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Monday, September 05, 2011 at 11:11 AM

hi everyone xx You might have noticed a new advert to the left. I get offered affiliate programmes from time to time, usually from people I've never heard of, and always resist them. However, I'm very famiar with Lelo, have heard a lot of good reports about their toy range, so since they offered affiliation this morning, I thought I'd jump in. This isn't going to mean a rash of adverts appearing on my blog (this is very much a one-off), and I hope some of you find the link of some use ;)

And on a semi-related subject, there's one more week to go in the audio contest. I'd love to hear you come for me xx


This is a great company. I've gotten some very good use out of the Gigi and the Isla models. Maybe next time they'll offer you a few test products for you to write about ;)

haha! They might not be a great deal of use to me, but I guess you never know ;) But yes, if I'm going to advertise, go with the good stuff, I say.

I'm certain that you can find a use for them. If you can find an assistant (and I'm sure you can) to test the toys with you, then I'm not only sure you'd have great fun, but you'd also have lots to share with us.

I want to test the toys. Looks fun and exciting just to have a different to-do on my list :)

You know what I'm noticing? That people who achieve real-life success, in the realm of book deals or game licenses, et cetera, fail to hold up their end of the bargain with those who made them successful. You haven't posted any real content in months, Dirtyboy. You've relied upon us to supply your content in the form of audio contests and questionnaires. But what made you successful was your good writing on this blog - you bought your book deal on the strength of that. You are forgetting the people who put you where you are. You are forgetting your responsibility to those who bought you your success. Why should anyone buy your book if you neglect those people who supported you?

Hi Rivaine x

I'm not sure what you mean here -- I'm actually not making any money as Dirtyboy / Roger Steiner, and the only thing that's stopped me writing in here for the past few months is intense writing work on my other writing, plus another unrelated personal thing that's taken up more time than I wanted it to. But I am about to plunge back in here, and please don't think I've abandoned the blog - anything but, I love it in here. I'll be back up and running imminently, I promise :) x

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