The Game - a Sophie short story: part two

Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 12:47 AM

This is part two of the latest Sophie story – you'll find part one here.

In our previous episode, an unusual party game has ensued at Uncle James's birthday celebration. Sophie has been blindfolded and bent over the dining table, awaiting the attentions of each of the four men in turn...

Kathryn returned to her seat on one of the couches that circled the dining table, making herself comfortable next to Henri. He slipped his arm around her, holding her close, kissing her gently on her cheek. I knew that they, at least, would be as comfortable as Sophie and I with this game, eagerly anticipating it. They had both, after all, enjoyed delightful sex with myself and Sophie on a number of occasions, so they were no strangers to such delightfulness. But the game tonight would be taking that group sex to a whole new level. They were both clearly anticipating the pleasure to come.

On another couch to their left, Dean and Claudia were draped together, holding each other's hands, looking nervous and aroused. Unlike Henri and Kathryn, they looked completely uncertain of what they were getting into. And yet they had still both gladly joined in with the game, both willing participants in what was to come. I wondered what was going through their heads, beyond our initial mutual lust and enthusiasm for such a decadent party game. I felt sure such sharing was completely new to them both.

I was relaxing as best I could on the couch to the right, sat next to Uncle James and his pretty maid Abigail. Abigail snuggled herself closer to James, blushing a little. James had a wry smile on his face, his hand teasing playfully through Abigail's hair. I found myself wondering again if James had ever actually had sex with Abigail. Theirs was clearly an affectionate relationship, but his attention seemed more as though he were her favourite uncle rather than her lover, much as it was with Sophie. If they had not made love before, and I was beginning to suspect that this was the case, then tonight would be especially intense for both of them.

I could feel my own arousal increasing, curious to see how this game would develop. I knew that I would be fucking each of these four women in turn as the evening progressed, and my cock was pulsing at the very idea of it. I felt sure we were all feeling the same way. The atmosphere in the room at this moment was electric.

As a quiet hush descended over the room, Henri gave Kathryn a gentle kiss, got up from his seat and stepped quietly across to the dining table, approaching Sophie. She was still bent over the table, blindfolded and resting on the cushions, her thighs slightly parted, awaiting the touch of the first man.

As we watched, collectively holding our breath, Henri reached out with both hands and slid them softly over Sophie's hips, gliding his hand up to her waist. A gentle, pleasurable murmur slipped from Sophie's lips, signalling her approval, and she shifted a little on the table to get comfortable.

Henri slipped down onto his knees and slid his hands up her thighs and under her skirt. Sophie sighed softly, parting her thighs further to give him more access, and we watched, entranced, as he lifted Sophie's skirt up to her waist, leaving it there, exposing the small black lace panties barely covering her exquisite ass. She looked so exposed and eager like that, bent willingly over the table, her thighs parted, not caring that we were watching her, enjoying the sensation of it, clearly needing to be touched.

Remaining silent, not wanting to give away his identity to her too easily, Henri's hands began to teasingly explore Sophie's body, one hand gently brushing over her ass, the other hand sliding slowly up between her thighs. She sighed softly, trembling a little as his hand reached her most intimate parts, and she moaned softly as he caressed her clit through the panties, stroking her softly and rhythmically through the lace material. None of us made a sound, our attention completely focussed on every move that they made, our arousal increasing with hers.

Sophie gasped softly, moving in rhythm with the strokes, parting her thighs wider, starting to push back against Henri's fingers, enjoying it, wanting more. Reaching back, she began to pull her panties down. Henri smiled and helped her, tugging them down her thighs and off her feet, discarding the damp panties onto the floor next to her.

Sophie was now visibly wet, her cunt eagerly displayed to all of us as she bent over the table, her thighs obscenely parted. She moaned softly as Henri's fingers slid back up towards her cunt, stroking it slowly, and I heard a couple of soft gasps in the room as he eased two of his fingers inside her, gently fucking her with his fingers.

