The Game - a Sophie short story: part three

Friday, May 20, 2011 at 1:59 AM

This is part three of the latest Sophie story – you'll find part one here and part two here.

In our previous episode, an unusual party game has ensued at Uncle James's birthday celebration. Sophie has been blindfolded and bent over the dining table, awaiting the attentions of each of the four men in turn. Each of us is permitted only twenty thrusts. Already Henri has fucked her, arousing her intensely. I was next to go...

Sophie's cunt was pouting exquisitely and visibly wet, her thighs wide open as she bent over the table, aware that she was displaying herself to us intimately, not caring. As I placed my hands on her hips, moving close behind her, she gasped softly, pushing her bottom out towards me, eager for my cock. I could have been any one of the four men in the room, but she couldn't disguise her wantonness, her need to be fucked by each of us in turn.

I was intensely erect, trembling a little, aware that all the others were watching, touching each other, touching themselves. The notion made my cock throb harder, and I knew I couldn't wait any longer. I guided the head of my throbbing penis to her warm, drenched cunt and pushed myself all the way inside her with one long, deep thrust, holding myself inside her, getting used to the gorgeous feeling of her cunt as it clutched at me, drawing me in deeper.

Henri had already brought Sophie close to orgasm, and she wasn't prepared to hold back this time. She moaned with pleasure, pushing herself back harder against me, her cunt engulfing my cock, squeezing around it, my cock already soaking wet as I gripped her hips to begin my turn. “Fuck me...” she gasped, “I need it... fuck me...”

I eased my cock back from her cunt, and drove it once again deep inside her, Sophie grunting with pleasure and pushing back against me, starting our rhythm, Abigail quietly whispering: “One... two... three...”

I kept my thrusts long and slow and measured, only dimly aware now of Abigail's whispered counting, my attention entirely focussed on the exquisite feel of Sophie's cunt around my cock, so wet, so hot, little splashes sounding with each thrust inside her. The count had only reached eight, and already I could feel Sophie close to her orgasm, no longer willing to hold it back, the scenario exciting her intensely, not caring what the others thought, her thighs shaking, her hands clutching tightly onto the cushions as she slammed back against me, the wetness of her cunt streaming along my cock as my rhythm increased. “Harder...” she gasped, “I'm going to come... harder...”

I gripped more tightly onto her hips, thrusting my cock deeper and harder into her cunt, her wetness soaking me, dribbling down my balls, holding her tighter as I fucked her and fucked her, hearing the counting continuing breathlessly behind me: “Twelve... thirteen... fourteen...” and Sophie could no longer bear it. The count reached fifteen, and I slammed my cock hard and deep inside her, and she cried out with pleasure, pushing her cunt back hard onto my cock, gripping onto it, holding it there, her cunt spasming around my penis.

“I'm coming...” she gasped, “ohhh fuck... I can't hold it... I'm cominnngg... UNNNHHHH! UNNHHH! NNHH! NNNHHH!

I held myself there, driving deep inside her, her cunt flooding over my cock, her delicious groans echoing around the room, holding my own orgasm back, not wanting to come yet, Sophie still convulsing as I took my last strokes: “Eighteen... nineteen... twenty...” and with more restraint than I realised I possessed, I eased my achingly erect cock from her cunt, watching as a small spill of her wetness trickled from her cunt and down the inside of her thigh, catching my breath and then taking my place back on the couch next to James and Abigail, my cock still startlingly erect and coated with her wetness.

Sophie was still getting her breath back, shaking as she bent over the table, her hips still rotating a little. “More...” she gasped, “I need more...”

The sensual atmosphere in the room had risen substantially. Sophie had reached urgent orgasm, coming eagerly and without restraint right in front of us all, and her orgasm had subtly changed the mood in the room. Before her orgasm there was a palpable sexual tension, coupled with not a little nervousness from some of our participants, but her orgasm had set us all free from any such doubts. Now everyone in the room wanted to fuck, wanted to get their own turn, and any nerves or potential jealousy had long since passed.

There had been no rule about orgasms, no discussion about them and consequently no limit set. I wondered how many times I would see each of these girls come tonight. The thought made my cock pulse again, still stroking myself a little as I watched.

I glanced around the room. Kathryn still had her hand around Henri's cock, teasing him, keeping him erect, anticipating her turn. Uncle James had loosened his shirt, his trousers discarded on the floor, Abigail helping him out of his briefs, smiling wickedly and blushing as his cock sprang up, eagerly erect. She looked at it as though it was the first time she had seen it. I was now sure this was the first time anything like this had happened between them.

