brief encounter

Friday, July 09, 2010 at 11:10 AM

My lips drift across yours
I steal your breath as I taste you
you arch to my touch
wanting more
a moan escapes your throat
raw and greedy
my fingers trace down between trembling thighs
an intimate touch
your thighs fall open
a soft sweet surrender
a thrust of your hips
as my fingers explore
gliding against you
and then
and then...
I'm there at your sex
stroking your clit
and you moan once more
soaked, open
your cunt inviting me
exquisitely wet
I bite on your neck
as my fingers slide down
parting the lips
and I push
and your cunt engulfs me
clutching my fingers
a groan ripped from your throat
as I thrust
a ripple, a spasm
and I push my hand deeper
enclosed by your sex
soaking my fingers
as I shove
and I shove
filling your sex
two fingers, then three
and you groan
your thighs wide
a spill of your wetness escaping your cunt
the movements more frantic
urgent and rhythmic
needing release
and my gaze meets yours
my breath hot and lustful
and I whisper these words
as my fingers plunge deep...

come for me...
let it go
come for me
right now...


Ooooohhhhhh I like it, I like it a lot
Lovely to see you

Yes. Just yes.

Oh, darlin'. You always manage to know just what I want.

Exquisitely lyrical, deliriously sexy...

Diva - I'm delighted you like it xx I'm always here, always keeping an eye on the blog, just sometimes snowed under with other work :)

N - mmm, I've always loved the word 'yes' ;)

Sally - I do my best ;) I'm glad you enjoyed it so much ;)

Cheeky Minx - mmmm thank you, I was just playing with rhythm a little - I'm pleased you enjoyed it ;)

Hmmm, so very arousing made me utterly wet ;)x

Ohhhhh god

Madelyn - it's always a pleasure to make you wet x

Hannah - mmmmm... you seem to be enjoying yourself delightfully there... ;) x

Mmm this is nice...very.
I'm just starting out in the erotica writing genre. I hope you don't mind if I visit your blog for help now and then. I'm still writing my first entry.

Sorry I was so demanding dirtyboy, I hope I haven't been too bad a girl, i don't want to get into trouble at all

hi Jessica, and thank you xx
I've dropped in on your blog and bookmarked it - looks like it good be rather gorgeous in there ;)
And yes, I hope I can help to inspire you, please do drop in as often as you please ;)

Diva - You were particularly insistent and frankly a little bratty. Come to my office immediately. You can take it as read that I'll be wanting you to bend over the desk with your knickers pulled down. ;)

Yes dirtyboy, at once, dirtyboy, it won't happen again (well not too often),
Do you know something?I've never actually been spanked and to be honest, I'm a little scared, please be gentle with me.

oh god i wish you could feel how wet you make me..I've been touching myself..I'm such a dirty litle slut

Diva - how about we start gentle and see how you like it ;)

Karyn - mmmm... you clearly are a very dirty little slut - but then I like that, and I particularly like making you so wet. I think perhaps you should come for me, and show me just what a bad little girl you are. ;) x

yes sir..i love it when you watch me, im fingers dipping inside me..ohhh god, do you like watching me fuck myself..i want you to touch know just how i want it! fuck me with your fingers..plese i cant take it..i want to cum please fucking yours. take me please make me cum with ur fingers deep in my cunt..god yes, ur so good to me...fuckk...yesss

Ok dirtyboy, where would you like me

karyn - mmm such a bad little girl... I can see how wet you are. And I can see how very much you need to cum. Such a filthy little girl. And I'd be delighted to fingerfuck you... clearly you need it... and I can see just how gorgeously you arch as I push... two fingers... all the way inside you... so fucking wet... such a good little girl... don't hold it back Karyn... I know you need to cum... cum for me... don't hold it back... fucking cum all over my fingers...

diva - bend over my desk. Take your panties off, I want your thighs spread. I want to see that exquisite bare ass. I expect you to take your punishment willingly. Beg me to spank you, Diva. Tell me what a bad little girl you are.

I know I'm a bad bad girl, dirtyboy and I'll be brave and take my punishment. Please spank me, dirtyboy, just be gentle, that's all I ask. I just have one question, am I allowed to touch myself while I wait for you, as the anticipation is sure to make me come.

I would love to know what you would require me to wear, describe it to me, dirtyboy, fill my mind while I fill my cunt with my fingers, I am so wet and you haven't even started yet.....

