touch yourself for me

Sunday, July 18, 2010 at 1:04 PM

Touch yourself for me
I want to watch you...

I know that's why you come here
I know that's what you need...

I've seen you, late at night
your gaze dancing across the screen
drinking my words
wanting so badly

I've seen what a bad little girl you are...

I know you think of me there in your bed
holding you down
thrusting inside you
needing to feel the brush of my hand
the taste of my lips
the heat of my skin

touch yourself for me
I need to see it
and I know it feels so very good
such a sweet little slut for me...

I need to see your body move
your breath ragged
the rhythm insistent
arching and writhing
needing my cock

my body pounding between your thighs
urgent grunts
savage thrusts
the grip on your wrists firm and hard
the flex of my torso
thrusting and fucking

and fucking

and fucking

and pounding and fucking

I need to feel the sweet clench of your cunt
slipping around me
clutching my penis
taking me deep
your thighs wrapped around me

I want to feel you come on my cock

touch yourself for me
I know that you're wet
masturbate for me
I want it
I need it

wet little slut
bad little girl
fuck your cunt for me
harder and deeper
your sex soaking wet
stroking and rubbing
intimate wet sounds
splashing and thrusting

push them in deeper
harder and faster
fuck that wet cunt for me
show me you need it
your breath coming faster
clutching your nipple
knowing I'm watching
knowing I need it

closer and closer
so fucking wet now
the rhythm more urgent
pushing and moving
your thighs splayed and open
and you know that I want it
needing your cunt
watching you masturbate
throbbing and pulsing

and I can't hold it back now
matching your rhythm
fisting my penis
stroking and pumping
so fucking close
as I masturbate with you

don't hold it back
I need you to come
fuck yourself harder
fuck yourself deeper
fucking and fucking and thrusting and fucking
and pounding and ramming

ohh fuckk yes I need it
come for me
do it
don't hold it back
fucking come for me
let it go
harder and harder and faster and harder
right on the edge now
do it
I want it
fucking come for me

come for me

right now...


Wow ... damned amazing!

Mmmm ... throbbing ... heated ... pulse racing ...

It was my pleasure to oblige your request...

I must have been holding my breath during that...suddenly I'm breathing so hard.



AFare - thank you, I do my best!

Penny - mmmmm... I'm delighted to hear it, I did so very much want you to come for me ;) xx

Hedone - And that's just the way I wanted you to feel ;) xx

I think I need a moment...

Oh. Sweet. Mercy. (gulp)

Seriously sexy and electrifying words and rhythm...

oh my dear Roger... now that I've cum for you... would you please take me... roughly. Please, sir, may I have some more?


CC - take as long as you need, breathe deeply ;)

Cheeky Minx - mmm thank you, such very lovely things to say :) x

Heather - mmmm such a good little girl, asking so exquisitely xx I;d be very delighted to take you, and rough would be just perfect. Get on all fours, bad little girl... ;)

mmmm, I'm on all fours, wiggling my ass at you.


mmmm how delightful... open your thighs wider, Heather, I want to see just how eager you are... *sliding my hand through your hair, taking a firm grip and dragging your head back, my other hand slipping between your thighs, my fingers gliding across your sex...*

mmmm, *spreading my thighs wider. Fuck me, Roger


Decadent little girl... and so very wet too... *I smile as my fingers slide over the dripping wet lips of your cunt, watching as you push back against me*. If you want my cock, you're going to need to beg me, Heather *I push my fingers a little way into your cunt, teasing you, stroking you* You're going to need to beg me to fuck you *my fingers slide deeper, flexing, stroking* beg me to slide my cock deep inside this eager little cunt of yours... *and I smile again, moving closer, my cock delightfully erect...*

Mmmm....feeling like a bad, naughty girl after reading this. Mmmm so wet...needing it.....mmmm Roger.... wanting your cock.....need to suck and lick your cock...wanting you to use me and fuck me.....mmmmmm

mmm... that's exactly how I want you to feel, Naughty Girl... and if you want my cock, please do be my guest, I'd be delighted for you to suck me ;)