I could feel my cock throbbing insistently at the sight, and I glanced across to the others, curious if it was affecting them in the same way. Everyone's gaze was fixed on Henri's fingers gliding in and out of Sophie's glistening cunt. Both of the other couples looked exquisitely turned on, Claudia's head resting against Dean's chest, Abigail nuzzling against Uncle James next to me. Left on her own on the centre couch, Kathryn had her hand discreetly down between her thighs, gently and subtly touching herself as she watched, already flushed and aroused.

There was a soft moan from Sophie. “I'm ready...” she breathed, “fuck me... I need you to fuck me... put your cock inside me...”.

I wondered if she had any idea of whom she was speaking to. Clearly, right at this moment, she didn't care. She needed to be fucked.

Henri quickly unbuckled his belt, tugging down his trousers and briefs, his cock springing up, exquisitely erect, bringing another soft gasp from the girls watching. As he stepped out of them and hastily unbuttoned his shirt, Sophie tugged off her blouse and bra, slipping her skirt down to her feet and kicking it to one side, her blindfold still in place, bending back over the table, now delightfully naked.

I would be going next, and I didn't want Sophie to have to wait. As Henri stripped, I also began to disrobe, slipping quietly and quickly out of all my clothes, wanting to be ready to take over where he left off. Taking the cue, James and Dean also began to loosen their clothes, both of them smiling wryly at their partners. We were all erect. There was no hiding it now.

Discarding his shirt, Henri slipped his fingers back between Sophie's thighs, caressing her cunt, keeping her wet, his other hand now stroking his cock as he moved behind her, easing the swollen head down to her cunt, sliding it against her. “Put it in...” she gasped, “do it...”

Sophie pushed back against him, and Henri gasped, sliding the full length of his cock deep into Sophie's cunt. Sophie moaned with pleasure, gripping onto the cushions, pushing back harder onto him, her thighs trembling. Henri held himself there a few moments, getting used to the feel of her cunt squeezing around him, so slick and wet, his cock throbbing intensely inside her. Then he drew his cock a little way out of her and thrust it back inside her again.

“One...” someone whispered next to me.

Henri pulled back his cock and slid it inside her again.

“Two...” And with each thrust inside her, the quiet counting continued. I looked to my side – it was Abigail who was counting, watching them eagerly as Uncle James unbuttoned his shirt next to her.

The count reached ten, and Sophie was moaning exquisitely, pushing back against Henri's cock, enjoying the feel of it inside her, her body moving in the same rhythm, wet sounds spilling from her cunt with each thrust, intensely aroused from being watched like this, from not knowing who was fucking her. I could tell from her gasps that she was already close to orgasm. My cock was intensely erect, my hand around it now, stroking myself as I watched, wanting her badly.

The count reached twenty, and Henri slowly withdrew his cock from her cunt, his penis soaking wet from her, throbbing hard. Sophie trembled as he withdrew, gasping delightfully. He grinned wickedly and slid back onto the centre couch next to Kathryn, who kissed him softly on the cheek and slid her hand around his cock, stroking him teasingly.

“Number two,” Abigail announced. I got up naked from my seat, my cock delightfully erect, stroking myself as I moved behind her, needing to fuck her...

part three to follow early next week...


Part two only makes me more eager to read part three. ;)

So true. It's so hard to watch one man fuck Sophie without wanting all of them. ;)

Which, of course, is what this story is all about. Each of our eight characters here have become seduced with the idea of greed, with the idea of being able to fuck every other person in the room without jealousy, as a decadent party game. We're all feeling just as greedy as Sophie and her friends, and we all want more too.

Greed can be a very good thing, I think ;)

Great stories!
By the way...would you be interested in making a link exchange? If you want, please add my blog with the title Virtual Sex and then tell me how to add your site. Thanks!

Oh, so glad I found this blog...this was my first story. I can't wait....

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