The House 2 - part four

Sunday, August 07, 2005 at 3:00 PM

(continued from part three - parts 1-3 just over to the right of the page in the list of archives, if you want to catch up...)

Rachel has been with us at the house for a couple of days now - you haven't seen much of her, as she's been busy at University, taking lots of lectures, and when back home she's been studying quietly in her room. On the three or four occassions when you've had a brief chance to talk to her, you still haven't changed your opinion of her - a delightful, friendly, delicious young girl. You're still finding yourself sexually attracted to her, but you've been trying to put those ideas into the back of your head, feeling slightly guilty about them. Despite occassional fantasies about other girls when alone in bed, you'd never have described yourself as bisexual - you've certainly had no real experience with other girls, beyond the occassional drunken fumble (really just out of curiousity and for a giggle rather than any deep-seated need you have for lesbian relationships) - god knows, as crap as men are, you couldn't manage for long without the feel of a man, the way he looks, the way he tastes, the sensations a guy can give you when he's filling you, fucking you...

But still... if I was going to do it... I mean, really, DO it... go all the way with another girl... I'd love that girl to be Rachel... there's something about her... the way she looks at me... she MUST know what effect she has on me - could she tell how turned on I was the other day when we were in her room...? God... I've got to stop thinking about this...

These thoughts have been running through your head every time you've seen her - wondering how it would feel to touch her, to taste her... it hasn't helped that you and I haven't fucked since she's arrived - just different schedules, and our usual resistance to fall into the trap of actually living together, being a couple - it's the downside of being friends who like to fuck each other, you know - that you won't have me in your bed every night. Normally you'd be fine with that, but since Rachel arrived, all you can think about is sex - you need to be fucked, to try and get this all out of your system - but you know I'm going to be busy again tonight, and it's making you really edgy - Why do I always want him the most when he's not going to be around? Damn it.

So for two nights now, since her arrival, Rachel has featured almost exclusively in your sexual fantasies, masturbating alone in bed, thinking about her, reaching intense orgasm as you imagine her going down on you, her tongue caressing your clit, rubbing, stroking... you need to be fucked, and it needs to be soon...

This afternoon, we're all home - it's the weekend, I'm relaxing and reading in the library at the front of the house, prior to heading out for the evening, and Rachel is entertaining her parents in the living room, after showing them briefly round her new place. You know I'm not going to be around tonight, but you're still incredibly horny... would I be up for a quickie...? It's worth a try... you stroll slinkily into the library, wearing your shortest skirt, your blouse generously unbuttoned, knowing I'm going to find that hard to resist...

I look up from my book, watching you step into the room, smiling at you. "Mmm god... you look just delicious - are you heading out..?"

"No" you answer, smiling a little sluttishly, "I was kind of hoping we could maybe, you know, stay in... together, if you get my meaning..."

"Sounds gorgeous," I smile, "but I'm not sure we should - I only have half an hour, and Rachel has her parents here, they might hear us..."

It's not an answer you're prepared to accept. You're turned on, you're wet, and you want me. "I don't care about that" you reply, undoing a couple of buttons on your blouse, "I want you to fuck me, and I'm not prepared to wait". You move close to me, taking the book from me, dropping it onto the desk, and taking hold of my hand, sliding it inside your half-open blouse, until my fingers are cupping your breast through the thin material of your bra. "I want you to fuck me now, right here."

"We can't..." I whisper, trying to ignore my growing arousal, "they're right next door, in the living room - they'll hear us..."

You take hold of my wrist, slipping my hand out of your blouse, and guiding it down between your legs, underneath your short skirt. Unable to resist, I slide my fingers up to your cunt, and my cock suddenly grows delciously erect. "god..." I whisper, "you're not wearing any panties..."

"...and I'm wet..." you smile, "can you feel it...? Can you feel how wet I am...?

"god yes..." I reply, my fingers sliding over and around your cunt, teasing, stroking, feeling your wetness dripping slowly over my fingertips, watching you as you tremble slightly, wanting you so much. "But we can't... not with her parents in the next room..."

"Slide your fingers inside me..." you breathe, "please..."

I can't resist you when you're like this - slipping my fingers along your wet slit, I slide them slowly inside you, and you gasp gently as you feel my fingers penetrating you, pushing yourself onto them, feeling them slide deep inside you, a flood of your wetness pouring slowly from your cunt, dripping down my hand. "Fuck me..." you gasp, "I want you to fuck me, Roger..."

It's no longer a request - I know you're not going to take no for an answer, and there's no way I want to turn you down - my erection is now throbbing deliciously in my jeans, needing you, wanting you. I get up from the chair, taking hold of you, kissing you sensually, pushing you back against the bookcase, tugging open your blouse as I feel your fingers unbuttoning my jeans, pulling them urgently down my thighs, tugging down my boxers too, your hand sliding around my erect, throbbing cock, masturbating me as I slide your blouse down your shoulders, unclipping your bra and tugging it down, my lips sliding to your neck, biting you as my hands pull your skirt up around your waist.

"The door's open..." I whisper, my hands sliding around your bare buttocks, pulling you against my throbbing erection, your thighs sliding around my legs, your arms around my neck, "we should close the door, they'll hear..."

"Keep it open," you gasp, "I don't care... fuck me Roger... please fuck me..."

I groan softly, sliding my cock between your open thighs, pushing you back against the bookcase, the head of my cock nudging between the swollen lips of your warm, wet cunt - I know this is crazy - even if they don't hear us, they're right in the next room - if they come out, they'll have to pass the library, and we're practically framed in the doorway, your thighs wrapped around me now as I thrust my cock deep into your cunt, your back pinned against the bookshelf as I start to fuck you, gasping with pleasure as you feel my cock sliding deep inside you, filling you with my cock - so hot, so hard - you know this is gonna make you come very quickly...

