The Game: parts 1 - 4 collected

Saturday, June 04, 2011 at 3:02 PM

(being a sequel of sorts to Sophie and the Film Collector)

For ease of use (and hands free operation), here's the first four parts so far of the new Sophie story 'The Game' collected into one post. More to follow in a few days. Enjoy ;) xx

It was the occasion of the birthday of Sophie's Uncle James, which was to be celebrated at the large London mansion that he owned, close to Holland Park. I had met her Uncle James on a couple of occasions, and had never failed to notice a certain sexual tension between the two of them. Words unspoken, furtive and flirtatious glances, a secret smile or two. I thought nothing of it, of course. I knew Sophie very well, and was aware of her occasional eager dalliances.

I could hardly blame her Uncle James for falling under her spell. He was not her real uncle, of course, but she had known the man through her family since childhood, and had always held him in deep affection. I could only assume that this affection had taken a more physical form of late. I wondered if this was what had prompted his assistance in finding us the house in Hollywood, which we had been enjoying for some time at his generous benevolence and expense.

His party was a small scale affair, in keeping with his private nature. He had invited myself and Sophie, and had been happy for us to bring along our lovers Henri and Kathryn, both of whom were eager to meet the gentleman who had gifted us with the Hollywood home which they had been sharing lately as our guests.

A further couple were there at the party, whom neither Sophie or I had met before: a good looking film producer by the name of Dean Hargrove and his young wife Claudia. She was a short haired androgynous beauty with the most exquisite, elfin face and a breathtaking figure, small breasted and slim but still completely stunning. Both Henri and I couldn't help but look at her.

As his final guest, James had invited his young maid Abigail, a sweet, pretty dark haired girl, perhaps twenty-three or twenty-four years old, and whom seemed to dote on her employer with great affection. Sophie told me that the girl's family had worked for James in various capacities for years, and the girl had looked after him for some years, helping him with the house and certain of his business interests. He clearly enjoyed her company, to the point at which I found myself curious as to whether their friendship went beyond the merely professional. Sophie's Uncle James clearly liked the attentions of younger women.

Birthday gifts were exchanged, a sumptuous dinner was served, and soon afterwards we found ourselves relaxing in his spacious, rather gothic lounge, the fire blazing in his grand fireplace and drinks being enjoyed as we chatted the evening away, scattered across the large couches.

As was often the nature whilst in Sophie's company, the conversation became lively and somewhat disgraceful as more alcohol was consumed and inhibitions drifted away. Uncle James was being particularly indiscreet, and shared the story of a film producer of his acquaintance, whom was undergoing a divorce.

“Apparently,” Uncle James divulged, indelicately, “the man found his wife in bed with his twin brother, who was staying with them at the time. She claimed that it was simply a mistake, and that his brother had climbed into her bed in the dark, after a couple of drinks, and she had assumed it was her husband and had given him a rather good seeing-to, until they were interrupted by her actual husband, who was understandably somewhat shocked by the sight he was greeted with.”

“It seems unlikely that it was a mistake,” Sophie said, smiling. “I don't believe her story for a moment, it's too far fetched. Whether it was dark or not, I find it difficult to believe that she wouldn't have recognised whose cock it was between her thighs.”

We all glanced at each other, amused by the notion. “Are you so sure?” asked Claudia, her tongue loosened by the alcohol. “One cock is much like another, after all. Especially in the throes of vigorous lovemaking. And the man was his brother's twin.”

“All cocks are always unmistakeable, I can assure you,” Sophie responded, rising to the challenge, smiling and sipping her wine. “Each one is different, and has its own particular qualities.”

“So you consider yourself an expert on such matters, Sophie?” Uncle James glanced in my direction and winked.

“I'm simply stating, Uncle James, that I would be certain if my lover were inside me. His cock would be unmistakeable, I know it very well.” Sophie grinned at me openly, and the other guests laughed.

“Well I'm not convinced that I would know,” said Claudia, playfully, “I think I'd be far too distracted by what we were enjoying to notice one way or the other.”

“I think Claudia is probably right.” Claudia's husband Dean chipped in, if only to tease Sophie. “In fact I'd be willing to take a rather large bet that you'd be completely unable to tell, Sophie. You'd never know the difference in the dark. You might suspect, perhaps, but would you know? I'm not so sure.”

“And I'd be willing to accept that bet,” Sophie smiled. “I'd know my lover's cock, for certain. The size, the feel of him, the rhythm he favours, the way he moves inside me. I'd know. I'd happily prove it.”

“I should take you up on that wager,” Dean smiled. “I'd like to see you prove it, that could be fun in itself.” The wine was loosening all of our tongues.

“Well, it seems to me that we can resolve this discussion very easily,” I said, smiling wickedly at Sophie. “All we need to do is turn out the lights, each of us supply Sophie with a sample, and ascertain if she can indeed single me out from the, er... competition in here. We could even have a small wager on it.” We all laughed at the notion, knowing we were just being playful, though the idea hung there a few seconds as we sipped at our drinks.

Uncle James's maid Abigail had been quieter than the rest, but she seemed equally amused by the idea. “I know what you're up to, Sophie. I think this is just a ploy to enable you to sample all the men here. I can see the glint in your eye. I know you're thinking about how much fun it would be to test out your theory.” Sophie smirked indiscreetly and sipped her wine.