“Number three,” Abigail whispered, and Dean slowly stood up, naked and erect, smiling cheekily at his wife, kissing her forehead softly before stepping towards Sophie's trembling form. His cock was sizeable and firm, almost visibly throbbing. I wondered what was going through his head, naked here in front of all these strangers, about to fuck another woman right in front of his wife.

With one hand on Sophie's hip, Dean held his hard cock in his other hand, guiding it down to Sophie's dripping wet cunt.

“Put it in...” Sophie gasped. One firm, deep thrust and his cock was all the way inside her cunt, Sophie groaning with pleasure, clutching again onto the cushions. “Fuck... ohhh fuckkk yes... god do it... fuck me...”

He didn't need any further encouragement. Gripping firmly onto her hips, Dean began to thrust his cock back and forth into Sophie's cunt, breathing hard with each stroke. Abigail again counted softly: “three... four... five...”, and Sophie gasped and moaned with each thrust, grinding herself back onto his cock. I could see that she was working her way towards another orgasm, groaning with pleasure as he thrust deeper inside her, intimate little wet sounds splashing from her cunt with each thrust.

I glanced across to Dean's wife, curious to see how she was reacting to this. I felt my cock pulse in my hand as I watched her tug her silk dress slowly up her thighs, slipping a hand between them, touching herself as she watched, her eyes half closed with desire. She knew only too well that soon she would be receiving the same pleasure, and she was clearly aching for it. She didn't seem aware that I was watching her, her attention entirely focussed on her husband as he continued to fuck Sophie. Had she ever masturbated like this in front of strangers before? I felt certain she hadn't. This game was turning us all on intensely.

The count was getting higher, and Sophie was getting closer. “Fifteen... sixteen... seventeen...” and Dean was thrusting harder inside her, Sophie moaning intensely, so close to her orgasm, her back arched exquisitely, her cunt sucking and skidding along Dean's penis with each long, deep thrust.

“Eighteen... nineteen... twenty...” and with obvious reluctance Dean withdrew his achingly erect cock from her cunt, Sophie moaning as he withdrew from her with a wet splash. “God...” she moaned, “I need to come... fuck I need to come...”

Dean returned to his couch, draping himself next to Claudia, kissing her softly. "Number four..." whispered Abigail, and Uncle James stood to take his turn, naked now, his cock large and defiantly erect, stroking himself as he took his place behind Sophie.

Fuck me..." she gasped, not knowing who she was speaking to, the blindfold still firmly in place, but knowing exactly what she needed. “Fuck me hard... I need to come...”

James didn't wait. With one hard, urgent thrust his cock was inside her, slamming deep into her cunt and holding it there, rubbing himself against her, letting her get accustomed to the feel of him inside her.

FUCKK yes...” Sophie groaned “fuck me... shove it in me hard...” James drew himself back and took his first thrust, ramming his cock deep into Sophie's cunt. Sophie almost screamed with pleasure, pushing back against him as he fucked her, meeting each thrust, clutching hard onto the cushions, her thighs quivering as her orgasm approached.

Abigail's whispered counting continued: “seven... eight... nine...” and it was all Sophie could take. Her body spasmed, her hips jerking back against her Uncle James, and as the count reached ten she began to come: “fuckkk yes... ohhh FUCKKK... I'M COMINNNGG... UUNNHHH! NNNHH! NNHHH! UNNHHH FUCKKKK!”

James continued to ram into her cunt hard from behind, extending her orgasm, intensifying it, and no-one seemed to object that the count had reached twenty-five before Sophie's orgasm abated, trembling there on the table, gasping again as James slid his hard cock out from inside her, coated with her juices and still deliciously erect. As he slid out of her, a thin trail of her juices dripped from her pouting cunt and onto the floor, the evidence of her lust.

Uncle James took his seat back next to Abigail, and Kathryn eased up from next to Henri, walking across to the table to help her, gently teasing Sophie's hair, helping her up from the table and removing the blindfold from her eyes. Sophie looked at me and grinned, her hair coated with sweat, wobbling over to the couch to join me, kissing me sensually as she caught her breath.

“Are you okay there?” Kathryn asked, smiling across at her, eager to take her own turn.

“I'm very okay,” Sophie smiled, leaning her head on my shoulder. “That was... fuck.... I don't think I've ever been so turned on. I nearly came when the first of them entered me, I had to hold it back. I've never done anything like that before...”

“I don't think any of us have,” said Claudia, a little breathless herself. “That was exquisite to watch. Do you know which one was your lover?”

Sophie looked around at each of us, smiling decadently. “I'm certain, yes, but I'm not going to say until we're all done. I'll write it down and we can reveal our answers at the end.”