Since it's your first time, Diva, of course you're allowed to touch yourself. It is intended to arouse you, after all x

Come to my room at 6.30pm precisely. I shall require you to wear a white blouse, a short black skirt and no underwear. Knock on my door twice and await my reply. When I instruct you to enter, simply walk to my desk, bend over the desk, pull your skirt up around your waist and spread your thighs. Then repeat these words: "I'm here for my spanking, Sir."
You will then be permitted to touch yourself, and I'll give you what you need. Gently, of course, as it's your first time ;)

ohh cumming! ur so good to me letting me cum all over ur still aching, dripping down my thighs. i know i dont deserve more but god i need it. ill do whatever you ask, be whatever you want..ill be ur dirty little slut..god so fucking wet, my vibe slides in so easily..but i want more! i want ur dirty fucking slut

karyn - you are an extraordinarily filthy little girl... so greedy, so bad... such a dirty fucking slut for me... but I do so very much enjoy watching you masturbate so eagerly for me, knowing I'm watching, knowing it arouses me... but since you're such an eager little girl, since you clearly need to be bad, then I think you should show me just what a bad little girl you are... take me in your mouth, Karyn... take my cock in your mouth... I want you to go down on me delightfully...

yes sir..i want you to fuck my mouth. i want to feel ur cum sliding down my throat, taste you on my tongue! do you like watching me on my knees?..grabbing hold of ur cock..oh fuck, ur so hard so warm, i can feel u throbbing! licking ur cock..does it feel good? my mouth warm and wet just like my pussy..oh fuck i love the feel of you in my mouth..licking and sucking i can feel you trembling with pleasure..fuck my mouth..god cum all over me. im such a dirty girl i want you to see ur cum all over my face..dripping down my me lick u from my lips..cum for me please ohhh fucking god i need it! fuckk...

mmm fuuckk.. such an exquisitely filthy little girl, sucking my cock so eagerly, knowing everyone is watching, knowing they can see just what an eager little cockslut you are... and I thrust harder... shoving my cock deeper into your mouth... my cock pulsing... my hand gripping your hair as I use your mouth... so close to my orgasm... watching you... put your hand between your thighs Karyn... masturbate for me as you suck me... and then beg me to cum... beg me to cum on your face... ahhh fuckk so close... beg me like the filthy little slut you are...

Ok well I hope you will be gentle with me. I arrive outside your room at 6:30 sharp and knock on the door, hearing you summon me, I tentatively open and walk through the door wearing the required skirt and blouse combo sans underwear. I see you sitting at your desk, the sight of you making me aroused before we've even begun. I bend over the desk, flipping up my almost nonexistent skirt and remember your words. "I'm here for my spanking, sir" I manage to spill out, my voice cracking with nerves, anticipation and lust. I have left myself open to you, awaiting your judgment, hoping upon hope that you will be kind enough to have mercy on me and bring me to a delicious climax.

mmmm good little girl...
I get up from my chair, moving around the desk to stand behind you, smiling at your nervousness, enjoying the sight of you exposed and submissive, already wanting you.
"Open your thighs wider please, Diva" I say softly, watching as you hesitatingly part your thighs wider, your cunt visibly wet as you bend over the desk, a gentle tremor in your breath. "Put your hands behind your back." I slowly remove my belt from my trousers as you slip you wrists behind your back, your weight on the desk now, your face against the hard wood surface. I wrap the belt around your wrists, buckling it tightly, and I smile again, speaking softly once more: "Such a good little girl."
My hand glides over your bare ass, brushing gently, tracing over the soft skin and sliding down, drifting between your open thighs, my fingertips gliding momentarily over your sex, teasing the lips of your cunt apart, watching your breathing increase, warm wetness dripping long my fingertip. I watch you push back against my fingers, and without a word, I lift my other hand and slap it down onto your ass, smiling as you gasp, jerking back onto my fingers. "Try not to move, Diva, I haven't finished with you yet..."

I feel vulnerable laying myself open to you across your desk, my wrists secured behind my back, my arousal dripping it's way down my leg and your finger which is tormenting and teasing me. You give my ass a slap with the palm of your hand and I feel the most delicious kind of heat, it makes me push back onto tour fingers looking for that blessed release that seems so far away. You tell me not to move which is the hardest thing I have ever tried, your fingers are doing magical things to my cunt lips and every so often skimming up over my clitoris but not resting there, driving me out of my mind. I feel like I am going to exlode if you don't give me the orgasm I crave soon. After a few more gentle slaps I feel your arousal as you rub your hard cock against my ass cheek. I can feel that you still have your trousers on and feeling emboldened ask for permission to speak which you grant me. "please would you undress, I need to feel your cock against my skin". I know that this would bring me closer to my goal of feeling your cock sliding inside me. You tell me that as I asked so politely you would consider it and carry on teasing my moist folds as I try to impail myself onto your thick fingers, knowing that if I play by the rules you will let me have a little playtime of my own. I think of the fantasies running through my mind, the one where you flip me onto my back, strip me and fuck me hard on your desk after you pull my legs up over your shoulders, allowing you complete access to me, to my nipples, my dripping cunt now pulsing with need.....

