The Dream Pills - chapter nine

Saturday, December 21, 2013 at 9:33 PM

Here we go with chapter nine of the ongoing erotic romance novel - hope you enjoy :)

nine: orgy

The gallery was set into the upper levels of the club, overlooking the dance floor. It was furnished with sofas and plush seating areas, all of them set well back from the balcony to reduce the noise of the music still pouring from the huge gramophone horns situated around the lower levels. A cocktail bar took up one corner of the gallery, the rest of the room filled with curved couches, low tables and darkened little alcoves. The space was clearly intended for relaxation and intimate conversation, but it was obvious to Sarah as she reached the top of the staircase that this intimacy was being carried a step further this evening.
    Just as the temperature in the room was rising downstairs, up here in the gallery it was becoming equally as intense. Sarah could make out at least two couples openly fucking on the sofas around the room, with others around them watching enthusiastically. In the centre of the room some kind of large, raised bench had been set up, over which a naked girl was being strapped firmly, her wrists pulled back and tied behind her, her ankles spread apart and tied to the legs of the bench. Two men were checking the straps, a third man stroking the girl's hair softly, unbuckling his trouser belt as Sarah walked by. She did her best not to look, strolling past them as if this were the most natural thing in the world.
    Sarah's lips were dry, her sex still pulsing delightfully, distracting her. She reminded herself that they had planned to leave long before the party degenerated like this, but the more she saw, the less she wanted to leave. She was still determined not to be tempted to join in, and was adamant that she had no intention of getting naked in front of all these people, but the sights and sounds around her had left her intensely turned on, and that arousal was battling against her better nature.
    As she walked past the gleaming white grand piano, she tried not to stare at the couple fucking each other over it with abandon: a girl was bent over the lid, her legs splayed wide apart, her panties cast aside on the floor, and a young man was stood right up behind her, his trousers tugged halfway down, his cock thrusting deep inside her cunt. The girl was groaning exquisitely, the sounds increasing Sarah's arousal, lowering her resistance further. She gripped onto Jones' hand, walking with him as discreetly as she could past the couple, following Claude and his girlfriend.
    Kruger saw them and waved her group over. He was sat in a softly lit corner of the gallery, draped amongst a cluster of curved sofas. Two young men accompanied him, sat on either side of him, with a third man knelt casually at his feet.
    “Sarah, there you are,” he smiled, “come and join us. Bring your catches along with you.” Kruger looked Jones up and down, sneering a little. “I see you're still stuck with the office boy. If you'd like someone else brought to you, I'd be very happy to oblige. I can bring you three or four men if you like.”
    Sarah's sex throbbed despite herself, suddenly imagining herself surrounded by men, all of them touching her, fucking her in turn, but she pushed the thought back, gripping tighter onto Jones' hand.
    “That's most generous of you, Mister Kruger, but if you don't mind I'm happy as I am for the moment.” Jones squeezed her hand softly.
    “Suit yourself,” said Kruger. “I have drugs here should you have a particular poison. Please don't feel you have to ask.”
    A variety of pills and potions were scattered across the table in front of him. Sarah had no experience at all of such artificial stimulants, and was only too aware that the Dream Pills might be amongst the collection scattered in front of her. She smiled politely and took a seat opposite Kruger's entourage, with Jones and Claude sitting either side of her. Claude's new girlfriend snuggled alongside him.
    “Perhaps later,” Sarah said, doing her best not to strike any tone of disapproval. Drugs were supposed to be her business, after all.
    “Then enjoy yourself as you will. I certainly intend to. I'm pleased to see that you decided to stay here this evening after all. I'll look forward to discussing business with you tomorrow.”
    Kruger smiled at her and slid his hand sensuously through the hair of the young man to his left. Sarah felt as though she should look away, but there was something about the delicate way Kruger's fingers moved, caressing the young man's neck and gently easing him closer, that held her gaze. The idea of watching Kruger having sex definitely held no appeal to her, but she had spent so much of her time being a voyeur tonight that watching was becoming almost second nature.
    Kruger pulled the young man closer, teasing him with his lips and kissing him tenderly, and Sarah could already feel her heart beating faster. She had wanted to view Kruger as some kind of master villain, and felt almost obliged to loathe the man, and yet his touch with the young man was so tender, the caress of his lips so sensuous. Once again Sarah could feel herself getting wet, wanting to see more.
    Not that she really had any choice in the matter – Kruger was clearly putting on a show for her, and leaving now definitely wasn't an option.
