at the party, part four

Friday, August 05, 2005 at 7:15 PM

Here's part four of the fantasy, the final part - the first three parts to the right in the archives, if you want to read them first... if you want to go straight into it, a quick refresher: we're at a party, in a not-very-private living room, having sex on the sofa, a young couple watching us whilst they masturbate each other, the guy having just cum all over the girl's face, and someone else has just seen us as they pass the room. You've just cum deliciously, a delightful, intense orgasm, all over my cock, and you're now on all fours on the sofa, naked except for your skirt hitched up around your waist, my trousers and pants pulled down my thighs as I fuck you gorgeously from behind.
Here we go then, obviously very explicit right from the start, as I continue right from where we left off...

Another couple is at the doorway - you can hear them but you can't see them - you can hear the fumbling and rustling of clothes being tugged and pulled aside - the sound of a zip being quickly pulled down, more sliding and moving against the wall, and then a groan, a female groan, greedy and wanting, followed by more urgent gasps, wet sounds, a rhythmic thumping now against the wall, thump, thump, thump, thump - they're fucking - ohh god they're fucking each other against the wall - and they're watching you - watching you being fucked by me.... being fucked hard from behind... ohh god it feels so good... my cock thrusting again and again into your dripping wet cunt... ohh god... ohh god you can't take much more...

I'm thrusting deeper inside you now - it feels so good... so wet... your cunt squeezing hard around my cock - ohh god so tight and wet... I'm not sure how much more of this I can take - my belly is slapping hard against your bum with each long thrust of my cock, penetrating deep, your cunt sucking wetly around my cock... so good... leaning over you, my hands cupping your breasts, squeezing hard as I fuck you.

You're right on the edge of another orgasm, feeling my cock thrusting and pounding harder and deeper into your wet cunt, your wetness splashing around my erection, pouring down my cock with each thrust, pushing back onto me, milking my hard, throbbing penis with your cunt, sucking and squeezing around my cock, knowing how tight you are, how good it must feel as I fuck you.

I'm groaning now... you can feel my cock pulsing hard in your sex... pulsing and throbbing as I fuck you harder... harder... I'm so close to orgasm, trying to hold it back... - you hear the young girl opposite you about to cum - you look up towards her as I fuck you - she's masturbating frantically, her face still wet with the man's cum, a trail of spunk dribbling down onto her naked breasts, her fingers rubbing urgently between her legs, her gaze fixed on you, watching you being fucked, intense lust in her eyes - ahh god... ahh god she's starting to cum - groaning with pleasure - ohh god her juices are dripping down her fingers - she's shuddering hard - intense - ohhh fuck she's cumming... you can't hold it back - ohhh fuck yes - you feel your orgasm pulsing and pulsing through you - you can't stop it now - ohhh god you can't stop - here it comes - ohhhh fuck you're gonna cum... ohh FUCK yes - you cry out: "AAHHHH fuckk... aahhhhh GOD yess... ahhh fuckk i'm cominng... i'm COMINNNGGGGG... >>UUNNNNNNNHHHHHHH!<<" - you shudder intensely - your cunt pulsating around my cock - a splash of your wetness streaming down my thrusting erection - orgasm exploding through your body, again, again, again...

Your body bucks into convulsions... I can't hold it back any longer... your cunt is streaming down my cock... your sex engulfing my penis... I groan with pleasure... my cock pulsating hard... ohh god yes... you feel my cock swelling, throbbing... I groan again - ohh god you can't take it - you know i'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum so hard... ohhh god... I'm gonna spurt my cum into your cunt... that's it... ohhh god you're cumming again... it's pulsating through your body... pulsing waves of sexual pleasure... you scream with intense orgasm - it's all I can take - I start to cum, intense and hard, my cock pulsing and pulsing and pulsing as my cum spurts from my penis, splashing from my cock, filling you, filling your cunt, again and again, spurting deep inside you, streaming from your sex as you cum hard and wet around my orgasming cock...

...until we collapse together... spent... dripping with sweat, my cock still pulsing inside you, the sofa drenched from our cum, your sex still squeezing around my cock, trembling deliciously... looking around the room from underneath me...

wondering what you should do next...