mmmm Roger, I'd loved to. With a naughty grin on my face I slowly unbutton your shirt and lightly kiss your neck...your chest...moving lower...I give your hard cock a slight squeeze through your pants as I kneel down looking up at you. Now unzipping your pants and sliding them down in one swift move to reveal your cock. Teasingly I take the tip of my tongue and lightly flick and lick the head of your cock...mmmm... Licking up and down your hard cock as my hands find your balls and give them a gentle squeeze.... you moan in cunt so wet as I lick you. My mouth engulfs your cock as I slide the entire length in my mouth as I suck you..mmmm...making my cunt drip with desire...hoping if I am good naughty girl you'll fuck me...mmmmm

mmmmm... that does feel ohhhhh realy good, Naughty Girl, but uunnhhh... but you're going to have to show me just what a bad little girl you are if you ohhhhh if you want me to fuck you... masturbate for me as you suck me, Naughty Girl... stroke that delightfully wet little cunt of yours... show me just what a bad little girl you are...

mmmm Roger you must be reading my mind.....I can be a very bad naughty girl for fingers slip into my slick, quivering cunt as I continue to suck and lick your cock that is so big and hard ....mmmm..ohhhhh....I moan out as my fingers start to slowly move as I spread my legs wide for you to see. Do you like watching me Roger? I slowly slip my wet fingers out and hold them up to your lips for you to taste. Would you like to taste me I ask?

mmmm I do like watching you, Naughty Girl, and yes I'd be delighted to taste you... *lapping at your fingers lustfully, smiling at you* such a filthy little girl... and since you're determined to be such a bad little girl, I think perhaps I should cum in your mouth... just to remind you what a delightful little slut you are... ;)

Mmmm...I would love it if you came in mouth...I whisper to you...craving your hot sticky cunt so wet...needing to be touched....needing to be fucked by tongue lighty circles around your cock...slowly licking up and down....licking your balls so full of cum...mmmm....sliding your throbbing cock into my mouth... sucking you as my tongue flicks...your cock sliding in and out of my tight, wet mouth...mmmmm....juices flowing out of my cunt and onto my thighs as you fuck my mouth....I crave your cock and cum...such a bad, naughty girl I am.....I hope you will fuck me nice and hard before you cum in my mouth. Please Roger fuck me! Up against the wall, over the desk or sofa, mmmmm...I need you to fuck me....mmmmm

mmmm... you're clearly determined to be a very bad little girl, knowing that everyone is watching you, clearly enjoying being watched, wanting them to see you, sucking my cock so eagerly in front of everyone like this, letting them watch you masturbate for me so exquisitely... such a filthy little girl...
If you want to be fucked, bad little girl, then I think we should let them see just what a delightful little slut you are. Bend over the desk, Naughty Girl. Spread your thighs wide. I want them to see just how wet you are. I want them to watch as I fuck you gorgeously...
Spread your thighs wider... and beg me... beg me to fuck you... show me just what a decadent little slut you are...

mmm, yes I do like being is so bad and naughty...but I like it....sucking your cock as I play with my cunt...everyone watching....mmmm...
Your cock so deep in my mouth as I suck you...I slowly slide your glistening cock from my wet mouth and give it a few licks on the tip and gently lick your balls, the cum pulsating in them as I lick..mmmmm...I take my tongue and slowly lick your stomach and nip your chest and nipples as I lick. Little nips on your neck, whispering in your ear "I am your filthy little slut, do what you please with me.....use me how you like....."

I slowly walk over to your desk and bend over it, my nipples touching the cold hard surface of the desk...mmmm that feels so ass in the air....I spread my thighs wide for all to see how wet I am for cunt dripping wet with desire and lust for you to fuck me. "Please Roger fuck me" I beg to you. "Fuck me nice and hard for all to watch." I feel the heat of your body near to me as you walk up behind me. You give me a couple slaps on the ass and I cry out in pleasure. My thighs spread wider as my cunt quivers, fucking wet my cunt is..."Fuck me Roger, I'm your dirty little slut" I cunt backing up on your cock as I plead and beg..."Fuck me nice and hard" I cry out.

My wetness slowly trickles down my thighs as I tremble lusting for your cock. "Fuck me Roger, I want your cock" I beg to you. You like to hear and see me beg. I can feel your erect cock as you lean over me and your fingers find my nipples and pinch them as I purr in delight. Your hand grabs my auburn ringlets of hair as your other hand moves from my nipples and slips down to my cunt, your fingers covered in my wet desire for you. "oohh mmmm" I moan out as your fingers find my clit and start to them move round and round. You love teasing me. Begging and pleading "Roget please fuck me now!"