“Then I believe it's my turn,” Kathryn purred. She kissed Henri softly, giving another little tug of his cock playfully, and made her way over to the table.

“Then we need to draw our numbers,” I replied, picking up the bag and passing it around each of the other three gentlemen, each of us pulling out a number.

As we did this, Kathryn was being prepared by Abigail and Claudia as Sophie recovered. Since five of us were already naked, it was decided that clothes were clearly going to get in the way. Claudia helped Kathryn out of her small dress, also removing Kathryn's bra and panties, the rest of us watching her as Abigail tied the blindfold around Kathryn's head. She was laid forward onto the table, resting gently on the cushions, and without being asked, she opened her thighs teasingly, displaying herself.

She was already visibly wet, her cunt pouting eagerly, needing to be taken, needing to be fucked. Giving her a couple of moments to ready herself, the room went quiet again, and then Uncle James stood up, making his way towards her, his cock still delightfully erect, still wet from Sophie's cunt.

More to follow in a couple of days...


Greed indeed.
I wasn't expecting this for a couple of days. How you spoil me. :)

I'll come to this tonight.


Mmmm I had my lover read this he is now on boared with suggesting the game. He also thinks I'll be clueless picking him out. Thank you for making me amazingly wet and the inspiration.

Caryn - this is quite a long, intensely smutty story, so I'll be posting it every two or three days until it's complete, so you're not going to have to wait long. And I hope you do come gorgeously - there's much, much more still to come... xx

K - and did you disagree? Do you think you'd be able to recognise him? Would you know if it was Henri, or James... or me? ;) If you do play the game at your dinner party, I hope you'll tell me all about it (or better yet, I hope you'll invite me ;) ) xx

I do disagree.....but then again that's my nature. I would hope I would recognize the feeling of him filling me, stretching me, even the feel of his hands on my hips.

There has been a discussion for the dinner party and of course you would be invited; if for no other reason then you being the inspiration (hopefully you would join in).
Seems to be a debate to twist it a bit....would the men know if it was their partner sucking their cock. I'm voting to try the version with a twist. ;)

Yes, it's all about those subtleties - the touch of his hands, the rhythm he favours, the way that he'd know just what to do to arouse you, to make you come. And just the way your bodies would fit together so perfectly, so accustomed to each other. I'm certain that Sophie is right, and you'd definitely be able to tell.

I'd love to come to the dinner party, yes, and of course I'd join in. My feeling is that everyone would put that white chess pawn in the bag - it's an experience you're unlikely to get the chance to enjoy a second time (unless of course, as you're thinking of doing, you arrange such a thing at your own party afterwards). Everyone should try this game ;)

And I like your idea of a twist, it sounds a great deal of fun. Again, my feeling is that I'd know if it was a regular lover sucking my cock, as I'd know the way she did it, the way she held me, the brush of her lips and tongue along my cock. Having said that, I'd be very eager to test it out, just, y'know, to be sure ;)

I would have most definitely put in a white piece with no hesitation. ;) I'm with Sophie on this one, there is most certainly a difference. (ah, but I love it.) That fiance of mine seems to think, however, that I wouldn't be able to tell.

I've enthusiastically asked for a chance to prove him wrong. ;)

The girlfriend is having a small get together sometime next weekend, perhaps I might just mention this to her.

;) xx


I have a theory (and it is just a theory, as I haven't put it to the test myself yet - though I think I should) that in this situation, everyone would put in a white piece. You're at a party with friends, the wine has been circulating, the conversation gets frisky, and the game is suggested. Would anyone really say no, providing everyone got a turn, just like this? I think not. ;)

I'll expect an invite to that get together ;) xx

I think your theory is correct, but I'd be happy to help you test that. ;)

mmm... but of course ;) xx

I'd never do this in reality, but it's given me quite an inspiration for fantasizing, so thank you!

Are you sure you wouldn't do it, N? You're at an intimate dinner party with your lover. I'm there too, with another pretty girl. Two more couples are there - one couple are perhaps close friends, the other couuple are strangers. They're all delightfully good looking. The wine flows, conversation is sexy, you're noticing how good everyone looks, and then the conversation in part one (or something like it) takes place. It looks as though everyone in the room is both nervous and horny, but clearly up for it. It's your chance to be fucked by four men in turn, and watch the same thing happen to the other girls. Are you sure you wouldn't put a white chess pawn in that bag, just to see if everyone else did? ;) xx

It's nice to be teased by your intensely erotic writing just as I'm heading out. I'm gather I won't be able to do the same with the next post though.
Your game, by the way, has now made it to the top of my erotic fantasy list.

