The House 2 - part seven

Sunday, August 07, 2005 at 3:06 PM

(continued from part six - parts 1-6 just over to the right of the page in the list of archives, if you want to catch up...)

Another week has passed, and there have been two further playful get-togethers with Rachel, just as delightful as the first. Rachel’s initial embarrassment (following the first unexpected rendezvous on her bed) has been replaced by mutual playful lust between the two of you – it’s become clear that she’s just a little inexperienced – aware of her sexuality, of how good she looks, just not entirely sure what to do with it. And in the past few days, you’ve certainly been doing your best to give her a few ideas…

I, of course, still know nothing about your dirty little secret liaisons together. I have, however, been the subject of lustful conversations between the two of you – with Rachel getting more and more curious about our arrangement, and increasingly open about the idea of me getting involved in your delightful little games together. You, naturally, have been encouraging this, and after a little gentle persuasion on the bed with her a couple of nights previously, you’re pretty certain she’s finally come round to the idea – and the two of you have a plan…

You and I are in the library together later that evening. For once we have the place to ourselves – Rachel isn’t around, and we’ve taken the opportunity to play together for a while on the floor, large cushions scattered around us, along with our clothes, various items of your sexiest lingerie, and a couple of vibrators, just in case we should need them...

We’ve been playing for a little while now, neither of us in any hurry to come, instead just taking it easy, having fun, teasing and exploring, lots of delightful, lazy foreplay. If anything, you seem to be taking it a little too easily, as if you don’t want to tire me out too quickly – by the time you’re naked astride me, rubbing yourself teasingly against my erection, still not taking me inside you yet, it’s clear that you have something on your mind…

I look up at you, naked on my back, my body draped across a couple of large soft cushions, you knelt astride me, smiling down at me, your wet cunt sliding teasingly along my hard penis, just rubbing rhythmically along the length of my shaft, getting it nice and wet. “Do you want to fuck me…?” you ask, smiling at me again, still moving temptingly against my cock, the fork of your thighs skidding wetly along my erection. “You know I do” I smile, sliding my hands up along your thighs, stroking them, gently caressing, watching your delicious naked body move sensually as you slide against me. “...mmm god..” you smile, “you’re so hard… do you want to put it in me…? Tell me how much you want that… tell me you want to fuck me… tell me you want to put your cock inside me….”. “I want that… so much” I gasp, feeling your cunt dribbling along my cock now, “you know I do… I want to fuck you… I want to put my cock inside you… god… please... unnhhh... please fuck me...”

You smile down at me again, moving your hand down to my cock, holding it erect, gasping as you take the head of my erection into your cunt, my cock sliding between your wet lips as you ease all the way down, your wet cunt engulfing my cock. I groan with pleasure, feeling your cunt sliding all the way down, taking me deep inside you, and gasp again as you begin to fuck me, sliding teasingly up and down my length, your cunt squeezing deliciously around my cock as you push and move against me.

You smile down at me again. “I’ve got… unnhhh… I’ve got sort of... a confession to make…” you grin, still fucking me gorgeously. I smile back at you. “If you’ve been… unnhhh… stealing the housekeeping… I don’t… unnhhh… I don’t care…” I reply, sliding my hands up to your breasts, cupping them, sliding my fingers up over your erect nipples, squeezing, caressing. “It’s… ohhhhh… it’s worse than that…” you smile, rocking back and forth now, your cunt so wet, sucking along the length of my erection. I gasp again, thrusting up towards you, sliding my cock deeper, my hands at your hips, keeping you in place, pulling you down onto my cock as I thrust up rhythmically into your warm, wet cunt. “I don’t care…” I gasp, “whatever it is... I don’t care… unnhh god… just keep fucking me like that…” You smile down at me again, arching your back a little, knowing I'm looking up lustfully at your belly, your breasts, your deliciously erect nipples, and you slide further down onto my cock, grinding against me deliciously, round and round, so wet, so hot around my cock. “I’ve been… unnnn.. I’ve been really bad... I've been playing... with Rachel… unnhhh fuck... are you mad at me…?”