    Elsewhere in the gallery, the sexual activity around them was increasing. The girl bent over the piano was well on her way to orgasm, begging the man not to stop. A couple of other people were moving closer, wanting to watch. Sarah bit her lip, squeezing her thighs together, distinctly aware now that her panties were soaked, hoping no-one had noticed.
    A hard slap resounded around the room, followed by another, accompanied by a loud cry of pleasure and pain. Sarah glanced over to the girl strapped to the bench, one man now stroking her exposed cunt, pushing his fingers inside her, another man gripping her hair and pushing his cock into her mouth, stifling her scream.
    Sarah's hand fell to Jones' thigh, drifting along it, barely aware of what she was doing, her senses overcome, losing her control. Focussing back on Kruger opposite her, she watched breathlessly as his hand slid down the young man's body, his fingertips making their way across the man's crotch. Kruger's partner gasped with pleasure, arching up towards his fingers. From somewhere down below on the dance floor the sounds of an intense orgasm drifted up to the gallery.
    It was all becoming too much for her. Sarah was dripping wet, and an atmosphere of heated sexuality was pervading the club. She felt a brush of fingertips slide along her leg from the other side of her, noticing that Claude's hand had fallen quite deliberately against her, stroking softly. She thought about protesting, but Claude was far too busy kissing his new girlfriend to be interrupted, and she had to admit that his touch felt good.
    As she continued to watch, Kruger's trousers were slowly unbuttoned by the man knelt at his feet. He slipped his hand inside, taking hold of Kruger's cock and stroking it gently. Sarah could barely take her eyes off the scene, moving closer to Jones, her need for him all the more urgent.
    The girl on the piano started to come, moaning with intense pleasure, begging for more. Sarah tried not to look, knowing the sight would push her arousal further, but then another orgasm followed, this time from one of the darker corners of the room.
    The orgy was starting to get into full flow around her. She knew she should leave, but she was so turned on now, losing control of herself. She needed to be back at her apartment with Jones, in her bed, fucking him repeatedly, but she was quickly getting to the point where she wouldn't be able to wait that long.
    Claude was now kissing his girlfriend right next to her, his hand still sliding further up along the inside of Sarah's leg. Under any other circumstances she would have stopped him immediately, but the sensuality of the evening was overtaking her. She needed to be touched, and almost any touch would do.
    More sounds of urgent passion were drifting up to the gallery from the dance floor: the ecstatic sounds of people fucking openly in front of each other. She glanced across to the girl strapped to the bench, one man fucking her hard now, another still fucking her mouth, a third man stood the other side of her, masturbating over her face, his free hand sliding over her breasts as she tugged at the straps, helpless and incredibly turned on. Sarah felt herself being overpowered by the rhythm of the gasps and groans, her body responding to it, wanting it. The girl began to come, and Sarah couldn't tear her gaze away, watching as the man rammed his cock hard into her cunt, holding it there as her body convulsed in exquisite orgasm, tugging at the straps, clutching onto them, and she was sure from the expression on his face that the man  had just come too, deep inside her cunt.
    Ahh, damn it, Sarah thought, her clit pulsing harder, her sex dripping wet. When in Rome.
    She turned to look at Jones and leaned into him. Without hesitation, Jones lifted his hand to her face and kissed her, tasting her lips. Sarah felt herself melt against him, kissing him more passionately, no longer caring where she was or who might see her, too turned on to worry about it. She could hear more people starting to make their way upstairs into the gallery, looking for the more comfortable furniture and the darker corners of the club, but she didn't care any more. All she wanted was this kiss, this touch, this man. She could feel herself needing to surrender to him, wondering how it would feel to be tied just as that other girl was, to be used so thoroughly.
    As she leant over towards him, kissing him sensually, she could feel hands at her hips, unclipping her suspenders, and then fingertips teasing into the waist of her panties, slowly starting to pull them down. She was sure that it could only be Claude, as Jones still had his arms around her, his hand drifting through her hair as they kissed. She wondered if Jones would see, wondered if he'd mind, because she knew there was no way she was going to stop Claude. Right now she wasn't entirely sure she'd have stopped anyone.
    Sarah parted from Jones' lips breathlessly and looked across to Kruger, seeing him eagerly sucking the cock of one of his young lovers. The man knelt at his feet was doing the same to Kruger, his mouth enclosed around his hard cock, engulfing it with his lips.