Kathryn was clearly picturing the idea herself – in fact it's fair to say that we all were. “I'm inclined to agree with Sophie,” Kathryn said. “I feel certain I could identify Henri in such a scenario. Were it to happen, of course. I'm sure I'd be able to identify his cock with relative ease, not to mention some enjoyment. Every man feels different. I'd happily take that bet and prove it too. I think I could pass the test and identify Henri with little difficulty.”

Claudia looked towards her husband, who simply smiled softly at her, raising his eyebrow. “It's an interesting notion,” she said, “but a pointless debate. How could we prove it? We'll never know for certain.”

“Well,” I replied, not wanting the moment to pass, happy to be the one to speak our thoughts out loud, “not unless Sophie is prepared to test out her theory for us now, of course. She could easily prove it right in front of us, it would be simple enough to arrange, after all. Should we wish to, that is.” I heard Abigail giggle nervously.

“Well, that's quite a challenge,” Uncle James said, raising his eyebrow. “It's true what you say. Sophie has been very categoric in her opinion and seems certain she could offer proof, given the opportunity. And you're right, we could easily prove it one way or the other right now. I'm not so sure, however, that the other ladies here would entirely approve of their partners attempting to disprove her theory. It would be somewhat... intimate, after all, wouldn't you say? Not that I want to put a dampener on pleasure, of course.”

There was an edge of inquisitive curiosity amongst us now, and a heightened sexual tension, the knowledge that the mood had changed, that this could really happen if we wished it to. Only our morals were holding us back, and Sophie and I had few of those to speak of. Sophie precipitated the discussion, looking towards me and smiling, already knowing my response. “Well, I've already stated that I'd happily take the bet, and it would be remiss of me to go back on my word if I'm to be pressed on the point. What do you think?” she asked me. “Would you have any objection to me proving my theory, right here, should the gentlemen decide to take me up on my challenge?”

I smiled encouragingly, phrasing my reply as best I could. “You can do as you please, Sophie, you know that, and I'd be only too delighted to see you prove your assertion. And we are amongst friends here, after all. But just don't complain to me if you're sore in the morning.”

The other girls giggled, and Claudia spoke again. “You're both completely shocking, you really are. James warned me that the two of you were disgraceful at the best of times. Are you seriously suggesting we should try this? Or are you just being playful?”

Sophie took a sip of her wine and smiled at Claudia. “I'm being completely serious. I think it would be rather fun, and I haven't heard any of the men disagreeing.”

Claudia returned the smile, thinking for a moment. “That would be quite a floorshow,” she said. “Though I have to admit that it could be fun to watch. And it's obvious from the looks on their faces around the room that the gentlemen here are absolutely up for the test."

Claudia wasn't wrong. I glanced around the room, and all three other men were clearly picturing the idea, smiling wryly.

Claudia tapped her fingertips on her lips, thinking again. "I'm not entirely sure I approve of my husband being involved in such disgracefulness.” She grinned at her husband, giving him a squeeze of her hand. “Though he does seem rather keen on the idea. Perhaps, just this once... but no, I'd have to think about it...”

“This is all very well, but what about the rest of us?” Kathryn asked, feigning disappointment. “So we're saying that Sophie and the boys here would all get to have a good time, and all we girls get to do is watch? That seems a little unfair, don't you think? I'd be willing to take the test too, I'm certain I could pass. And quite frankly, Henri could hardly complain, under the circumstances.” Henri gave her a grin, blushing a little, waiting to see where the conversation would go.

“We could all take turns.” It was Abigail, now leaning softly against Uncle James, blushing at her own words. “I mean... y'know... it's just an idea... if Sophie is going to do it, then maybe we all should... we could all take the test.” James stroked her shoulders affectionately, pulling her closer.

“Well, this would certainly be quite a party game,” said Dean, his thighs firmly crossed, clearly disguising his erection. I smiled at Kathryn secretly, giving her a playful wink.

"I think taking turns would be a marvellous idea," Sophie said, smiling at Abigail, who blushed again in response. "No-one would be left out that way, and it could be a great deal of fun for us all. I think we should do it. Kathryn and Abigail both seem keen too. Though we'd all have to agree."

"I don't know..." said Claudia, hesitantly, though she was clearly giving the idea a great deal of thought. "It does sound like fun, but this is completely disgraceful..."

“I feel it's only fair to give a word of caution about this,” I said, if only to keep the conversation the right side of decency. “I think before we go any further, we need to be completely sure that everyone in the room is comfortable about what we're suggesting here. Are we all actually agreed that this should go ahead? I don't want anyone to feel pressured into this game, especially as Claudia seems hesitant, and we haven't asked the men yet. Perhaps a little secret ballot might be a plan, just to be sure.”

“I agree,” said Claudia. “some way in which we could vote without revealing our decision.”

“Uncle James,” I said, “could I borrow the chess set over in the corner, and the bag next to it?”

James nodded his assent, and I passed a black and a white chess pawn to each of us. “I'm going to pass this bag around,” I said. “I'd like each of you to discreetly place one of the two chess pieces into the bag, without revealing your choice. If you'd like this game to continue, and if you're willing to participate, place a white chess pawn into the bag. If you're uncomfortable with it in any way, place a black chess pawn in the bag. If we get one single black pawn, then we'll stop. Does that seem reasonable?”

They all agreed, and the bag was passed between each of us, placing a pawn into the bag one by one, and keeping the other concealed in our hands. Once all were collected, I tipped the contents of the bag onto the small coffee table.

Eight white pawns emptied onto the tabletop.

