The House 2 - part one

Sunday, August 07, 2005 at 2:57 PM

Hello lovely reader xxx
I've had a number of requests recently for some rougher, more intense sex, and an exciteable response at the idea of writing another girl / Roger / girl threesome (something I haven't really touched on since way back in 'The Shop', near the bottom of the archives). I'll be honest and tell you, as I've mentioned before, that the sex is unlikely to ever get all that rough or dominating in here, as that's not really what interests me - though I know I've written a few fantasies like that in here now and again - but for this second book on 'The House', I'd like to have a go at fulfilling both requests. So prepare yourself for at least a couple of episodes of setting up the situation (with only minimal sexual content), as this is going to be another long multi-part fantasy - but, as with the first story, I want this to seem as realistic for you as possible - that if we really were in this situation, this is how I'd like it to happen. It's going to be another slow build-up, but as ever, when I get to it, the sex will be delightfully intense, detailed and graphic - and there's going to be rather a lot of it in this one - hope you enjoy...

So briefly, a quick recap - you (my lovely reader x) have moved into my house to live with me as a housemate (you're my lodger, basically). Despite an initially lustful sexual encounter with me when you came to view the house, we settled into a more normal relationship as housemates, not having sex together. Lust quickly overcame us again though, and although we still have our own separate rooms, we now sleep together on a regular basis, enjoying delightful sex whenever we feel so inclined. It's a delightful relationship - just two friends who like to fuck - and it's gone on like this for a few weeks as we resume the story...

The House, Book Two - the new girl
Part One

You arrive home from work, feeling bright and breezy, knowing we have a few days off together to have a little fun - and she's already there, in the front room with me, as we talk casually (flirtatiously?) over a pot of tea and some toast. I notice you come in, and both me and the girl stand up briefly out of politeness, and I smile as I introduce her to you.

"Sorry, I meant to mention this to you yesterday - this is Rachel, she's the daughter of a friend of mine - she's looking for her own place to stay in the area, but I said that in the meantime, she could use the room in the loft - it's pretty comfy up there and we've not been using it ourselves - is that gonna be okay...?"

"It's your house," you smile, rather stiffly, not sure what to make of this, "if it's okay with you, it's fine with me". You look her over - she's very beautiful, but probably no competition for you - she looks about 19 years old, a brunette, slim but with curves in all the right places - very long legs - dressed rather attractively in tight hipster jeans and a small tight t-shirt, a generous amount of her delightfully flat belly showing - though she looks a little more innocent in comparison to the kind of girls you know usually interest me - and there didn't seem to be any excessively flirtatious body language going on between us when you arrived, other than my own usual general interest in pretty girls... and anyway, you remind yourself, why am I suddenly jealous, it's not like there's any big romance going on between us or anything, we're just having fun... so who cares why he's letting her stay here - he can fuck her as much as he likes...

You smile and hold out your hand - Rachel smiles back disarmingly, her touch soft against your fingers as you shake hands briefly. "Has he shown you your room?" you ask. "Not yet," she smiles. "Well come upstairs with me, I'll show you around, show you where to put you toothbrush and stuff. Is that okay with you, Roger?" "Fine with me," I reply, "I've got some stuff to do - you two get to know each other."

Leading her by the hand, you take her up the staircase.

(continued next time)


previous comments:

Well. It is about time! I've been waiting and waiting for you. : ) You really DO love building to a climax, don't you? lol.
I, for one, am also not into dominating sex whatsoever. And I'm not too sure that I would REALLY care for a threesome as I am just so darn GREEDY! However, I honestly think that you could re-write the phone book and make it interesting and your sex scenes are just scrumptious, so I'll be waiting with wet anticipation for the Blush, Roger, Rachel, sandwich. : )
And you're quite right - my initial reaction would for sure be jealousy. I want you all to myself! But, my lustful nature could easily be persuaded in the right situation and with someone man enough to handle it. lol.
Blush, November 17th, 2004

I have the jealousy thing completely in hand (the way the plot is intended to go, jealousy definitely won't be an issue beyond that initial meeting, for reasons I can't tell you yet or it'll spoil it) - and there's still not going to be any domination (or at least, not what a proper Dom or Sub would recognise as domination), but I do have in mind something playfully intense - but no more intense than you'd expect in this kind of arrangement between the two of us, just fun. Does that make sense?
I think you'll enjoy it, anyway, fingers crossed x
dirtyboy, November 17th, 2004

Beautifullychaotic, November 17th, 2004

Is that a good "Hmmmm" or a bad "Hmmmm"...?
If I remember our conversations ages ago, hopefully a good "Hmmmm" xx
dirtyboy, November 17th, 2004

lol it was a "I want to be nosey, curious hmmm" but I am reserved as you know lol xxx
Beautifullychaotic, November 17th, 2004

lol - I don't think I can ever remember you being reserved - but there's always a first time! You've definitely always been curious though xxx
dirtyboy, November 17th, 2004

shhh I was trying to cover up xx
Beautifullychaotic, November 17th, 2004

Whoo boy Roger, I am jealous. I hate to admit it, but seeing that little slut talking to you boils my blood. I'm a greedy, selfish girl, and I like having you to myself. I guess she will jsut have to learn her rank around her, and I am definitly above her... and I think I will always be above her... if you catch my drift
randy Randi, November 18th, 2004

the suspence just waiting for the next part of this is great, i cant wait for it.
also great name for the new girl lol.
rach, November 18th, 2004

lol Randi - good to see you getting into it so quickly! x
rach - sorry about that - it's going to make it a slightly different experience for you, having a threesome with a girl who's your namesake - hope it doesn't mess up the concentration too much! x
dirtyboy, November 18th, 2004

im sure it'll be fine. i could always try and like see myself as both ppl. not at the same time though lol.
, November 19th, 2004

last msg was from me. just realised i put no name lol
rach, November 19th, 2004

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