    Sarah gasped softly, her hand sliding down against Jones' crotch, her fingers trembling when she noticed how hard he was. His cock was fully erect and throbbing inside his trousers. It hadn't really occurred to her that Jones would be as turned on as she was, she had barely given a thought to it, but his erection and the look on his face told her otherwise. He needed to fuck her, and just like her, he clearly no longer cared if they were seen.
    Unable to wait any longer, Sarah unbuttoned his trousers and tugged his cock out, not caring who might be watching. Jones gasped softly against her neck as she began to stroke him, his hips moving up towards her touch, his cock pulsing in her hand. His fingers slid down her body, drifting over her breast, his lips tracing along her neck, biting her softly. Sarah groaned with pleasure, her hand stroking rhythmically up and down along his length, baring her neck to him as he bit harder, clearly wanting to mark her.
    She could still feel her panties being tugged slowly down – this was clearly the point of no return, but she didn't care any more. She needed to fuck Jones, right here, right now. If somebody saw her, all the better. She wanted to be watched. And she needed to come so very much.
    As her panties were pulled further down, she couldn't resist looking back to at least give Claude a disapproving glance, to make it clear that she had no intention of fucking him, but as she turned to say something to him, she realised that it had not been him at all. Whilst she had been distracted, he and his new girlfriend had exchanged places, and it was Catherine who grinned at Sarah mischievously, sliding Sarah's panties all the way down her legs, tugging them off her ankles and dropping them carelessly to the floor of the club.
    Sarah felt another rush of desire. She hadn't been touched by another girl since a few minor fumblings back in her college days, and Catherine looked as turned on as she was. Claude was now knelt behind her, his hand sliding over Catherine's exposed cunt as she knelt on the sofa, clearly stroking her. Claude was already half naked, his erect penis fully on display and visibly throbbing.
    Sarah groaned at the sight, remembering again how much she had enjoyed watching him come, wanting to see him come again. She turned back to face Jones and pushed him back on the sofa, leaning over him and taking his cock into her mouth, sucking on him lasciviously. Her legs were spread wide open as she swirled her tongue around his erection, knowing Catherine would be able to see just how wet she was, displaying herself, wanting her to see.
    Without waiting to be asked, Catherine slid her fingers slowly up towards Sarah's cunt from behind and teased her fingertips across her sex, stroking her softly and rhythmically. It was more than Sarah could bear. She needed that touch so badly. She pushed herself back against Catherine's fingers, opening her thighs wider for her, taking Jones' cock deeper into her mouth. She was already close to orgasm, and Catherine's touch was pushing her closer still.
    She heard Catherine groan behind her, her fingers trembling as they pushed against Sarah's sex. Sarah glanced back, wanting to see, wanting to know what was happening to her. Claude was right up behind Catherine now, his expression intense, his hands gripping her hips, his cock plunging deep inside her cunt, fucking her urgently. Sarah pushed back harder onto her hand, making it clear what she wanted, groaning with pleasure as Catherine's fingers pushed deeper inside her cunt.
    Sarah could still hear the sounds of other people having sex around them, the sounds increasing as more of the party-goers succumbed to their desire. In every dark corner of the gallery people were fucking urgently, surrendering to the sensuality around them.
    The club was descending into an orgy, and here Sarah was right in the middle of it, doing exactly what she'd told herself she wouldn't do. She knew that from his position behind her, Claude would have a perfect view of Catherine's fingers deep inside her cunt. He was probably watching that as he fucked her. This was the second time in two days that Claude had seen her naked and having sex. It was starting to become a habit.
    On the sofas close to them, Kruger's group were getting just as intense. One of the younger men was now naked and leaning back, the second man on his knees, sucking his cock. Kruger was behind him, masturbating eagerly, paying no attention to Sarah at all, looking directly at the man in front of him, his other hand stroking the man's ass, spreading some kind of lube over it. As Sarah turned momentarily to watch, she caught sight of Kruger sliding his cock down to the young man's ass and slowly pushing it inside. The man groaned hard, pushing back against him, taking him into his ass. The sounds of another intense orgasm drifted across the room from elsewhere in the gallery, and then another, and another, each climax sparking the next.
    It was all Sarah could take. She needed to come, she had to come. Her orgasm had been building all night and she could no longer deny it.
    She pulled her lips from Jones' cock and took firm hold of it, stroking it hard and fast right in front of her face, at the same time pushing herself back harder onto Catherine's fingers, her hips bucking, her body starting to spasm. A wet splash spilled from her cunt, flooding over Catherine's fingers, and that was it... Catherine shoved her fingers deep into Sarah's cunt, and Sarah started to come, stifling a scream as her orgasm swept through her, grinding back hard against Catherine's hand, her cunt contracting around it, her body spasming again, riding the orgasm, not letting it go, never wanting it to stop.