I stop moving, looking up at you for a moment – you smile, looking at the expression of stunned, lustful amazement on my face - you can feel my cock suddenly throbbing inside you – definitely a good sign, you’re sure. “Playing…?” I ask, looking up at you inquisitively. “Playing sexually, you mean…?” You grin down at me, fucking me a little harder, your cunt now sliding firmly up and down along my throbbing erection, teasing me, fucking me, your wetness dripping along the length of my cock as you move against me, feeling my cock getting hotter and harder inside you, knowing this is exciting me, loving it. “Yes…” you grin, “unnnhhh fuck… yes... sexually… very sexually...” “Ohh my god…” I smile, “you dirty little minx…. unnhh… and you’ve done this how many times…” “Three…” you gasp, “three times… just… unhh… just masturbating with her the first couple of… ohhh… couple of times… god roger…” “...fuck…” I gasp, so turned on by the revelation I can barely think, sliding my cock harder and deeper into your dripping wet cunt, “and the… ohhh god… and the.. third time…?” “I went down on her…” you gasp, “licked her... unnnhhhh sucked her... when… unnhhhh… when she came… ohh god… she squirted... so wet... all over my face… fuck….

I groan deliciously – it’s all getting too much – I can feel my cock throbbing hard inside you now... and you're so wet... so fucking wet and hot around my cock... and I know I’m not going to be able to hold it back. I push you over onto your back, lifting your ankles up over my shoulders, grabbing your wrists, pinning you down underneath me, ramming my cock hard and deep into your dripping cunt. “Dirty little bitch…” I groan, “ohhh fuck… ohhh god I want to watch you… want to watch you with her... ohhh fuck... ohh god I’m gonna cum….”

I ram my cock harder into your cunt – you look up at me, and I'm so filled with lust, suddenly so greedy – and you can feel my cock swelling - throbbing so hard now as I fuck you and fuck you and fuck you… you can’t hold back any longer - a flood of wetness gushes from your cunt, splashing around my cock - and you can't take any more - and you come, ohhh god so hard, screaming frantically, your cunt contracting around my throbbing erection, your orgasm pulsing and pulsing and pulsing through your body, convulsions rippling from your cunt, again and again, your juices streaming down the length of my cock - I can't take any more - I groan intensely, my cock throbbing hard - and I cry out: “OHHH FUCK yes… ohhh god I’m gonna come… “god…” you gasp, “unnnnhh fuckkk yes... cum on me… cum on my tits… I want to see it… please...”

I groan, suddenly tugging my cock from your cunt, getting astride your breasts, my hand stroking hard up and down my dripping wet erection, wanking my cock inches from your face – I groan again, the head of my cock so swollen… so wet… “ohhh fuck yes… ohhh fuck I’m cominnggg….” “Do it…” you gasp, “don’t stop… ohh god… spurt your cum all over my face… ohh god please…”

I groan intensely - a long, hard growl - my body trembling hard as I start to cum - and you cry out with pleasure as a long string of hot cum spurts hard from my cock, followed by another, and another, splashing on your face… spurting onto your breasts... so much spunk… all over you…

And as my orgasm starts to fade, still gasping, sweat dripping down my face, my cock pulsing in my hand, my spunk still dripping, a long trail dribbling down onto your breasts - I hear a sound at the door - and I look up for a moment…

…and see Rachel stood there... dressed in delicious silk lingerie... watching me come... one of her hands down inside the front of her expensive little panties, masturbating urgently as she watches…

(to be continued...)


previous comments:

The story is wonderful, nothing like building up to a long, hard orgasm. No matter what, we still come back to come!
Leandra, January 12th, 2005

glad you're enjoying it Leandra - always a definite pleasure to help you come xx
dirtyboy, January 12th, 2005

