The House 2 - part five

Sunday, August 07, 2005 at 3:02 PM

(continued from part four - parts 1-4 just over to the right of the page in the list of archives, if you want to catch up...)

Note: to be read slowly, as if you were really there having the conversation - don't rush this one...

"I... I heard you having sex last night.."
She just comes out and says it, right out of the blue, just like that. Something about hearing her say it makes you immediately wet.

You'd gone up to see Rachel in her room whilst I was out, using the rather flimsy excuse that you'd found one of her socks in the washing machine - it'd have been easy just to leave it out for her to pick up, but hey, it was a reason to go upstairs and have a chat with her - maybe try and find out just what it was about her that was making you so damn frisky all the time. And okay, so what if you were wearing that tiny, tight little t-shirt that showed off your belly, and the clingiest, sexiest, slinkiest hipster jeans that you had in your wardobe, the ones that made your legs look incredibly long and fabulous - that was just a coincidence, obviously. There's no way you'd get dressed up in something that made you look so good, just to take her a stray sock, right?

Well, okay, so you did get changed precisely because you were going up to see her, but no need for anyone else to know that. And it's not as if it took you long to change - you'd picked out this outfit for just such an eventuality a couple of days ago - jeans, t-shirt, and... well, you'd decided that was enough, actually. You'd had a good long look at yourself in the mirror, and the t-shirt was much better without a bra showing underneath - and the jeans felt comfortable enough without any panties - you'd toyed with the idea of wearing a g-string, but a combination of indecision and wickedness had led you to keep it simple - just the two items, and a pair of old trainers - perfect. If she didn't go for you like this, you'd just have to bring out the lingerie, and that was just too unsubtle, definitely.

So you'd been talking for a while, and you're both now sat on her big bed, pretty casually, Rachel sat against the head of the bed, wearing a tight black vest and the shortest of skirts, you sitting cross-legged opposite her, just talking about clothes, and shoes, and guys and stuff, and suddenly she just says it:

"I... I heard you having sex last night.."

You're not sure what to say, and you can definitely feel yourself blushing. "Oh god... I'm sorry... I suppose we thought you wouldn't be able to hear us at the top of the house here..."

"It's okay..." she blushes too, "it wasn't a complaint or anything - I mean, I know you two do that and stuff... and I don't mind... it's just that I thought I'd better tell you... you know, that I can hear you..."

You're still blushing, but you can see she doesn't mean to embarrass you. "I think I might have been a little loud last night..." you admit, "I sort of forgot you were here once we got into the thick of it..."

"No, really, I don't mind, honest... I mean... I quite like being loud too, so it's really not a problem - I just thought I ought to tell you, just in case you'd rather I couldn't hear..."

For a moment you almost apologise again and move the conversation on - but it suddenly occurs to you that she didn't have to mention it - if it didn't bother her, why tell you? Is she really concerned about your privacy, or is there something else behind the comment...? There's only one way to find out, and that's to take the bait - with your heart beating a little faster, you come up with the best response you can think of...

"I don't mind if you can hear us... if you're sure it doesn't annoy you...?"

"No..." she blushes again, "I mean... can I be honest with you...?"

"Of course you can."

"Well... it's the first time I've ever heard anyone... you know... doing it... I mean, I've seen a couple of films and stuff, but just Hollywood, just pretend, you know? So that was the first time...."

"The first time you've heard anyone actually having sex..."

She shifts a little on the bed - is she feeling uncomfortable with the conversation, or aroused...? You're almost certain it's the latter. "Yes..." she says, "and you were going for quite a while... and I didn't really mean to listen... I was gonna put on the tv or something... but I didn't... I listened to all of it... everything... and I wasn't sure whether to tell you, but I kind of feel guilty 'cause you and Roger have been so good putting me up, y'know... and now I kind of feel like I've been spying on you or something..."

She's so damn sweet you could keep her in a box... or is she? She's so practiced about this, so skilled at getting people on her side, is she really as innocent as she pretends? Or has she mentally rehearsed this conversation? Is she testing you just as you're testing her?

"You weren't spying," you smile, "I mean, it's not like you were hidden in the wardobe taking photos or anything". She laughs gently, seeming a little relieved, so you decide to push it a little further. "You're sure it wasn't off-putting? It didn't make you feel uncomfortable or queasy or anything? Because if it did, we'll be much quieter next time, I don't want you feeling uncomfortable..."

"No, really..." she smiles, blushing again just a little, "I mean... to be honest...... are you sure you don't mind me talking about this?"

"No, really," you smile, "carry on..."

"Well, it turned me on, y'know? It feels funny telling you this... but... well, that's why I kept listening... I couldn't stop listening... so... y'know... it was really exciting for me..."

"Sexually exciting...?" You know that's what she means, but you want to push her a little more.

"Yes... I was... I was sexually excited listening to you..."

You can feel yourself getting very wet. She's looking a little flushed too, and you know it isn't embarrassment this time. "Did you come...? Do you mind me asking...? I know it's a weird question, I was just wondering..."

"No..." she smiles, looking you almost in the eye, "no, I don't mind you asking... and yes... yes I did come..."

You both go quiet for a couple of moments - there's a tension in the room now, and as much as you've thought about this, faced with the situation for real, you're suddenly not sure what to do. Is this a come-on from her? You're not convinced it is. "Well..." you begin, wondering how to phrase it without sounding too slutty, "you can listen whenever you want to... I don't mind... if it excites you..."

"What about Roger? Do you think I should tell him...?"