“Then it seems as if the game is about to begin,” I smiled. I looked at Sophie, and she returned my smile decadently.

“Turning out the lights would seem a terrible shame,” she said. “After all, I'm assuming we're all going to want to be watching. Can I suggest we use your dining table, Uncle James? It would be perfect to bend over.” Kathryn giggled, snuggling up against Henri.

“Of course, Sophie” James responded. He got up and headed towards the table to clear it, and Dean and I stood to help him, taking the dinner plates and service through to his kitchen and returning to the lounge. Already Henri had begun to arrange the couches in a circle facing the table, assisted by the girls.

“I think first we should be clear – I'm guessing that Sophie isn't going to be the only one taking this test, am I right?”

Sophie and Kathryn nodded playfully, clearly both eager to start the game. Claudia raised her eyebrow and smiled. “I've decided that I agree with Kathryn,” she said. “It does seem only fair, given the circumstances. I'm happy to take the test.”

I looked at Abigail, leaning herself close against Uncle James again, blushing delightfully. “And you, Abigail? Are you wanting that too?”

“I think so...” she said. “Yes... actually yes I do. I mean, I don't want to be the only one watching.” She smiled sweetly.

“Then I think we should draw lots,” I said, “and determine the rules of the game.” I pulled a notepad from my jacket and wrote a different number on four small squares of paper, folding three of them and putting them into the bag. “I think that since Sophie set the challenge, then she should be allowed to go first. If the rest of you girls could draw out a number...?”

The numbers were drawn. Kathryn would be following Sophie, with Claudia third and Abigail fourth. I could feel myself getting distinctly warmer. The sexual tension in the room was sky high, and the surreality of the game was adding to all our arousal. Shortly, we would all be fucking each other in turn. I wondered if the other three men were having the same difficulty coping with their erections as I was.

I replaced all four pieces of paper in the bag, gave it a little shake and passed it around the men. “This one has to be secret,” I reminded them. “The girls aren't to know in which order we're going to approach them, or the game will be pointless. This first round is to determine in which order we shall join Sophie.”

Dean dipped his hand into the bag, adding a note of caution. “I'm not sure about you chaps,” he said, “but, well... it's been a year or two since I did this four times in one night, and never with four different girls. We may need to ration ourselves a bit, if you know what I mean.”

“Agreed,” I said. “Perhaps we should limit ourselves to a given number of... well... thrusts, if you don't mind me being so indelicate. Perhaps twenty each time?”

As I spoke, Uncle James had turned out the main lights in the room, lighting candles to make the atmosphere a little more sensual. Cushions had been placed on the table. “Twenty sounds ideal,” he said. “I think that should be enough to determine our identity.” Sophie smiled at him.

“Then these are the rules. Each girl should be blindfolded in turn, and bent over the table here, resting on the cushions. Each man will approach from behind, drop his trousers and thrust inside her twenty times before withdrawing, being careful not to touch her with any other part of his body. Are we agreed?”

“It sounds a little passionless,” said Claudia. “I'd like to be able to enjoy it if we're to do this. Could we have a little foreplay first?”

“I think we should each enjoy a little foreplay from whomever is first, and let you know when we're ready,” said Sophie.

“Fair enough,” I replied. “Whoever goes first provides the foreplay. Are you ready to take your turn, Sophie?”

Kathryn had removed a silk scarf from around her own neck, and was already blindfolding Sophie with it. She led her gently over to the dining table, leaving her standing there, facing away from us. “Okay,” she said, “I think we're ready. Which one of you gentlemen has number one?”

Kathryn returned to her seat on one of the couches that circled the dining table, making herself comfortable next to Henri. He slipped his arm around her, holding her close, kissing her gently on her cheek. I knew that they, at least, would be as comfortable as Sophie and I with this game, eagerly anticipating it. They had both, after all, enjoyed delightful sex with myself and Sophie on a number of occasions, so they were no strangers to such delightfulness. But the game tonight would be taking that group sex to a whole new level. They were both clearly anticipating the pleasure to come.

On another couch to their left, Dean and Claudia were draped together, holding each other's hands, looking nervous and aroused. Unlike Henri and Kathryn, they looked completely uncertain of what they were getting into. And yet they had still both gladly joined in with the game, both willing participants in what was to come. I wondered what was going through their heads, beyond our initial mutual lust and enthusiasm for such a decadent party game. I felt sure such sharing was completely new to them both.

I was relaxing as best I could on the couch to the right, sat next to Uncle James and his pretty maid Abigail. Abigail snuggled herself closer to James, blushing a little. James had a wry smile on his face, his hand teasing playfully through Abigail's hair. I found myself wondering again if James had ever actually had sex with Abigail. Theirs was clearly an affectionate relationship, but his attention seemed more as though he were her favourite uncle rather than her lover, much as it was with Sophie. If they had not made love before, and I was beginning to suspect that this was the case, then tonight would be especially intense for both of them.

I could feel my own arousal increasing, curious to see how this game would develop. I knew that I would be fucking each of these four women in turn as the evening progressed, and my cock was pulsing at the very idea of it. I felt sure we were all feeling the same way. The atmosphere in the room at this moment was electric.

As a quiet hush descended over the room, Henri gave Kathryn a gentle kiss, got up from his seat and stepped quietly across to the dining table, approaching Sophie. She was still bent over the table, blindfolded and resting on the cushions, her thighs slightly parted, awaiting the touch of the first man.