"Such a filthy, eager little girl..." My grip in your hair increases as I drag your head back, whispering in your ear again: "Such a little slut for me." My fingers glide around your clit, intimate little wet sounds accompanying the rhythm, my cock erect against your ass as I press close, bent over you as I push you down against the desk, the head of my cock sliding down until it slips between your open thighs from behind, skidding against the wet lips of your cunt, not inside you yet, my fingers still stroking you as I whisper again: "Tell me you want my cock in your wet little cunt, Naughty Girl, beg me for it... beg me to cum in your cunt..." and the shaft of my hard penis glides against the dripping wet lips of your cunt, your body pushing back against me, needing more...

As you whisper in my ear, I turn my head towards you with a naughty grin on my face gasping out to you "mmmm, I am your filthy little slut who craves your cock and cum..mmmmm I'll do anything for your cock and cum." Feeling your hard cock on my wet lips as you tease my cunt...your fingers driving me insane on my clit moving through the wetness. I cry out "I need you to fuck me Roger please! I want you to cum in my cunt..treat me like the Naughty Girl I am!" Pushing back on your hard cock as I feel it near. Wanting and needing my cunt to be filled. "Fuck me nice and hard NOW!" I beg and plead.

mmmm, are really enjoying making me beg you aren't you. I push my wet cunt back against you trying to get your cock into me. "Please Roger...fuck me..mmm please! I want your cum in my cunt" I purr out to you. Your fingers, covered in my wetness, sliding and skidding on my clit driving me almost to the edge but I want your cock in me when I come. mmmm I am so wet.....I reach back with my hands and find you balls and give them a nice squeeze, balls so full of cum..mmm the cum I crave..mmmm
"Please! I beg of you! I want your cock to fuck my little wet cunt nice and hard!"

I growl softly, leaning closer as my cock nudges against the lips of your cunt, parting them, almost inside you, whispering softly: "You're such a filthy, greedy little cock slut... so wet for me... needing to be fucked so badly... filthy little girl..." and I thrust... hard... ramming my cock deep inside your soaking wet cunt, pressing you harder against the desk as my cock slides so very deep inside you, filling your cunt, my hand taking a firm grip of your hair and dragging you back as I thrust inside you, a sudden flood of your juices spilling along the length of my penis as I shove it hard inside you, starting to fuck you, feeling you clench around me, lifting up my other hand and slapping it hard on your ass...

"Ahhh, Ohhhh Mmmmm!" I gasp as your cock rams deep into my wet cunt. "God it feels so good." I cry out. Filling me so full of your cock. My cunt tightens around your hard cock as you thrust inside me, ramming me. I squeel out as you slap me hard on the ass as you fuck me. My juices flooding your cock and gush out my cunt down my thigh. "mmm, God... Roger It feels so good" I whimper as you slide in and out of my clenching, tight, wet pussy. "Mmm, I have been so bad Roger, such a bad little girl" You slap my ass again. My ass grinds back on you getting your cock as far as it will go in me. My legs trembling from the sensations, my hands grasp the sides of your desk....

Legs trembling, holding onto the sides of your desk as my tight little cunt clenches down on your cock as you fuck me like a flithy little slut. "mmm, Roger, your cock feels so good." I moan out. I lift my head up and turn to look at you, the pleasure you are giving me is written all over my face. You thrust harder, your cock filling me as it slides in and out, glistening with my wetness...Holding on tighter to the desk wanting this feeling to last forever.....

I breathe harder, my cock pounding deeper into your cunt, my penis pulsing with each long, hard thrust, my hand gripping your hair again and dragging you back hard, my other hand slipping underneath you to clutch one of yur breasts, tugging greedily on your nipple as I take you, your cunt splashing around my thrusting penis with each thrust... and I gasp as I thrust harder: "such a little slut... ohh fuckk... look at you... so eager to be fucked... in front of all these people... unnhhhh fuckk... but don't you dare come unless you beg..." and my hand glides down to your clit, skidding around it as I fuck you, grinding my cock deeper in your cunt...

Your cock driving deeper and deeper into me as your fingers find my clit and move round and round..."Ahhh oohhh" I cry out as you thrust deeper into me. You are driving me to the edge and I know I won't be able to hold back much longer. Feeling your cock pulse and throb in my wet cunt as fuck me so hard and deep..."God..Roger...I need to come....Please make me come.." I gasp out. Hoping that your hot sticky cum spurts out into my cunt as I come as you fuck me in front of all to see. "Please..uhhhgg. Roger...I want to come so bad...I need your cum now....."