"No,' you reply, "I'll mention it to him if you want me to - but I know he'll be fine about it... you know what he's like, he'd probably want you to come and watch..."

Rachel giggles. "That's terrible," she laughs, "is he really that bad?"

"He really is that bad," you grin. "I can guarantee he'll want to suggest it."

"He'd want me to watch you having sex...?" She's still grinning, but she's not letting it go. Does she want to be seduced?

"Definitely," you smile. "I mean... if you wanted to... I could ask him..."

She blushes again, shifting on the bed a little. The temperature in the room has suddenly gone sky high. "God..." she breathes, "I don't know... I mean..." she giggles again, "is it getting hot in here or is it just me?"

"It's definitely getting hot in here" you grin. "Do you want me to change the subject?"

"I think you'd better," she grins, "I'm getting turned on here"

"Me too," you smile, teasingly, "but it's a nice kind of turned on"

"Same here," she smiles, "sort of warm and wriggly and nice and stuff. Sort of embarrassing too, admitting it..."

"You don't need to be embarrassed," you smile, "I don't mind you getting turned on if we talk about sex, it's normal".

"Yeah, I know," she giggles, "but much more of this and I'm gonna have to chuck you out of the room so I can see to myself"

"You'd throw me out of your room?" you smile. "So cruel! I'm a good girl!"

She laughs again. "Well alright, maybe not throw you out, but you'd have to turn away and cover your ears for a bit".

"You wouldn't let me listen?" you smile, "after you've listened to me? What kind of deal is that?"

"You're terrible," she grins, "okay, maybe you could listen - and then I'd throw you out!"

"That's not so bad," you smile, "I definitely like the sound of the listening bit"

"Are you serious?' she grins, "you'd want to listen to me, while I... y'know... while I masturbate...?"

"Definitely," you smile, "I mean, it's only fair..."

She goes quiet for a few seconds. What started as a tease is suddenly becoming a little more serious.

"And would you watch...? Would you want to watch me...?"

Another pause. It's quite the most erotic question she's ever asked you.

"Yes," you reply, "I'd want to watch you. Very much. I love to watch..."

The room goes quiet again. Rachel looks you right in the eye, and you both hold the gaze. She looks like she's making a decision. You're about to change the subject, to let her off the hook for a while... but before you can speak, she sits back against the head of the bed, still looking at you, flushed and nervous all at the same time, and as you watch, your heart now beating very very fast, she slowly tugs up her short skirt, all the way up to her small white knickers, parting her legs just a little.

She looks towards you, nervously...

(continued next time...)


previous comments:

It was worth the wait but I'm sad its over now. It was just getting good...can't wait for the next part.
good girl, December 07th, 2004

hi good girl - glad you're enjoying it, and don't worry, lots more to follow - this was more of a plot / tease episode, I know, but as you'll have noticed, we've arrived at the first delightful sexual encounter with Rachel - and I'm looking forward to it as much as you... x
dirtyboy, December 07th, 2004

that was good.. totally worth the wait. looking foward to the next part, knowing it'll probably be twice as good.
rach, December 07th, 2004

thanks rach - I'll do my best x
dirtyboy, December 07th, 2004

Hot damn! That Rachel should move in with me. She can listen to my roommate do it to her heart's content cuz heaven knows I don't wanna hear it.
JeN, December 08th, 2004

Ah, well Rachel is a much dirtier girl than she's admitting...
dirtyboy, December 08th, 2004

How do you do it Roger?! You turn (no offense intended here) a rather cheesy scenario into something so down right sexy I almost feel cheated that none of my female housemates ever did this for me... x
Anakalia, December 08th, 2004

Hi Anakalia x - it's definitely a cheesy scenario, and part of the delay in writing this next part has been working out how to progress beyond the lustful glances, but still make it seem as real as possible - as though it could actually happen. Hence this long conversation, trying to establish just the right mood. It would have been easier to just have you (the reader) turning up discovering me and Rachel fucking, and have you join in, but I want you (the reader) to be the one who makes it happen - much more fun, I hope, even though it takes a little longer like this. Glad you're enjoying it so much xx
dirtyboy, December 08th, 2004

Well, as I'm sure you know, you always manage to capture the mood just so - a very sexy skill indeed. I've been trying my hand at it recently, but not suceeding particularly well - I think my blog will remain empty for a while longer yet...! Looking forward to the next installement xx
Anakalia, December 08th, 2004

I just can't explain how turned on I am...... very wet, horny & in need of a damn good fuck!
wet pussy, December 08th, 2004

Hi Anakalia - well, I'd definitely love to read what you've written - let me know if you start writing the blog - you can tell me where it is by email if you like, if you don't want to give it away in the comments here - or by all means email me something you've written anyway, I'm insatiably curious and would love to see some of your writing, very much x
Next installment either tonight or tomorrow by the way - I started writing it earlier, but had to stop halfway through to erm... see to myself! xx
dirtyboy, December 08th, 2004

wet pussy - that's precisely what I'm here for, to get you very, very turned on - glad to see it's working for you xx
dirtyboy, December 08th, 2004

Have already posted a couple of things, but nothing you'd care to read - I'm still figuring out how everything works! Anyways, feel free to have a look... xx
Anakalia, December 08th, 2004

thankyou for that Anakalia - I've left you a quick comment, and I'm definitely looking forward to reading more xx
dirtyboy, December 08th, 2004

ah bless you roger, unfortunately I've just installed haloscan so lost the comment before i could read...! typical...
Anakalia, December 08th, 2004

D'oh!! lol - I'll try to remember what I put and leave another for you x
dirtyboy, December 08th, 2004

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