I breathe harder, intensely aroused now, lifting up my hand and spanking your ass again, a little firmer now, smiling as your cunt clenches around my fingers, soaking wet as I fingerfuck you, and I lift up my hand and give another firm, hard slap, and another, and another, and you moan with pleasure, your cunt engulfing my fingers, needing more.

I unfasten my trousers, quickly tugging them down with my briefs, stepping out of them, sliding my dripping wet fingers out of your cunt and wrapping them around my hard cock, stroking your juices along the length of my penis, and then pushing my fingers back inside your eager cunt, hearing you groan with pleasure again, another firm, hard spank striking your ass as I shove them deeper.
"If you want my cock, Diva," I breathe, my fingers flexing inside you, "then you're going to have to beg me..." and my thumb glides over your clit, stroking, rubbing...

Just hearing the arousal in your voice is enough to bring on my climax and I really do want you to fuck me so while all of this is very new to me I gather my thought and tell you exactly what you want to hear. "please fuck me Roger, I really need to feel your cock thrusting into me". You stop stroking and fingerfucking me and tell me "it's not enough to ask nicely, you really need to BEG" and to prove a point you take tour cock and tease the opening of my cunt. "Please Roger, I really am begging you, I want you to fuck me, I am your plaything for the evening and will do anything you ask but please just fuck me first, I want to look into your eyes as you come, I need for you to come inside me Roger, I need to feel your come filling up my cunt" before I can add anything else I feel you belt being loosened from around my hands but I am too scared to move my hands. You take each of my wrists and kiss each one where they were bound, then holding them together above my head so I still don't get to touch you, in one brisk movement you flip me onto my back and tell me "as you are a good girl and you have tried to beg I will give you what you want just this once, but believe me Diva, you WILL make it up to me, as you said yourself, you are mine for the evening and I also get to do just what I want with you".

You take your hand and wrap your thick fingers around your cock, you give yourself a few strokes which has me moaning with desire, you rub the head of your cock across my throbbing clit, making my body arch off the desk, there are sounds coming out of my mouth that I have never uttered before "someone seems to be enjoying" you say clearly pleased at the effect your ministrations are having on me but before I can answer you take my legs and rest them on your shoulders, letting me know in your own special way that tonight is my treat. You position your cock at my opening and ram yourself into me, filling me completely then drawing yourself all the way out before ramming your cock in again, your balls slapping my arse cheeks mirroring what your hand was doing just minutes before. Over and over and over you thrust into my cunt, my apparent arousal coating your cock and dripping onto your balls, I clench my muscles around your cock and it gives me immense pleasure seeing you buck against me.

You sense my arousal building and change the pace, slowing down, not wanting me to come just yet, after all we do have all night....

Oh wow this blog is fucking hot. Fucking hot. Even the comments.

I want to be spanked so badly now...!

"Such... a filthy... little... girl..." I gasp, the words spilling from my lips with each thrust, pounding harder into your cunt, exquisite little wet sounds plashing around my cock each time I drive the full length of my shaft into you, taking you hard, just the way you wanted to be. "Such a fucking... little... cockslut...". You moan delightfully, your cunt clenching around my cock as I shove deep, and I can see you're close to orgasm, I can feel from the juices dripping along my penis that you're right on the edge... but I don't want to give you that yet... you're going to have to wait.

"Such a greedy little girl..." I gasp. "If you want me to make you come... if you want me to give you that pleasure... then you have to show me just what a good little girl you are..."

I pull my cock from your cunt, soaking wet from you and intensely erect. "Get down on your knees in front of me Diva... take my cock in your mouth... touch yourself as you suck me... if you insist on being a bad little girl, then I think everyone should see just how bad you can be..."

Neezy - I'm glad you're enjoying it ;) The comments can get a little frisky sometimes ;) And I'd be only too delighted to spank you - pull your panties down and come and bend over my lap, it'd be my pleasure to deal with you ;) xx

Mmm, loving reading the comments on here!