    Jones growled, his cock throbbing hard in Sarah's hand, close to his own orgasm now, somehow holding it back. He pulled her up against him, kissing her passionately, his hand clutching her breast and squeezing it, his other hand moving down to her clit, rubbing around it, knowing what it would do to her, deliberately pushing her over the edge again. Sarah stifled a scream as she came a second time, grabbing onto him, pushing back against Catherine's thrusting fingers, another wet flood spilling from her cunt as she cried out with pleasure, barely able to take it, her body shaking, her cunt soaking wet.
    Jones kissed her again, his lips gliding against hers, and as her spasms still pulsated through her, he turned Sarah around on the sofa to face Claude and Catherine, tugging her up onto all fours, masturbating behind her. Sarah looked back at him, almost ready to beg him now, needing to be fucked, needing his cock inside her.
    “Fuck me...” she gasped, “ohh god... please, Jones... please fuck me.”
    She turned back to face Claude, aware that he would be watching them fuck, no longer caring. It was Jones that she needed, Jones' hard cock that she wanted plunging deep inside her, but there was something about the way Claude looked at her when she was being fucked that increased her arousal intensely. It excited her that Claude could see her, almost naked again and begging to be fucked. She looked Claude in the eyes again, rubbing herself back against Jones' cock, feeling it sliding against her soaking wet cunt, desperate for it.
    “Oh god, please fuck me...” she begged again, swiping her cunt against Jones' cock, needing it badly.
    She moaned with pleasure as she felt the full length of Jones's cock suddenly thrust deep inside her, pushing all the way inside her cunt, moaning again as she saw the look on Claude's face, seeing how much it excited him. Claude grabbed onto Catherine from behind, shoving his cock harder inside her, fucking her more intensely, looking right at Sarah as he fucked her. Sarah was certain that he was thinking about her, that he was imagining fucking her, and something about that excited her all the more.
    Behind her, Jones growled with pleasure, his cock throbbing harder with each thrust into her cunt, clearly close to his orgasm, still holding it back, his hand sliding through Sarah's hair and taking a firm hold, tugging her head back towards him as he thrust deeper inside her. Sarah cried out with pleasure, arching back against him.
    Jones leaned over and bit hard on her neck as his cock rammed harder and harder into her cunt, fucking her roughly now, barely able to hold back. Sarah could feel herself about to come again, groaning with pleasure, knowing she wouldn't be able to hold it back.
    Jones pushed her shoulders down, spreading her thighs wider, forcing his cock harder into her, thrusting and thrusting, not stopping. Sarah cried out again, looking up towards Catherine in front of her, wanting to see her come, suddenly desperate for it. Catherine was right on the edge of orgasm, pushing back harder against Claude, and for a moment their eyes met. Without thinking, Sarah lifted her hand up to Catherine's face and brushed her fingertips across her cheek.
    That one touch was all Catherine could take – she groaned with pleasure, her body bucking into convulsions, her back arching as she pushed herself all the way back onto Claude's cock, her face flushed as she came intensely. Claude was also clearly right on the edge of his own orgasm, breathing hard, his expression focussed, needing to come, trying to hold it back. Sarah wanted to see him come, and she wasn't prepared to wait. She looked Claude in the eyes again, thrusting back harder against Jones' cock, but this time speaking directly to Claude.
    “Come for me, Claude,” she gasped. “fuck... please come for me. I want to... uuunnhh... I want to see it. I want to see you come... fuckkk.... come for me, Claude... do it... come all over her... shoot that cum all over her... do it... come for me... ohhhh fuckk...”
    Claude groaned with pleasure, looking right at her. He thrust his cock inside her once... twice... and that was all he could take. He tugged his erection from Catherine's cunt, wrapping his fist around it and stroking it urgently. A long spurt of his cum splashed from his cock, spattering onto Catherine's back, followed by another spurt, and another, soaking her.
    Sarah groaned with intense pleasure, her body spasming again, a gush of her wetness flooding over Jones' thrusting cock, crying out as she started to come: “ohhh fuckk... fuck, I can't hold it back... I'm coming... I'm COMING... UUUUNNHHHHH!
    Jones growled, tugging her head back hard, ramming his cock deeper inside her, thrusting again... and again... and then he started to come, clutching onto her as his cock pulsated inside her, a hot jet of his cum spurting deep inside her cunt, and then another, and another.
    And as they came down from their orgasms, catching their breath, Jones easing his cock slowly from her cunt, Catherine slid her hand up to Sarah's cheek, pulled her face softly down to hers, and she kissed her softly and sensually.