Now I could watch you cum 24/7. GOD... I'm most deffinatly in heaven. x
Saphire, January 12th, 2005

mmm... thankyou Saphire - so glad you're enjoying it xx
dirtyboy, January 12th, 2005

Oh Roger, Oh Roger, Oh Roger....that is precisely the words that came out of my mouth while my hands were rubbing down my body.
And you know me...I'm craving more and more of it. Greedy little slut, yes, but you've got what keeps me cumming back for more.
Christina, January 12th, 2005

that was so hot. totally worth the wait..
rach, January 12th, 2005

It was well worth the wait...and I am very satisfied...sorry I bitched at you yesterday. Guess its all the sexual tension building up since i've gotten any. The orgasm I had from this well made up for the weeks previous. Thanks
goodgirl, January 12th, 2005

God R it felt so good to fuck you like that while telling you about rachel..I knew it would excite you..The look on your face as I slid my wet pussy onto you again and again..taking my time..moaning between sentences..teasing you...when you pinned me down.took control..God that made me cum so hard..your cock so deep in me..I could feel your balls against my ass..tasting your sweat..needing your cum..I love when you hold me down with your gorgeous body and give me your cum like that..the veins on your slick penis pulsing...I want to be your dirty little bitch...M
M, January 12th, 2005 hot
Dayna, January 12th, 2005

Hot hot hot!
Your blog was the first one on this site I stumbled upon. Wow.
I can't wait to read the rest! Must wait until my man is asleep so he won't hear me moaning while I read this!! ;-)
Madamexxx, January 13th, 2005

Arg! I was so hoping this one (which should have been part VII by the way... not that I'm keeping track ha ha), would be the Rachel threesome scene.
Gonna keep me waiting, huh? Grr... bad boy.
JeN, January 13th, 2005

p.s. I think I'm going crazy... I could have sworn it said part 6... Maybe it's just time I went to bed. Up so late...
Night night!
JeN, January 13th, 2005

wow roger that was absolutely wonderful...i have been waiting so long too ;)
thank you thank you thankyou xxxx
michelle c;), January 13th, 2005

mmm yum - so many delightful comments - one at a time, as ever:
Christina - yes, you are a greedy little slut, but then, that's what I like about you ;)
rach - thankyou - lots more to follow xx
goodgirl - it was entirely my pleasure xx
M - thankyou xx - and you'll always be my dirty little bitch xx
Dayna - thankyou xx
Madamexxx - so lovely to meet you x - hope you're enjoying exploring in the archives ;)
Jen - you weren't wrong - I accidentally called it part 6 in the archive list (have changed it now though). And as you might have guessed, the threesome starts in part 7 - yes, i did say starts - there's going to be a lot of it... ;) xx
michelle c - my pleasure, and lots (lots) more to follow xxx
dirtyboy, January 13th, 2005

This is my first time to this site...and wow, its fantastic. Its the perfect thing for young little horny girl like me to have some fun with. I even called my bf and said i was going to be a little late b/c i cant take my fingers/hands off myself.
Ashleigh!xo!, January 13th, 2005

thankyou Ashleigh - and welcome to my site xx
Hope i'll hear more from you, and have fun exploring the archives ;)
dirtyboy, January 13th, 2005

My poor Roger. You absolutely can't win! : ) Too many women to please; what's a guy to do? lol.
As always, I thought it was absolutely fabulous!
Blush, January 13th, 2005

thankyou Blush x - and yes lol - it's impossible to please everyone, so I generally just please myself, and hope I take a few of you along with me for the ride ;)
dirtyboy, January 14th, 2005

I know that anonymity is kinda the point, but please a little info...where are you writing from? Is your wife sleeping in the next room? Laptop or desktop? I love your writing....thanks
schoolteacher, January 14th, 2005

Oh, Roger. Why bother with pleasing everyone when you know you can pass that pleasing on to me at anytime you want ;)
Christina, January 14th, 2005

hi schoolteacher - I'm very careful about personal information for all the obvious reasons - and also because it allows you to build your own image of me, so that i can be anything you want me to be. To answer your questions though:
1. I live in England
2. I'm not married
3. Desktop, at home, in my bedroom
and thankyou x
dirtyboy, January 14th, 2005