I'm rather enjoying them myself ;) I've always been perfectly happy for the comments to always be this filthy, with lots of delightful interaction, but it only happens from time to time - it should happen more often, I think ;)

I take to the floor on my knees and tentatively touch the tip of my Tongue to your throbbing cock head circling the shaft with my fingers. I try to squeeze but you are so hard..... I lick my way up and down the length of you, your breathing changing, becoming more laboured, just like you are struggling to catch your breath "take it all" you tell me, pushing your cock further into my mouth, my red lipstick staining you as you grab a handful of my hair and thrust your hips forcing your pulsing cock down my throat. "such a good girl, taking your punishment like this". I lift my head, just my lips around your head and look up at you "please Roger will you fuck me, please make me come"...

"Not until I see you finger yourself, Diva" you demand knowing of my shame and humiliation at letting others see me pleasure myself. "I'm not going to let you come until you show me you can take orders". You smirk at the disappointment on my face but I notice your eyes widening in a startled expression as I trail a hand down over my pebbled nipples and down down down to my throbbing hole. "That's it, nice and deep, show everyone how you Fuck yourself Diva, one's not enough, put another finger in, stretch your hole, pretend it's my penis sliding in and out, in and out...". All this time, while I am struggling to keep mysf upright, I am so aroused, you keep pumping your cock in and out of my mouth, mocking me, knowing that all I want is for you to fuck me until I come.

"Please Roger, I'm begging you, please don't make me come like this, I know I am your cockslut but please have mercy on me, I really am ready to come" you look down at me with a little more kindness in your eyes, relief spreads through me as you draw me up slowly, your teeth grazing my hardened peaks. "I'll tell you when you are ready to come, my little cockslut" with that you push me back onto the desk again, lifting my legs so you can get as deep into me as is humanly possible, slowly, gently at first, you slide your hard cock into me, I gasp " oh dear god Roger, fuck me, harder, faster, please I need to come"

I agree, it should *definitely* happen more often. It's like a whole bonus collaborative post! Thank you to all participants!

mmmm... such a greedy little girl... knowing everyone is watching... knowing they can all see just what a bad little girl you are... knowing they're watching me fucking you... you're such a decadent little slut, Diva...

and I growl as I shove my cock deeper in your cunt, pounding deep inside you, your ankles over my shoulders, my hands taking hold of your wrists and pinning you down as my cock pushes deeper, harder into your soaking wet little cunt... do you need to come, Diva...? Is that what you need? Do you need to come all over my cock...? Then you need to beg me, Diva... you need to beg me to let you come... don't you dare coome unless you beg... and I can feel you're so close now, your cunt clenching slick and wet with each hard, deep thrust of my cock in your cunt...

I'm delighted you're enjoying it N, feel free to jump in and help me with her if you please ;) x

Please Roger, plese let me come, I'm begging you, I don't think I can hold it back much longer, the thrusting of your cock, taking me closer and closer to my ultimate goal, Roger, please, let me come, you've made me so wet, I'm so close, and you're so hard, I'm going to come, oh my god, fuck fuck fuck i'm rubbing my clit, making myself coem, oh god roger, fuck, that feels amazing, so fucking hard i'm cming

thank you *blushes*

please..i need to feel ur cum dripping down my chin drenching my you as i lick ur delicious cum from my such a slut...a dirty cumslut. ill touch myself for you..ill do anything for you..anything to taste ur cum. ur cock is so hard and i can feel u vibrating with pleasure ur so close..i move my hands to my breasts pinching my nipples. hard. that edge of pain mixed with pleasure the sensation of ur cock fucking my mouth hitting the back of my throat..filling my mouth so completely. god im so fucking wet..i look down my body. i can see how wet i am..i ache to be clit is throbbing in time with my heartbeat, pounding so hard. ive needed this for too long..i rub my clit in slow circles wanting to prolong both of our tongue is circling ur shaft my lips closed around u warm and wet..i shiver in anticipation waiting to watch you spurt ur cum all over me..showering me in it. i push two fingers in my dripping pussy..god im so wet..i push them in as deep as i can and as hard as i can...i fuck myself urgetly god i cant take much so wet you can hear my fingers slide in and out..i hear you gasp and i pray ur close..i move my hand to ur balls..the other now desperately fucking my movements are frantic i need this..i rub ur balls while i take ur whole cock in my mouth. i suck and lick my fingers so deep in my pussy...rocking my hips in time with my time with u as you fuck my mouth. i can feel how close u are..please cum for me..cover me with ur cum..i want to taste you i want to be ur dirty little cumslut! ive been good havent i? im fucking myself like u told me to..ive been a good girl. please i need you god my fingers are so deep..god i need to cum...ohh godd please. im such a dirty begging you..i need you to

mmmmm Diva... such a delightfully good girl for me... coming over my cock so gorgeously... such a good little girl, that's what I wanted... and there's no need to blush, your comments in here have been absolutely exquisite ;) xx

mmm fuckkk Karyn... begging me so gorgeously... masturbating so eagerly for me as you suck me... and I take a firm grip of your hair... holding you right there as I tug my cock from your mouth, throbbing hard, so fucking erect... and I watch as you lift your other hand straight to my cock... stroking me once... twice... three times... and ohhhh fuuuckk yess... I groan with pleasure... a hot wet spurt of cum shooting from my throbbing cock... splashing onto your face... and another spurt... and another... cum for me Karyn... don't hold it back any longer... fucking cum for me... right now...

