at the party, part three

Friday, August 05, 2005 at 7:14 PM

Here's part three of the fantasy - the first two parts to the right in the archives, if you want to read them first... here we go...

I glance across the room - the other young couple are definitely watching us now, the man sitting back in the sofa, his trousers unzipped and open, the girl knelt between his legs, sucking and stroking his erect penis, slipping her mouth off his cock every few seconds to watch what we're doing, then taking him back into her mouth, caressing his cock deliciously with her lips and tongue, one of her hands holding his cock erect, the other hand down between her thighs, down inside her panties, rubbing and stroking, masturbating in rhythm to the movements of her mouth along his cock. As she continues to suck him, his gaze glides over your half naked body, watching you arch and writhe across my lap, watching the movement of your bare breasts, watching my hand pushed down the front of your drenched panties, looking between your legs, your thighs spread wide open now as I fuck you with my fingers.

You still haven't seen any of this, but you can hear the sounds of her lips and tongue working up and down his erection, his gasps as she sucks him - the four of us are feeding off each other now, not caring that we're being watched, getting off on it. Your fingers are sliding up and down my warm erection now, masturbating me as I slide my fingers in and out, spreading the wetness up to your clit, rubbing deliciously, round and round, taking you further to the edge...

You groan again: "ohhh god please fuck me... I can't take any more..."

I'm very erect now, my cock throbbing deliciously as you stroke me rhythmically - I slide out from under you, pushing you over to your side on the sofa, facing the other couple, sliding behind you, my body spooned around yours, both of us laying on our sides, tugging my jeans and boxers down my thighs, lifting your skirt up at the back, taking hold of your panties and pulling them all the way down, down your thighs, all the way down, tugging them past your ankles and pulling them off, dropping them to the carpet. I pull your skirt up roughly around your waist, baring your bum, and press close behind you, both of us facing the couple across the room now - you can feel my body pressed against yours, my bare thighs nudging between yours, my hands sliding round your body from behind, cupping your breasts, moving against you rhythmically now, my erection sliding between your buttocks, slipping up and down between them.

For the first time you can see the other couple - the girl's hand is working frantically now, stroking the young man's cock, her mouth engulfing him, sliding up and down - he looks right at you - he looks very close to orgasm, sweat dripping down his forehead as he watches you push back against me - you know what he wants - he wants to see you fucking me - he wants to cum watching that, wants to spurt his cum all over his girlfriend's face, watching you.

You can't take much more of this - you reach down between your thighs, reaching through to take hold of my cock, stroking it again as I bite your neck from behind, my hands squeezing and caressing your breasts, your nipples. I groan in response, and you press back, guiding the tip of my cock down to your cunt, wriggling against me to get it into position - suddenly it's there, you can feel my cock pushing into you - I feel the dripping wet lips of your cunt begin to part around my erection, and I push inside you, sliding my penis into your cunt, your wetness pouring down the length of my cock as I start to penetrate you, sliding deeper, and you groan in response, pressing back against me, feeling my erect penis thrusting deeper into your cunt, your body trembling as you start to move against me.

You know you can't take much of this - you look across the room again - the couple are both watching us now, the girl sat up on the floor, one hand down between her open thighs, masturbating urgently, the other hand stroking the man's cock - he's clearly very close to orgasm now - you need to cum... you want to cum all over my cock... my hard, thrusting, pounding cock... you want to cum as he watches you... you want to see him cum... want to see his spunk spurting from his penis... I thrust harder - you groan deliciously, pushing back onto my cock, our movements increasing, my erection thrusting deeper and harder, my belly slapping against your bum with each thrust - I push deeper - fucking you and fucking you - you gasp with pleasure, your body trembling, grinding back onto my throbbing cock - you hear the man groan "ohhh fuckkk..." - the girl sees him about to come, stroking her fingers up and down his erection, sliding her tongue around the tip of his penis - you gasp, your body trembling now, your cunt gushing along my thrusting penis - you're gonna cum - he sees you right on the edge - it's all he can take - he groans again, and suddenly he starts to cum, a long string of semen spurting from his cock, splashing onto the girls face, followed by another, and another - you can't take any more - your whole body begins to convulse, your cunt squeezing and contracting, pulsing around my cock - you cry out : "ohhh fuck... ohhhh god yessss..... ohh god i'm cominngggggg.." - your wetness starts to gush along my penis - I groan, sliding deeper, harder, your body bucking against me as wave after wave of orgasm pulsates from your cunt, over and over and over...

I can't take much more - somhow holding back my own climax, still deep and hard inside you, I roll you onto your belly, pulling you up onto all fours, pushing your head down onto the sofa, thrusting hard and deep into you from behind, your orgasm still pulsing through your body as I thrust and thrust, fucking you hard now from behind. You hear voices passing the door - "ohh god... someone's having sex in there.... fucking hell..." - you want to stop, but you can't, feeling my cock pounding into your dripping wet cunt, harder and harder, knowing you're gonna cum again, knowing you can't stop it...

more to follow...


previous comments:

You never disappoint do you? Mmmmm... I don't want to stop..keep going!
Anjie, July 26th, 2004

I can see how she wouldn't stop...glorious stuff Roger - you've ruined (yet another) set of panties...
, July 26th, 2004

That's it. I'm ordering some ben wa balls so that I can read this blog at least SOMETIMES without my fingers in my panties.
Rog, you know you've made me cum over and over again today.
Secretive, July 26th, 2004

anjie, couldn't have said it better myself. roger never does seem to disapoint.
wetnwild, July 26th, 2004

Anjie - I will - just one more part to go now, glad you're enjoying it x
dirtyboy, July 26th, 2004

Vicx - I can only apologise about your laundry bill wink.gif - glad you enjoyed it x
dirtyboy, July 26th, 2004

Secretive - ah, but I like it when you read my blog with your fingers in your panties, and of course I love making you cum x
dirtyboy, July 26th, 2004

wetnwild - thankyou, glad you like it x
dirtyboy, July 26th, 2004

I love your blog.. never leave this place w/o an orgasm or two.. or more lol..
I think those that are bothered by erotica are those that have the not so great sex lives and are a teensy bit jealous that other people love their sex lives and take pride in it. But what do i know lol
Ali, July 26th, 2004

in the spirit of really bad analogies, a picture is to a 1000 words as your writing is to a 1000 porn flicks. (really bad analogies.) :)
your blog is most definitely one of my favorites.
trawbe, July 27th, 2004

Hi Ali - pleased to hear it, that's just the effect I want to have on you x
And yes, I think you might just be right!
I love the layout of your blog by the way - a definite thing of beauty, I'm very envious!
dirtyboy, July 27th, 2004

Thankyou trawbe, lovely of you to say so x
dirtyboy, July 27th, 2004

Secretive - who needs fingers in their panties I definetly don't. Roger you're making me cum just reading it. NO touching! Just soaked thighs as it runs down my legs!
L\'il Slut, July 28th, 2004

mmm delicious - I'd love to see that - thankyou l'il slut x
dirtyboy, July 28th, 2004

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