There's no time to take it slowly - we both know that - Rachel and her parents might step out into the hallway at any moment, and there's no way we'll be able to make ourselves decent in time - they'll see us fucking, we know - but just the idea of it is a delicious aphrodisiac - you don't want to be discovered, you know how bad that would look, how embarrassed you'd be - but something about the danger of it is intensifying your arousal - I've barely begun to fuck you, and already your juices are streaming down my cock, your body trembling, gasping as quietly as you can as I fuck you hard against the bookcase, harder and deeper, my cock so hot and erect inside you, thrusting, thrusting, fucking you and fucking you, my hands around your bum, lifting you now, your thighs wrapped tightly around my hips as I thrust harder and deeper, your naked breasts brushing against my shirt as I fuck you, kissing me passionately, our lips slipping and sliding, my tongue fucking your mouth as my cock fucks your dripping wet cunt.

I can't hold back much longer - my cock is throbbing hard in your cunt, my breath hot on your face as I thrust deeper, harder - I whisper, urgently "ohhh god... I don't think I can hold it back... I'm gonna cum..."

It's all you can take - it's happened so quickly, but you're intensely turned on - you can feel my cock swelling and pulsing inside you - you thrust down hard onto my erection, wanting to feel my cum flooding into your cunt - you start to convulse - you groan with pleasure - I slide a hand over your mouth, trying to keep you quiet as you begin to come, stifling your groan with my fingers - you can't take any more - you shudder into intense convulsions, your cunt engulfing my pulsating erection, trying not to squeal, my hand still over your lips as you come, trying to keep you quiet, your orgasm hard and frantic, drenching my cock with your juices, your wetness streaming down your thighs, splashing over my cock - it's all I can take, I can't hold back any longer - stifling an urgent groan, I thrust my cock deep inside your cunt, and you feel my cum suddenly spurting hot and hard from my cock, again and again and again, filling you with my cum, pouring inside you, over and over, our bodies locked together as we come intensely, so good, so hard...

Somehow we get ourselves decent again before the living room door opens, scurrying guiltily to the sofa together, pretending we're reading as Rachel and her parents walk past the open doorway, seemingly oblivious to what we've just done - but did they hear us? Would they notice how much the room now smells of sex? You still don't care, snuggling up to me on the sofa, still warm and deliciously aroused, feeling my cum slowly dripping from your cunt, leaving a long, wet trail down the inside of your thighs...

(continued next time...)


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mmm....delicious and tempting as are quickly becoming my favorite read. Though my keyboard seems to be stickier each visit...;-)
Licks to you,
nixxx, November 30th, 2004

Mmmmm - god won't you just PLEASE ram my head into her pussy as you fuck me from behind!?!? x
Anakalia, November 30th, 2004

Mmmm....Yummy. So delicious, I wish I had a book of it so I could keep reading! Kudos to you for another palm-drenching read happy.gif...can't wait until the next part...hehe God you're gonna end up being completely responsible for me breaking a promise...but it's ooooh so nice!
xgirl_in_waitingx, November 30th, 2004

I don't know how you do it. You make me feel like I'm there...I can invision it all happening and can't wait for the next time you write.
good girl, November 30th, 2004

Woo-hoo! Now there's the thrill I've been craving. *high fives Roger and wishes she had a library in her own house*
JeN, November 30th, 2004

mmmm.. so good.. starting the day with an orgasm is always a good way to start the day.. #well worth the wait.. looking foward to the next instalment.
, December 01st, 2004

previous message from me.. so turned on still im not thinking lol
rach, December 01st, 2004

uuhhhmmm..... oh that was delicious....the thrill of maybe getting seen...
Wanton Witch, December 01st, 2004

mmm, thankyou x - in order, as usual:
thankyou nixxx, glad you're having fun x
Anakalia - I love it when you're so impatient - I'll definitely be doing that, I promise, but I'm enjoying the sexual tension, so there'll be a few more parts yet... x
xgirl - ah, if only somebody would make me a publishing offer! Glad you're having so much fun - lots more to come x
good girl - lovely to see a new face in here - I'm pleased you're enjoying it so much - while you're waiting, feel free to have fun in the archives x
JeN - high fiving you back- glad you liked it! x
rach - I love making you come - lots more to follow, I promise x
Wanton - glad you liked it - I love that thrill too - this was really fun to write x
dirtyboy, December 02nd, 2004

Hey Roger,
I've been missing you; been gone for awhile again. I get so excited to return, knowing that there will be several postings for me to read! This one was fantastic! It really had my heart pounding and juices flowing. : ) You know what I like.....urgent, hot sex with a little suspense for kickers. I look forward to more, as always. (You know how impatient I am! lol)
Blush, December 02nd, 2004

I do know how impatient you are, Blush, yes - but I like impatient girls, especially when they're greedy too. Pleased you enjoyed it so much, and lots more to come xx
dirtyboy, December 02nd, 2004

dirtyboy you are my favourite read of the day. i make sure i come here at least once in the day and now i cant keep away. i have been on here several times today...and i am now deliciously wet after a lovely session with my moist cunt and fingers. thankyou you are makin my university days go by with a lot more fun.....xxxxxxxxx
carla, December 12th, 2004

Carla - it's an absolute pleasure to arouse you so much, especially on such a cold, grey day as today - glad you're having so much fun - don't let me interrupt you ;)
dirtyboy, December 12th, 2004

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