As we watched, collectively holding our breath, Henri reached out with both hands and slid them softly over Sophie's hips, gliding his hand up to her waist. A gentle, pleasurable murmur slipped from Sophie's lips, signalling her approval, and she shifted a little on the table to get comfortable.

Henri slipped down onto his knees and slid his hands up her thighs and under her skirt. Sophie sighed softly, parting her thighs further to give him more access, and we watched, entranced, as he lifted Sophie's skirt up to her waist, leaving it there, exposing the small black lace panties barely covering her exquisite ass. She looked so exposed and eager like that, bent willingly over the table, her thighs parted, not caring that we were watching her, enjoying the sensation of it, clearly needing to be touched.

Remaining silent, not wanting to give away his identity to her too easily, Henri's hands began to teasingly explore Sophie's body, one hand gently brushing over her ass, the other hand sliding slowly up between her thighs. She sighed softly, trembling a little as his hand reached her most intimate parts, and she moaned softly as he caressed her clit through the panties, stroking her softly and rhythmically through the lace material. None of us made a sound, our attention completely focussed on every move that they made, our arousal increasing with hers.

Sophie gasped softly, moving in rhythm with the strokes, parting her thighs wider, starting to push back against Henri's fingers, enjoying it, wanting more. Reaching back, she began to pull her panties down. Henri smiled and helped her, tugging them down her thighs and off her feet, discarding the damp panties onto the floor next to her.

Sophie was now visibly wet, her cunt eagerly displayed to all of us as she bent over the table, her thighs obscenely parted. She moaned softly as Henri's fingers slid back up towards her cunt, stroking it slowly, and I heard a couple of soft gasps in the room as he eased two of his fingers inside her, gently fucking her with his fingers.

I could feel my cock throbbing insistently at the sight, and I glanced across to the others, curious if it was affecting them in the same way. Everyone's gaze was fixed on Henri's fingers gliding in and out of Sophie's glistening cunt. Both of the other couples looked exquisitely turned on, Claudia's head resting against Dean's chest, Abigail nuzzling against Uncle James next to me. Left on her own on the centre couch, Kathryn had her hand discreetly down between her thighs, gently and subtly touching herself as she watched, already flushed and aroused.

There was a soft moan from Sophie. “I'm ready...” she breathed, “fuck me... I need you to fuck me... put your cock inside me...”.

I wondered if she had any idea of whom she was speaking to. Clearly, right at this moment, she didn't care. She needed to be fucked.

Henri quickly unbuckled his belt, tugging down his trousers and briefs, his cock springing up, exquisitely erect, bringing another soft gasp from the girls watching. As he stepped out of them and hastily unbuttoned his shirt, Sophie tugged off her blouse and bra, slipping her skirt down to her feet and kicking it to one side, her blindfold still in place, bending back over the table, now delightfully naked.

I would be going next, and I didn't want Sophie to have to wait. As Henri stripped, I also began to disrobe, slipping quietly and quickly out of all my clothes, wanting to be ready to take over where he left off. Taking the cue, James and Dean also began to loosen their clothes, both of them smiling wryly at their partners. We were all erect. There was no hiding it now.

Discarding his shirt, Henri slipped his fingers back between Sophie's thighs, caressing her cunt, keeping her wet, his other hand now stroking his cock as he moved behind her, easing the swollen head down to her cunt, sliding it against her. “Put it in...” she gasped, “do it...”

Sophie pushed back against him, and Henri gasped, sliding the full length of his cock deep into Sophie's cunt. Sophie moaned with pleasure, gripping onto the cushions, pushing back harder onto him, her thighs trembling. Henri held himself there a few moments, getting used to the feel of her cunt squeezing around him, so slick and wet, his cock throbbing intensely inside her. Then he drew his cock a little way out of her and thrust it back inside her again.

“One...” someone whispered next to me.

Henri pulled back his cock and slid it inside her again.

“Two...” And with each thrust inside her, the quiet counting continued. I looked to my side – it was Abigail who was counting, watching them eagerly as Uncle James unbuttoned his shirt next to her.

The count reached ten, and Sophie was moaning exquisitely, pushing back against Henri's cock, enjoying the feel of it inside her, her body moving in the same rhythm, wet sounds spilling from her cunt with each thrust, intensely aroused from being watched like this, from not knowing who was fucking her. I could tell from her gasps that she was already close to orgasm. My cock was intensely erect, my hand around it now, stroking myself as I watched, wanting her badly.

The count reached twenty, and Henri slowly withdrew his cock from her cunt, his penis soaking wet from her, throbbing hard. Sophie trembled as he withdrew, gasping delightfully. He grinned wickedly and slid back onto the centre couch next to Kathryn, who kissed him softly on the cheek and slid her hand around his cock, stroking him teasingly.

“Number two,” Abigail announced. I got up naked from my seat, my cock delightfully erect, stroking myself as I moved behind her, needing to fuck her...

Sophie's cunt was visibly wet, her thighs wide open as she bent over the table, aware that she was displaying herself to us intimately, not caring. As I placed my hands on her hips, moving close behind her, she gasped softly, pushing her bottom out towards me, eager for my cock. I could have been any one of the four men in the room, but she couldn't disguise her wantonness, her need to be fucked by each of us in turn.

I was intensely erect, trembling a little, aware that all the others were watching, touching each other, touching themselves. The notion made my cock throb harder, and I knew I couldn't wait any longer. I guided the head of my throbbing penis to her warm, drenched cunt and pushed myself all the way inside her with one long, deep thrust, holding myself inside her, getting used to the gorgeous feeling of her cunt as it clutched at me, drawing me in deeper.