I especially enjoyed the fisting, Roger. I look forward to a good fisting with you again soon.

Fisting is generally a good thing, I find ;)

Cum out and play, Roger.

Mmmm Roger yum yum yum you made me cum (again) xoxooxox just stumbled across this site on a much older post mmm.. the one before your soph chapter a few years ago and that there hooked me. I thought about even posting a comment but then decided the post was really old and you probably wouldnt even respond anymore... I'm enjoying your writing so far though
-that curious 19 year old

Kiki and Liz - I'm delighted you liked it, it's long past time the rest went up! xx

Mina - hope you're enjoying yourself, and I got your email, will reply ;) xx

Mmm..Yes, Roger. I read this again and was about to close off but then I saw your comment. Can't wait, you've got me dripping just thinking about it mmh.. Guess I've got to re read

Hey, Roger. I used to read your posts sometime back. I was a huge fan but didn't often comment because I was being naughty when my bf wasn't around. But single now so having a lot of fun reading your stories again. Your very sensual and sexual, i love it. Thanks, your amazing(; made me cum over and over <3

Thank you Angel, I'm glad you're still enjoying them - and I'm obviously delighted that I've made you come so many times, that's absolutely what I want - and it really is about time I posted the rest of The Dream Pills! I'll get to it ;) xx

Can't wait for the next installment! I've probably read the previous ones a thousand times, and each time they somehow get better.

XO, Fe

Yes Roger more more more pussy misses your naughty stories!!

roger, i miss you.


I'm a new reader and accidentally stumbled upon your writing. I really like it and can't wait to read more. Meanwhile Im thinking about completing your little survey from an older post. *giggles* sounds like fun

Roger, please come back. Xx


I found your blog ten years ago and I still come back to read your fantasies every time I have this need to have a little fun with myself...

It is such a shame that you disappeared.

But I still enjoy cumming for you... ;)


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