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Sunday, July 31, 2005 at 1:12 AM

Hi to anyone from my old blog who's just found me - there are still server problems over at Indecentblogging, I have no idea if they're ever going to be sorted, so I'm seriously considering a move here permanently.

For the moment there are only a few posts in here, pending Indecentblogging coming back online, but even if it does, I think I'm gonna do the safe thing and move across here anyway. I've asked my lovely designer Ubershique to come and make it all lovely in here for me, so for now plase bear with me and keep this site bookmarked, and over the course of the next couple of weeks, I'll be transferring my old posts and comments across to here (much of which, thankfully, I have archived at home).

It'll take a while, but I'm still here, and I'd welcome any comments or hellos or emails, as it's very glum here at Dirtyboy Central lol!

Hopefully all will be fully up to speed in the next week or two - but I'm still here!

roger x


Welcome to your new home.
Will there be a house warming party? :)
Shame about all the problems you had at IB. Good job you had backups of your archives, though.
I've just added your new blog to our blogroll.

thankyou ed - and yep, everyone over to my place! Bring a bottle and not too much underwear! lol

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