Henri had already brought Sophie close to orgasm, and she wasn't prepared to hold back this time. She moaned with pleasure, pushing herself back harder against me, her cunt engulfing my cock, squeezing around it, my cock already soaking wet as I gripped her hips to begin my turn. “Fuck me...” she gasped, “I need it... fuck me...”

I eased my cock back from her cunt, and drove it once again deep inside her, Sophie grunting with pleasure and pushing back against me, starting our rhythm, Abigail quietly whispering: “One... two... three...”

I kept my thrusts long and slow and measured, only dimly aware now of Abigail's whispered counting, my attention entirely focussed on the exquisite feel of Sophie's cunt around my cock, so wet, so hot, little splashes sounding with each thrust inside her. The count had only reached eight, and already I could feel Sophie close to her orgasm, no longer willing to hold it back, the scenario exciting her intensely, not caring what the others thought, her thighs shaking, her hands clutching tightly onto the cushions as she slammed back against me, the wetness of her cunt streaming along my cock as my rhythm increased. “Harder...” she gasped, “I'm going to come... harder...”

I gripped more tightly onto her hips, thrusting my cock deeper and harder into her cunt, her wetness soaking me, dribbling down my balls, holding her tighter as I fucked her and fucked her, hearing the counting continuing breathlessly behind me: “Twelve... thirteen... fourteen...” and Sophie could no longer bear it. The count reached fifteen, and I slammed my cock hard and deep inside her, and she cried out with pleasure, pushing her cunt back hard onto my cock, gripping onto it, holding it there, her cunt spasming around my penis.

“I'm coming...” she gasped, “ohhh fuck... I can't hold it... I'm cominnngg... UNNNHHHH! UNNHHH! NNHH! NNNHHH!

I held myself there, driving deep inside her, her cunt flooding over my cock, her delicious groans echoing around the room, holding my own orgasm back, not wanting to come yet, Sophie still convulsing as I took my last strokes: “Eighteen... nineteen... twenty...” and with more restraint than I realised I possessed, I eased my achingly erect cock from her cunt, watching as a small spill of her wetness trickled from her cunt and down the inside of her thigh, catching my breath and then taking my place back on the couch next to James and Abigail, my cock still startlingly erect and coated with her wetness.

Sophie was still getting her breath back, shaking as she bent over the table, her hips still rotating a little. “More...” she gasped, “I need more...”

The sensual atmosphere in the room had risen substantially. Sophie had reached urgent orgasm, coming eagerly and without restraint right in front of us all, and her orgasm had subtly changed the mood in the room. Before her orgasm there was a palpable sexual tension, coupled with not a little nervousness from some of our participants, but her orgasm had set us all free from any such doubts. Now everyone in the room wanted to fuck, wanted to get their own turn, and any nerves or potential jealousy had long since passed.

There had been no rule about orgasms, no discussion about them and consequently no limit set. I wondered how many times I would see each of these girls come tonight. The thought made my cock pulse again, still stroking myself a little as I watched.

I glanced around the room. Kathryn still had her hand around Henri's cock, teasing him, keeping him erect, anticipating her turn. Uncle James had loosened his shirt, his trousers discarded on the floor, Abigail helping him out of his briefs, smiling wickedly and blushing as his cock sprang up, eagerly erect. She looked at it as though it was the first time she had seen it. I was now sure this was the first time anything like this had happened between them.

“Number three,” Abigail whispered, and Dean slowly stood up, naked and erect, smiling cheekily at his wife, kissing her forehead softly before stepping towards Sophie's trembling form. His cock was sizeable and firm, almost visibly throbbing. I wondered what was going through his head, naked here in front of all these strangers, about to fuck another woman right in front of his wife.

With one hand on Sophie's hip, Dean held his hard cock in his other hand, guiding it down to Sophie's dripping wet cunt.

“Put it in...” Sophie gasped. One firm, deep thrust and his cock was all the way inside her cunt, Sophie groaning with pleasure, clutching again onto the cushions. “Fuck... ohhh fuckkk yes... god do it... fuck me...”

He didn't need any further encouragement. Gripping firmly onto her hips, Dean began to thrust his cock back and forth into Sophie's cunt, breathing hard with each stroke. Abigail again counted softly: “three... four... five...”, and Sophie gasped and moaned with each thrust, grinding herself back onto his cock. I could see that she was working her way towards another orgasm, groaning with pleasure as he thrust deeper inside her, intimate little wet sounds splashing from her cunt with each thrust.

I glanced across to Dean's wife, curious to see how she was reacting to this. I felt my cock pulse in my hand as I watched her tug her silk dress slowly up her thighs, slipping a hand between them, touching herself as she watched, her eyes half closed with desire. She knew only too well that soon she would be receiving the same pleasure, and she was clearly aching for it. She didn't seem aware that I was watching her, her attention entirely focussed on her husband as he continued to fuck Sophie. Had she ever masturbated like this in front of strangers before? I felt certain she hadn't. This game was turning us all on intensely.

The count was getting higher, and Sophie was getting closer. “Fifteen... sixteen... seventeen...” and Dean was thrusting harder inside her, Sophie moaning intensely, so close to her orgasm, her back arched exquisitely, her cunt sucking and skidding along Dean's penis with each long, deep thrust.

“Eighteen... nineteen... twenty...” and with obvious reluctance Dean withdrew his achingly erect cock from her cunt, Sophie moaning as he withdrew from her with a wet splash. “God...” she moaned, “I need to come... fuck I need to come...”