It's definitely going to get more intense as it goes along ;)
I think we'd all love to play this game. I'd absolutely agree to it myself ;) xx

You never know until it happens, I suppose :) Quite possibly yes, as long as all the girls are on some form of bc, because if future-lover has any children while he's with me, they damn well better be mine. I do quite like the image, both as participant and viewer.

If I do so, I'd want to be the last girl, to maximize the teasing and arousal; I need build-up, and it really wouldn't be as fun if I just got what I wanted right away. The only problem is, if I waited, it'd be so much harder, or even impossible, to keep some clothing on, and so I wouldn't be able to enjoy the skirt lifting and caressing foreplay that Sophie and Henri have, and I really like that image.

Though, it just occurred to me, I could always save that for later, after my lover and I got home, or else the next day, particularly if one of us had to work but the other didn't, memories creating lots of wonderful yet agonizing tension. Though, if he had a high enough job with a private office...

Now my mind's just running away with all sorts of ideas. I really should make a list sometime, to refer back to when I'm less inspired than now.

Also, to end my long comment, I want to say that I particularly enjoy the setting of The Game; I love lush, gothic-y old mansions, particularly the stereotypical Victorian libraries with all the fancy dark wood and plush seating, though I doubt I'd ever get to read in one, let alone have sex, as I'm neither upper-class nor British.

There would definitely be birth control, yes. I've never discussed birth control in the Sophie stories, but in 1935 the most favoured method for sexually active women would have been the cervical cap. Given that both Sophie and Kathryn were having sex repeatedly together, and anticipating naughtiness either at or after the party, it's safe to assume they had already taken precautions. As for Claudia and Abigail, Claudia is newly married and may well have done the same thing habituually. As for Abigail, I may give her a brief bathroom break for verisimilitude ;)

As for doing it for real, I agree, the women would need to be on birth control, and at any dinner party of my own I'd ensure that brief conversation took place, or chaos could ensue ;)

And I can see I've brought you round to the idea ;) In practice, anyone who slipped in a black chess piece (and I still think most people wouldn't) would be asked politely if they'd like to leave before the game starts. I'd also offer them the chance to stay and watch anyway if they wanted to, by which time their attitude may well change ;)

And yes, gothic Victorian libraries are very sexy - I've seen quite a few, and feel very at home in them, which is probably why they feature so often in my fiction. Those sturdy Victorian tables are made for such disgracefulness ;) xx

I would stay and watch. I like the idea but for other people.I dont think I could participate and I would only do that if I was single.I guess you really never know until you are actually in that situation. I really dont think I could handle seeing my husband with another person.

i do like this story very much though i guess its the voyeur in me.

It's definitely an unusual situation. For me part of the enticement of it is that it's a one-off thing, and none of the girls know who is fucking them, so no sneaky relationships are being formed. Jealousy, if both partners are participating willingly, shouldn't even be an issue, since both are indulging with all the others, in full view of their partners. So it's really all about greed, ultimately. The question yu'd be asking yourself is: are you willing to watch your partner fuck three other women (and you) in front of everyone else, if in return you get four men (including your partner) fucking you? And would you regret it afterwards if you didn't join in?

I would say that, if done for real, it would have to be implicit that this is a one-off event. You'd probably never see most of those men again - and if you did, you wouldn't know which had been which. That one crazy night you had where you let four unidentified men fuck you in turn, and watched your partner take three other women the same way. It's quite a thing to turn down, but also quite a challenge to take on board. I like those kind of dilemmas, they make the erotica that much more charged and fun.

I'm interested that if you were single, you'd go for it - I'm guessing we all would ;)

Having said all that, I'd happily let you watch. I feel certain that, one way or another, even if just watching, you'd still come before the game was finished ;) xx

I shall have to go through the Sophie stories then and look for such libraries! Not so bad now that the semester's over.

And I'm impressed that you know about which birth control methods would be used when! Another reason why you're awesome besides your writing.

There's even an airship in the London stories - I spare no expense with the Sophie smut ;)

I do far more research than is ever necessary on the Sophie tales, just to make them as authentic as I can - but thank you for the compliment :) xx

This comment has been removed by the author.

I don't think the gentlemen are thrusting that quickly, they're taking their time ;) Bear in mind also that they have been discussing this idea and arranging it for 30 minutes (during which Sophie would have been very turned on), then she's stripped naked in front of everyone, blindfolded and bent over a table, displaying herself to them, them she's touched and fingerfucked until she's soaking wet, and then four men fuck her delightfully, one after another after another in front of all those strangers - it would be very, very intense. ;)

With 100 thruusts each, the men (equally as turned on) wouldn't have lasted beyond Sophie, which would have been no good at all ;) xx

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