Christina - you're such a greedy girl ;) x
dirtyboy, January 14th, 2005

I love your writing i read it over and over again and i still get the same wonderful feelings...thank you
Juiliana, January 15th, 2005

ummmm i just wanted to tell you that you are my FAVORITE author... omg... i loooooove what you write...i've been 'lurking' here for awhile... i come in and read your latest before having a fun night with significant other... it helps me get even closer to orgasm...before he even touches me. while were at it i often rerun what i've read in my mind...and say some of the phrases outloud. you my dear boy are intirely delicious... you have nailed it...(like i wish to be nailed). you say the perfect thing that turns me on. the stories, everything. hot hot hot. it's as if you've crawled into my mind (and somewhere else) and you know EXACTLY what turns me on. i absolutely adore sexy movies, magazines and stories...but YOU are the best. you are my foreplay. my duringplay. my afterplay. thank god for your site. you are lucious! i love how much you make me want to cum. many many many kisses.
lisa, January 16th, 2005

Juliana - my pleasure - I'm pleased you're having so much fun in here xx
dirtyboy, January 16th, 2005

lisa - thankyou so much for such a delightful comment - you've made my day - and it's lovely to know I'm helping to spice up your sex life so deliciously - hope you keep coming back for more xxx
dirtyboy, January 16th, 2005

more more, we need the next one rog mmm, thank you!
nez, January 16th, 2005

nez - the next to follow very soon - looking forward to making you come xxx
dirtyboy, January 16th, 2005

wow!!! i can't wait to find out what happens next....mmm, is it getting hot in here or what?
redlarae, January 16th, 2005

mmmm oh, yes, darlin'! just had a glorious cyber with my sometimes 3d Lover. your stories are wonderful and help me focus. i get a charge out of your "english" language. i'm a southern belle in the u.s. myself, so some of what you say is very different for me. you are delightful and i would love to taste you, watch you cum for me. i would love having you watch me use my toys and cum for you, you dirty boy, you! i love having you look at my very wet cunt. if you look right over >>>'ll see me! i love being your tenant...great benefits will ...err..cum from this, i dare say! manysurprises
manysurprises, January 17th, 2005

manysurprises - pleased to see you've been exploring ;)
And yes, I would certainly love to watch you cum for me - I'm very pleased that my words are intensifying your own love life - keep having fun xxx
dirtyboy, January 17th, 2005

redlarae - welcome to my blog, very pleased to meet you xx
And it's always hot in here... ;)
dirtyboy, January 17th, 2005

oh fuck...
paige, April 05th, 2005

oh my god. I can't believe I have to wait to read the next one. i am so fucking wet right now i can feel it through my jeans. sitting here grinding on my chair against my jeans as i read.
desperatehousey, April 15th, 2005

Oh God! Please tell me that Part 8 is coming soon!!

oh my god, I completely forgot about this! I will get back to it, I promise... for now, read the 'Paris' stories, as they're ongoing and full of this kind of thing ;) xx

Oooooh Roger, more, please more... I love the whole idea of this story, please continue it!!! So tasty... so wet for you now...

roger--i think you need to write two stories at once . . . mmmmmmm

I see you're having fun in the archives again ;) x

You seriously need to finish this one Rog ;) xxx

ahh, I dunno - I'd probably just want to rewrite the whole thing again if I did that ;) xxx

Hi. I'm new. I love these. All of them, not to be specific. I noticed you haven't wrote in awhile that I can see (not that I've read them all or anything), I just wanted to let you know that I love them. And I thank you as does my boyfriend whose away with the military. =]


Hi Texastech - I'm glad you've found me, and delighted to be able to give you a little something you need while you're boyfriend's away :) And yes, I haven't gone back to The House for a while, but I've been writing lots of other hopefully delightful things - have a look around and enjoy yourself ;) x

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