Roger, you must be some kind of stud, keeping us all satisfied like this lol, I have to say that this gave me some wonderful material to work with and although you are my guilty little secret, my husband was the one who *definitely* did benefit from this. Thank you for turning me on and introducing me to the world of spanking

I'm very happy to be your guilty little secret, Diva, and it's a delight to arouse you so intensely, it makes the comments much more fun ;) xx

Mmmmmmm. I let go. Several times, as always with you Roger. Except... where do I line up for the spankings? ;)

mmm, it's always a pleasure to make you come, SJ. And as for spankings, if you're wanting one then I suggest you pull your knickers down and assume the position. I'm guessing that you want it good and hard ;)

You do know me so well. Thing is... I have no knickers to pull down. So I guess I will just lift my skirt...?

Smiling wickedly as pull the material of my skirt up, revealing my rounded bottom, and bend over, legs slightly apart...

Such an eager little girl. Though not quite eager enough... put your hands behind your back, SJ, I think we're going to need to tie you, I'm not sure you can be trusted not to misbehave. And spread your thighs wider. Since you insist on behaving like such a little slut, then I think you should display yourself, and show everyone just what a bad little girl you are...

Pouting a little at having to be tied, my plans suddenly thwarted. I move my hands behind my back, resting them just above my arse, and link my fingers together. My hair falls around my face and I have to shake my head so I can see, sneaking a look over my shoulder as I plant my feet wider apart.

I can feel the cool air swirling around my exposed flesh, which I am suddenly aware of being so very very warm.

That's a little better, I much prefer it when you're a good little girl for me....
I strap your wrists tightly behind your back, stepping back to look at you, bent over the hard wood desk, looking back at me and smiling lustfully, so eager, aching to be a bad little girl. I smile and pick up a couple more straps, crouching down behind you and dragging one of your ankles towards the leg of the desk, strapping it firmly. I see you looking a little more nervous, realising how helpless I'm about to make you, but I simply smile and move to your other ankle, pulling it to the other leg of the desk and strapping it firmly.
I step back again and look at you... firmly tied to the desk, your wrists strapped behind your back, your weight against the desk, your wet little cunt so very eagerly displayed.
Much better. If you want to be spanked, SJ, then you're going to have to beg me...

My body is stretched as I am tied so firmly to the table. Some gentle testing of the restraints shows I have little room to move, and my heart rate kicks up a notch. My breasts are pressed tight to the desk, the wood so cold on my skin.

And I am wet, without being touched I am wet, my mind running with thoughts of what is to come. I am quivering, wanting it, but when told I will have to beg I make a face, and consider disobeying.

But I want it too much, need it now. My voice is breathless, and I pause to wet my lips as I whisper, "Please. Please spank me. I need to be punished, I need to feel your hand on my arse. I need to feel that heat. I need...."

"mmmm... such a filthy girl... such a greedy little slut for me..."
My hand glides over the soft cheeks of your ass, brushing over the soft skin, smiling as you wriggle, wanting my touch, needing more. I lift my hand up over your ass, and smile as I see you flinch a little, ready for the slap of my hand... but instead I simply bring it down between your wide open thighs, slipping my hand over the wet lips of your cunt, stroking your cunt teasingly, pushing a couple of fingers so very easily inside you.
"Such a wet little slut for me... beg me again, SJ, beg me to spank you hard..." and I push my fingers deeper inside you...

Your first touch on my ass makes me shiver, my breathing already coming harder. I brace myself for the smack I want so desperately to come, but when your fingers slide over and into my cunt, I let out a surprised moan. My hips rock, arching my back and pushing onto those fingers, riding them greedily.

I know you want me to beg again, and I will, just as soon as I enjoy your fingers, feel them stroking my pussy. I clench around them deliberately and that brings another groan, my body shuddering.

I can feel your fingers start to retreat, and I whimper. "Please, God please spank me like the filthy slut I am. Please Roger, make me hurt with it, I need it so much."

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