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OH MY GOD!!!! This is soooo bad at work.... I might have to visit the ladies room.
, July 28th, 2004

That was my comment... I was sooo excited I hit the wrong key...
Anjie, July 28th, 2004

frankly I find it rather exciting that you read my blog at work - just don't get caught! And if you are tempted to go to the ladies room - have fun ;)
dirtyboy, July 28th, 2004

OK....feel much better now.... these panties will never be the same
Anjie, July 28th, 2004

mmmm god.... something about you slipping away to masturbate like that is getting me very aroused *glancing down between my legs* - yep, definitely excited here, quite visibly... thankyou x
Now if you'd just email me and tell me what you did... wow... (greedy me lol)
dirtyboy, July 28th, 2004

My God, Roger, please, please, please take me to a party with you...
Reading this at work is too tempting sometimes. You have no idea what a girl has to do in order to "compose" herself after you dish up some hot story like that...
VicxGirl, July 28th, 2004

thankyou vicx, glad you enjoyed it x - I came whilst writing it, which might explain why it's quite this intense...
dirtyboy, July 28th, 2004

I will email you but I can't find your address... mine is
Anjie, July 28th, 2004

oh, I was only being greedy Anjie, you don't need to - but for future reference (for you and any of my lovely readers) if you click on 'a questionnaire' in my archives, my email address is there (wary of typing it in again here - too many times and I start getting all sorts of rubbish spam lol.
Always happy to answer personal emails, though, so long as they're nice to me (and especially if they're a bit filthy).
dirtyboy, July 28th, 2004

Ohhhhh you are so fucking hot. You make me cum over and over again. I'd so luv to suck the cum out of your cock in my gratitude....
secretive, July 28th, 2004

I'm genuinely pleased that you enjoyed it, and that it worked for you so well - I very much enjoyed writing it too - I came writing each of the four parts... x
dirtyboy, July 29th, 2004

Can't believe I missed this at the old site....Fantastic as always....
I might email you to tell you how much I enjoyed that Dirtyboy......Mmmmmmmmmmmm
Sexy Angel

dirty emails are always welcome, Sexy Angel - please do, I'd love to hear x

Oh that was sooo incredible! Too many people around and I'm trying not to squirm too much as I'm reading but I can feel the juices beginning to soak my chair. I just want to be able to spread my legs and slip my fingers inside my panties and...sigh...I guess it'll just have to wait.

Patience, as they say, is a virtue - hope you get to have fun with this later ;)

I really have to stop reading your stuiff when I am meant to be not accomplishing anything here!! wxcept bein incredibly aroused that is...I wanna go to a party with you..please...take me!! i need to visit the ladies now...

dukky - don't get caught reading at work, naughty girl - but glad you're having fun ;)

I'm also going to the ladies bathroom...for sure.

This is so curious - after months of it laying unnoticed, you're the third person to read and mention this post (either here in comments or via email) this week - I'm definitely going to have to write another along these lines...

do it! write another one! Pleeeeeaaase?! ty!

this definately drove me a little over the edge. ;)
i can't wait fer bedtime.

oh roger,
you know this is my favorite. every single part of it mmmm ohhhhhh
gods roger so
gooooooooooddddddd yes
yes yes yes yes oh gods
oh gods i'm cuuummmmmmmmmmmmmingggggggggggggcummingg aaaaaah fuck fkuck fuck mle k
hardaer harder yes yes yes like that roger hard so hard hard hard yesssss yesssy yess

ohhh my god... it never ceases to arouse me intensely when you come for me... just so delicious... xx

Wow! I don't know how I managed to hold off an orgasm until I reached part four.This is such a turn on, definitely one to take to bed to-night.I need to buy more batteries for my favourite toy after reading this!Thank you x

very much my pleasure - I do so love it when you come for me ;)


feeling horny today rog...well, more than usual anyhow...

visiting some of my favorite posts...god I love this fantasy...

so wet imagining you fucking me like that staring into that other girl's eyes as she cums...

so close...mmm...need to cum again....


mmmm b... it's so gorgeous knowing how aroused you are... I so love watching you cum for me... such a delightfully dirty girl ;) xx

i love imagining you watching me...watching your eyes gazing heatedly at my busy hands...your own hands equally busy....

mmm... you really are such a bad girl, b, such a disgraceful exhibitionist. I like that, of course ;) xx

Oh wow, I like this one. This is something I haven't fantasized about before. I'm reading this in at my friend's house, waiting for her to get home.... I'm so wet but I don't want to touch myself here.... haha funny how I happened to click on this while here.... I'm... not sure if I'm going to be able to help it though, I really want to read more....

such a bad girl, reading somewhere you shouldn't be, and getting so delightfully wet - hope you were able to bring it all to a delightful conclusion a little later in the evening - you should show the blog to your firend, she might rather like it ;) xx

Haha, I'm afraid we're not quite that close. I've started this "House 2" story tonight and it's quite nice. I'll have to try to remember to comment on it later, I'm trying to take my time going through these but they're really fantastic and it's so easy to lose control while reading, I love that.

Well, of course, losing control whilst you're reading is what the stories are all about, and I actively encourage it - to be honest, I'd be far more concerned if you weren't losing control... ;) x

omg, that was so hot.

i came twice. :) thank you!


J - very much my pleasure, and you came twice...? mmmm, just delightful xx

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