Dean returned to his couch, draping himself next to Claudia, kissing her softly. "Number four..." whispered Abigail, and Uncle James stood to take his turn, naked now, his cock large and defiantly erect, stroking himself as he took his place behind Sophie.

Fuck me..." she gasped, not knowing who she was speaking to, the blindfold still firmly in place, but knowing exactly what she needed. “Fuck me hard... I need to come...”

James didn't wait. With one hard, urgent thrust his cock was inside her, slamming deep into her cunt and holding it there, rubbing himself against her, letting her get accustomed to the feel of him inside her.

FUCKK yes...” Sophie groaned “fuck me... shove it in me hard...” James drew himself back and took his first thrust, ramming his cock deep into Sophie's cunt. Sophie almost screamed with pleasure, pushing back against him as he fucked her, meeting each thrust, clutching hard onto the cushions, her thighs quivering as her orgasm approached.

Abigail's whispered counting continued: “seven... eight... nine...” and it was all Sophie could take. Her body spasmed, her hips jerking back against her Uncle James, and as the count reached ten she began to come: “fuckkk yes... ohhh FUCKKK... I'M COMINNNGG... UUNNHHH! NNNHH! NNHHH! UNNHHH FUCKKKK!”

James continued to ram into her cunt hard from behind, extending her orgasm, intensifying it, and no-one seemed to object that the count had reached twenty-five before Sophie's orgasm abated, trembling there on the table, gasping again as James slid his hard cock out from inside her, coated with her juices and still deliciously erect. As he slid out of her, a thin trail of her juices dripped from her pouting cunt and onto the floor, the evidence of her lust.

Uncle James took his seat back next to Abigail, and Kathryn eased up from next to Henri, walking across to the table to help her, gently teasing Sophie's hair, helping her up from the table and removing the blindfold from her eyes. Sophie looked at me and grinned, her hair coated with sweat, wobbling over to the couch to join me, kissing me sensually as she caught her breath.

“Are you okay there?” Kathryn asked, smiling across at her, eager to take her own turn.

“I'm very okay,” Sophie smiled, leaning her head on my shoulder. “That was... fuck.... I don't think I've ever been so turned on. I nearly came when the first of them entered me, I had to hold it back. I've never done anything like that before...”

“I don't think any of us have,” said Claudia, a little breathless herself. “That was exquisite to watch. Do you know which one was your lover?”

Sophie looked around at each of us, smiling decadently. “I'm certain, yes, but I'm not going to say until we're all done. I'll write it down and we can reveal our answers at the end.”

“Then I believe it's my turn,” Kathryn purred. She kissed Henri softly, giving another little tug of his cock playfully, and made her way over to the table.

“Then we need to draw our numbers,” I replied, picking up the bag and passing it around each of the other three gentlemen, each of us pulling out a number.

As we did this, Kathryn was being prepared by Abigail and Claudia as Sophie recovered. Since five of us were already naked, it was decided that clothes were clearly going to get in the way. Claudia helped Kathryn out of her small dress, also removing Kathryn's bra and panties, the rest of us watching her as Abigail tied the blindfold around Kathryn's head. She was laid forward onto the table, resting gently on the cushions, and without being asked, she opened her thighs teasingly, displaying herself.

She was already visibly wet, her cunt pouting eagerly, needing to be taken, needing to be fucked. Giving her a couple of moments to ready herself, the room went quiet again, and then Uncle James stood up, making his way towards her, his cock still delightfully erect, still wet from Sophie's cunt.

Most of us were naked now, and all of the men, myself included, were also still very obviously erect. We all wanted to fuck, eager for more, eager to make the girls come.

Sophie was still draped alongside me to my left, naked and trembling softly, still recovering from her intense orgasms. I knew she would need to come again soon. She was as much a voyeur as I, after all. On the other side of me on the couch, Abigail was still dressed, a little more shy than the others in front of all these strangers. As Uncle James knelt down in front of Kathryn, however, I couldn't help but notice that Abigail was teasing up the hem of her short skirt, slowly drawing it up along her thighs.

On the couch opposite us, Claudia was also still mostly clothed, leaning back next to her naked husband as they enjoyed the floorshow. Her clingy silk dress, however, was tugged all the way up her long, slim thighs, and I noticed for the first time that her panties were now discarded at her feet in front of the couch. One of her hands was resting between her thighs and she was subtly touching herself again, her hips moving a little as she masturbated playfully to the sight in front of her, no longer caring if she was seen, too turned on to care.

And on the centre couch, Henri watched his wife about to be fucked, his hand gliding along his cock, intensely aroused, masturbating openly. I wondered if he had noticed Claudia doing the same.

I turned my attention back to the table, watching as James began to touch Kathryn, right there in front of us. One of his hands was already drifting slowly up between her legs, and he leaned in closer to trace a kiss along the back of her thigh, his kisses following his fingers, working their way gently up. Kathryn moaned softly, parting her thighs a little wider to give him more access, her cunt now eagerly on display to us all. She was clearly already wet, her gentle gasps echoing around the candlelit room.

James's fingers slipped further up, resting firmly against her soaking cunt, stroking her intimately, his lips and tongue still tracing up the inside of her thighs, breathing softly on her as his wet fingers moved up towards her clit, teasing her with a delightful rhythm. As her hips began to move, enjoying his touch, his tongue glided softly over her cunt, tasting her, lapping at her. She shuddered in response.