You keep pounding your cock deeper and deeper into my cunt as I moan and cry out in pleasure. Your fingers on my clit driving me to the edge..."mmmm, Roger please..please...I need to come..I can't wait much longer" You love to hear me beg for it. I feel your breath on my neck, hot and lustful.."Please come for me. I want your cum. I need to come! Please make me come... I beg you!" My body grinding back on you, wetness running down my legs, clenching your cock as you fuck me so good and hard.....

Mmmmm. The post made me cum hard enough, but this hot little fuck I've walked in on has just made me squirt. mmmmm. I'm finger-fucking my gaping little cunt so hard right now, Roger. Do you want it? Do you want to taste this dirty slut's wetness?


I can barely hold it back now, my cock pulsing so fucking hard as your cunt squeezes and clenches aroun d me, your juices pouring from your cunt, dripping down over my balls... it's all too much... I can't hold it back, and I feel my orgasm start to flood through my body...

"ohhh fuckk... ohhh fuckkk I'm gonna come... I'm gonna... uunnnhhhh... gonna fill you with my cum... come for me, Naughty Girl... fucking come all over my cock... ohhh god... come for me...

Honora - it's such a pleasure to have you back commenting in the blog - and a particular pleasure to discover you masturbating so exquisitely... and yes, I'd very much love to taste you... open your thighs wider, show me that wet little cunt... show me just what a bad little girl you are...

'The pleasure is... ohhhhhh....the pleasure is all mine...' I moan as I continue to thrust my fingers into my wet slit. Obeying your whim, I lean forward, pressing myself against the window, spreading my legs wide to make your view even better.

'Is it enough for you?' I gasp. 'Can you see my wetness trickling down my legs? Ooozing out of my cunt? Is it enough? Taste it...taste me...' I roughly caress my hardened nipples through my thin dress before slipping my free hand down to my throbbing clit.


Not able to hold back any longer.... hearing I have permission from you to come ....the feeling of your hot sticky cum spurting into my cunt as you come...makes me lose all control...breathing fast and hard....fingers griping the sides of your desk as my back arches up to you and my legs tremble and shake almost giving out under me....I gasp and moan in pleasure as I come so hard. "Ohhh Roger...God mmmm oohhh ahhhh oohhh Sooo good!" My cunt drenches your cock as I come....wetness running out of me as my cunt continues to contract on your cock as it spurts out the cum I crave and need...your cum filling me up so much it starts to run out of cunt and down my thighs. Breathing heavy as we both lay exhausted, interlocked with each other over your desk as the feeling of our orgasm together continues to wash over us.....

Naughty Girl - mmmm, such a good little girl for me... and such a delightful little slut for everyone else ;) That was rather lovely, thank you ;) xx

Honora - mmmmm, against the window? You're such a filthy little girl, Honora, and you clearly want to be seen. Such a decadent little slut, masturbating against the window like a filthy little whore. And yes, so very wet...
I move closer behind you, slipping my hand through your open thighs, gliding them over your soaking wet cunt, and I smile as you shudder, pushing back onto my fingers, needing more.
Do you want my fingers inside you, Honora? Is that what you need?

mmmm you know you like to show me off, Roger... parading me like a slut against the windows.. I moan as the cold glass meets my hard nipples before bucking slightly as I feel your fingers stroke the entrance to my cunt.

'Ohhh fuck....yes...mmm....take me with your fingers, babe...' my body shudders as you continue to slowly rub against my glistening mound. 'You know I like that... you know I need you...'


"Such a filthy little slut..." the words drip softly from my lips as my fingers start to push, encountering no resistance as your cunt opens so very readily, two of my fingers sliding so easily deep inside your cunt. I hear you maon softly, pushing back onto me, your own hand still skidding around your clit, masturbating so openly, your cunt clenching rhythmically around my fingers as I slide them deeper inside you, flexing them back and forth, your warm wetness dribbling slowly along my hand as I ease them back and forth, smiling as I stroke you.
"You're such a decadent little slut, Honora, so fucking wet around my fingers... maybe I should just fuck you... maybe I should take you right here, right up against the window, where anyone might see you..."

'Uhhh...' I groan, arching my body into you as I feel your fingers probing deep inside me. A splash of wetness coats my hand as you thrust slowly into my cunt and I whimper softly.

