, December 24th, 2004

mmmmmmm more more!!!! delightful ! i love you writing this. i'm new to this...the whole sexual thing, tho i wont explain that now! :-) but yes, i am of age..way of age! lol....must go "talk" to Vlad - the impaler.. will read more when i can walk back to this room again! my Lover gets a lot of benefit from this, tho he doesnt yet know i am reading this. but he will..he will !!!! thank you! manysurprises
manysurprises, January 17th, 2005

manysurprises - very pleased to be helping inspire you, and especially pleased that it's helping with your sex life too - by all means share my site with your partner - he may well be equally inspired to want you all the more ;) xx
dirtyboy, January 17th, 2005

dirtyboy that was so erotic! Your writing is the best ever! I came in under a minute while I read that.
dirtygirl, June 07th, 2005

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