“ohhh god...” she gasped, unable to wait any longer, “fuck me... I want you to fuck me...”

Her blindfold was still firmly in place. She had no idea who she was speaking to, but she no longer cared. As James stood up behind her, his cock eagerly erect, Kathryn was already pushing herself back towards him, her hand reaching behind her, taking hold of his cock and feeding it into her eager cunt, moaning exquisitely as he eased deep inside her, clinging onto the cushion as she accustomed herself to the feel of him inside her.

I could feel my own cock throbbing as I watched, and I gasped as I felt Sophie's hand drift around my erection, stroking me delightfully as she enjoyed the show. I heard a gasp from my right, looking to see Abigail watching us, her skirt now tugged all the way up her open thighs, her fingers rubbing softly over her small white panties. Sophie smiled at her, still stroking my cock. “Don't forget to count,” she whispered.

Abigail returned her attention to Uncle James, watching as he slowly withdrew his cock, and then plunged it back deep inside Kathryn's cunt. “One...” Abigail whispered, her voice a little more tremulous now, rubbing herself through her panties rhythmically as she watched. “Two... three... four...”

Kathryn was moaning gorgeously now, pushing back against James with each thrust of his cock inside her. Her cunt sounded slick and wet, James gripping her hips as he fucked her, each of his thrusts long and deep, trying not to make a sound as he increased his rhythm, Kathryn groaning with pleasure.

“Twelve...” Abigail whispered, “thirteen... fourteen...” and Kathryn arched her back, pushing back harder against him, James thrusting deeper inside her now, breathing harder, his own arousal increasing with each stroke. “Eighteen... nineteen... twenty...” and all too soon James's turn was done, slowly withdrawing his throbbing cock from her cunt, Kathryn trembling with lust as James returned to his seat to the right of Abigail, winking at her playfully.

“Number two,” Abigail breathed, still softly touching herself through her panties, and Dean got to his feet, his cock achingly erect, stepping towards Kathryn. He brushed his hands softly over her gorgeous ass, pointing his hard cock down between her open thighs from behind, the head of his erection skidding against the wet lips of her cunt, teasing her with it.

Fuck me...” Kathryn breathed, and Dean wasn't going to wait. He slowly eased his cock into her dripping wet cunt, pushing it inside her inch by inch, Kathryn trembling as he penetrated her, clutching onto the cushion that she was leaning over, easing herself back onto him, squeezing around him. “Ohhh fuck yes...”

I looked over to Claudia, alone on her couch again, watching her husband. If she held even a trace of envy she wasn't displaying it. The straps of her silk dress were slipping down from her shoulders, her small breasts all but exposed. Her thighs were wide open as she leaned back, the dress tugged up around her waist, her fingers now working at her clit, stroking herself in rhythm as she watched, masturbating in full view of us all, not caring if she was seen. Her face was flushed, and she looked very close to orgasm.

Sophie's hand was still around my cock, stroking me, and I could feel myself pulse in her fingers, eagerly anticipating my turn. Next to us, perhaps encouraged from seeing Claudia, Abigail now had her own hand down inside her panties, her other hand squeezing her breast as she watched, still counting softly.

“Six... seven... eight... nine...” and Kathryn was moaning more intensely, Dean's cock thrusting harder into her from behind, Kathryn trembling now with each thrust, barely able to take it, getting closer and closer to her orgasm, trying to hold it back, wanting more.

“ohhh god...” she gasped, “ohhh god fuck me... fuck me...” and Dean's rhythm increased, pounding harder into her now, his muscled flexing as he drove deeper inside her, Kathryn squealing with pleasure, wet sounds splashing from her cunt.

“Fifteen... sixteen...” It was all too much for Claudia. I heard her gasp urgently, looking over to her. Her fingers were skidding fast around her clit, trying to stop herself from groaning, but she couldn't hold it back any longer. Her body began to convulse exquisitely as her orgasm rippled through her body. Her lips opened, trying not to cry out, clutching desperately at her cunt as she came, gasping hard: “Fuckkkk... fuckkkk... uunnnhhh FUCCKKK... UUNNHHHHH!

We had all heard her come, her moans echoing around the room, her body shaking urgently, intensely. I could tell that Kathryn was close too, slamming herself back against Dean's cock, but the count reached twenty only moments before she got there, and he withdrew himself from her cunt reluctantly, smiling at Claudia as he returned to sit next to her, her hand still firmly between her thighs, her body trembling.

“Number three...” Abigail whispered, and I got up from the couch, my cock blissfully erect from Sophie's attentions, pulsing gorgeously between my thighs. I noticed Sophie slip her arm around Abigail as I got up, trying not to think about it, knowing that I needed to hold my orgasm back for the moment if I was going to get through this.

As I approached her, I could see that Kathryn's cunt was soaking wet and pouting gorgeously as she bent over the table, her thighs obscenely parted. As I moved behind her, my hands drifting softly over her hips, she quivered at my touch, pushing her ass out towards me. “I need to come...” she gasped, not knowing who she was speaking to, not caring. “I'm so close... make me come... ohhh god please...”

It wasn't a request I was going to refuse. My cock was achingly erect, and she was clearly intensely aroused. I took hold of my cock, steering the head of my penis down between the wet lips of her cunt, and I slid myself so very easily all the way inside her, filling her cunt with my cock.