'Oh god, yes... mmm... oh, Roger, fuck me....fuck me so hard.... let me feel your cock in me...' I reach back and wrap a hand around your neck, pulling your head down to my nipple. 'Suck me... ohhh....fuck I'm so wet... take me...yesss.... you know I like being watched...'


Roger-You bring out the Naughty Girl in was my pleasure to be such a naughty little slut for you and everyone else. Looking forward to when we can do that again! ;)

"You're such a filthy little girl, Honora..." I whisper, "such a decadent little cockslut...", but already I can feel my penis throbbing exquisitely, fully erect between my thighs, and your cunt is so fucking wet around my fingers as I glide them in and out, my tongue tracing around your nipple, sucking on it greedily, wanting you.
I ease my fingers slowly out of your cunt, dripping wet from you, sliding them up to your lips and smearing them over your mouth. You moan softly, and I tug your head back, leaning over you and kissing you sensually, lustfully, tasting you, my lips gliding across yours.
As I move closer, you can feel the head of my hard penis nudging against your cunt from behind, skidding across your wet lips, pushing a little as you move back against me, wanting more.
"Is this what you want, slut?" I whisper, biting on the back of your neck lustfully, "do you want my cock in you? Right here where everyone can see you? Such a fucking little cockslut..."

A small whimper escapes me as you break the kiss, licking my lips and tasting my warm juices, my breath hitching as I feel your cock tip brush my cunt.
'Uhhhh...' I groan softly when you bite me, my hand already returning to torture my engorged nipples. 'Yesssss....give it to me, sir... so they can all watch...mmm...' I'm rubbing my clit furiously now - 'i'm your little cockwhore... take me...uhhh fuck...fuck me, fuck me rough...'


"ahhhh fuck yes... good little girl..." and with one long, hard thrust I shove the full length of my cock deep inside your cunt, pushing it deep inside you, moaning with the sensation of it, your cunt so delightfully slick and wet around my penis as it slides into you, throbbing in you, and I growl as I start to fuck you, pounding deeper, taking you hard, my grip firm on your hips as I flex back and forth, my cock pumping in and out of your soaking wet cunt, driving in hard, taking you. You groan so exquisitely, and I reach up to your hair, dragging your head back hard, wanting them all to see you, naked against your window, being fucked so hard from behind, using you, taking you, fucking you.

I groan as you thrust into my tight cunt, whimpering as I feel your growl vibrate against my back, your hands clamped on my waist as you pump.
'fuck...mmmm....oh god, sir, i need you...harder...HARDER.... uhhh fuck... I moan as we fuck, heavy breasts bouncing as your hand in my hair forces my body to arch, making your thrusting cock scrape my spot of molten heat. The thought of someone seeing us makes me hot, sending streaks of desire straight to where your dick is ramming into me. without asking permission, i grind a little on your groin, mutely begging for your touch on my ass.


This is my first taste of your delightful blog. I'm already enjoying my visit.. xo


As with many torrid affairs, I found you quite by accident, and I am addicted. I am making my way through your archives, and my pussy almost hurts from all of the intense orgasms. You will be in my dreams for many nights to come. - morning opal

divine. i feel i owe you one (at least). xx

GirlX, morning opal, poppy - I hope you'll all be back for more, it's a delight to excite you all so exquisitely xx

I touch myself for you …

I like the way you come to me, you're so determined - you do not hesitate - you just come to me with your words - you come into my head - and you escalate with me ...

You make me so hot and wet

… I feel that I swell up slightly, becomes even more sensitive… and I start to completely lose control of my body – I can not control my breath or the sounds I make
.. and just in those two or three seconds of my life I am
…. yours ..

Ah Roger, so dirty and lovely. Naughty Girl and Honora quite took my breath away...dreaming of your hand tangled in my hair and your voice in my ear, demanding...

that's rather a lovely thought for me too, Jesse - maybe we should grab Inika and start a new threesome ;)

noooo - you can not just grab me, you have to wake me gently ...

my apologies, I hadn't noticed you'd drifted off to sleep ;) Though you do look rather damn good there, and since you clearly need waking, then I think going down on you delightfully might be rather a good plan ;)

mmmm if your plan was to wake me, it did not work.
Your warm and playful tongue just interfered with my dreams, cause I had a lovely and sexy dream about jesse and me

I would be your decadent little girl anyday, anytime, anywhere.

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