“Fuck...” she moaned, “fuckkk fuckk... ohhh god...” Her cunt was clutching at me, my cock throbbing exquisitely inside her as she squeezed herself around it, soaking wet. I held her hips steady, trying to control my own breathing, easing deeper inside her, holding it right there, grinding against her. Her juices were already dribbling down over my balls.

She was so close, and the count still hadn't started. I still wasn't thrusting inside her, just pulling her back more firmly against me and holding her there. Her thighs were trembling, her cunt milking my cock, squeezing desperately around it, and she pushed back harder onto me, her cunt engulfing my throbbing erection, her body starting to quiver uncontrollably. Her hands gripped hard on the cushions and I felt a sudden warm, wet flood of her cunt over my cock.

“I'm going to come...” she gasped, “I can't hold it... ohhhh fuckkk I'm going to come... ohhh fucckkk... FUCKKK... UUUNNNHHHH! NNNNH! NNNNHHH! UNNNHHH!

I held her steady, her body convulsing against me, my cock throbbing harder, inside her, her cunt spilling over me as she came. I heard a gasp from behind me, and an exquisite groan, trying not to think about it, not wanting to come yet, holding myself right there inside her as her body shook so gorgeously.

And slowly I began to thrust, Abigail whispering the count: “One... two... three... four...” Kathryn groaned with each thrust, slamming herself back onto me, and as the count reached twelve she began to come again, harder this time, crying out urgently, grabbing desperately onto the cushions as she arched back against me, my cock still pounding into her, fucking her through her orgasm, Kathryn crying out with each thrust: “YES! YES! UNNHHHH! FUUCKKKK YES!”, still breathing hard and trembling as the count reached twenty, and I slowly withdrew my pulsing cock from inside her, somehow holding back my own orgasm.

Intensely aroused, I returned to the couch, sitting between Sophie and Abigail. Without waiting, Sophie leaned over and took me into her mouth, sucking my cock for a few moments, tasting Kathryn on me, lapping her wetness from my cock. Abigail watched, wide eyed, her hand now firmly down inside her panties, stroking herself as she watched, and I looked at her with ill-disguised lust.

Sophie eased up from my pulsing cock, still stroking me, licking her lips and smiling at Abigail, whispering again softly: “Don't forget to count...”

Abigail blushed a little and returned her attention to the table. Kathryn was shaking and soaking wet, her thighs splayed wide open, her cunt eager, needing more.

“Number four...” Abigail whispered, and Henri took his place, standing behind her. He didn't wait, he knew only too well what she needed. With a hard, deep thrust, he rammed his cock deep inside her cunt and began to fuck her urgently, Kathryn screaming with pleasure, grabbing as best she could onto the cushions.

ohhhhh FUCKKK yes...” she moaned, “take me hard... fuck me... fuck me... FUCK me...”

Claudia was masturbating again on the couch opposite us, her fingers gliding around her clit, Dean teasing his fingers through her hair as she watched, his own gaze not leaving Henri and Kathryn, his cock exquisitely erect. Sophie had her own hand between her thighs now, teasing herself as she watched, and I noticed Uncle James watching her, his own hand around his cock, stroking himself in the same rhythm.

Somehow Abigail was continuing with her count, her voice shakey now, her fingers tugging down her wet panties, her fingers returning to her clit, skidding around it. “Twelve...” she breathed, “thirteen... fourteen...” and Kathryn was coming a third time, crying out in ecstasy as Henri slammed hard inside her, her body convulsing hard, and once again the count had reached beyond twenty before she had finished coming, breathing hard on the table, Henri easing his hard cock from her cunt, moving back to the couch, his cock dripping with her wetness.

Kathryn could barely move, her body shaking, her cunt dripping onto the floor from between her thighs. Sophie and Abigail got up from the couch and helped her up gently, Sophie smiling at her and kissing her on the cheek softly, guiding her back to Henri's side on his couch.

ohhh my god...” Kathryn whispered, her voice still trembling, “I've never... ohhh god... never come so hard...” Henri held her close, brushing the hair from her face, kissing her softly.

“I do believe it's my turn...” Claudia whispered.

More to follow in a few days...


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Like, like, like! Yum.

I wanted to post the next part, and figured linking to four other posts was way too much, so I'm glad you like it - should be a little more convenient when hands are busy ellsewhere ;) xx

ah yes....I like the "hands free" version....Would make for a fun party wouldn't it? My favorite position, bent over to be taken...mmmm...
Looking forward to part 5.

By the way, when is your lovely orgy starting? I had so much fun last year...

Hands free is always better ;)
And yes, definitely a very fun party, and part five is going to turn up the intensity another notch or two, just to make it even more fun (mmm).

And the orgy is imminent - I just need to complete this story (and The Bookshop, which I've promised for some time), so the orgy should be starting within a month. I'm rather looking forward to it too ;)

Fuuuuck. I've never come so hard from one of your stories, Roger. Don't you wish you'd seen me? I had that delectable little vibrator you love so much shoved deep into my ass, and my fingers ramming, ramming, RAMMING into my soaking wet cunt... dripping my wetness all over the chair... oh my god... uhhhhh... fuck, I need to cum again... fuck me.... FUCK me...


mmmm my god... you're always such a delightfully bad little girl... and I'd absolutely love to have seen you masturbating so exquisitely, cumming so intensely for me... such a decadent little slut ;) xx

love your blog

will there be more?

Will we get more of this story?

Yes, definitely - in fact it's the first thing I'll be returning to once I get a chance, as I want to include it in a forthcoming Sophie collection :)

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