The Bookshop - part one

Sunday, May 30, 2010 at 1:22 PM

I've had this idea for a long time. It's an image I've toyed with in my head, sometimes fantasised about when masturbating, and on those occassions when I've allowed myself to indulge freely in the fantasy I've invariably reached rather wonderful orgasm. The lovely thing about this scenario is that I think it could actually be done. I think it could easily be made real, and I like to think it would progress in pretty much the fashion that I've always fantasised it would. Let me take you through the scenario, I think it's fun...

I've arranged to do a reading one evening in a quiet bookshop. It could be any bookshop, but somewhere ideally that had a small performance space tucked away amongst the bookshelves, somewhere in which authors can conduct readings with their fans in which their are no distractions: simply the author sat at the front of the room, a half circle of chairs surrounding him that's maybe five or six rows deep, and bookshelves lining the room. A wonderful, quiet little space.

It would need to be a progressive bookshop of course, one which wasn't afraid of the idea of hosting readings from erotica. It would be an evening of quiet decadence: a reading of selections from my erotica, perhaps including wine and nibbles. Something small, intimate and rather special.

Attendance would be strictly women only. No men would be allowed, even amongst the minimal bookshop staff helping to host the event. It would be promoted discreetly - in here, of course, and also through a small notice pinned up in the bookshop. "An evening of erotic readings by Roger Steiner" - something like that. It would, of course, be a tickets only event, perhaps thirty or forty attendees at most. Including you.

I'd be there to greet you as you came in. I'd offer a charming smile, give a gentle shake of your hand, and indicate the refreshments to you, encouraging you to say hello to the others attending, since you all have me in common. I've been a secret pleasure for all of you for some time.

You might giggle and blush as you discussed your favourite stories with the other women there, talking about what you were hoping I'd read that evening... but it would all be very polite, none of you quite mentioning that you masturbate to my words, none of you quite admitting it. But the unspoken implication is there. As you finally take your seat amongst the other women, glancing across to them as they also make themselves comfortable, you know with certainty that all of you have been reading me secretly at the dead of night. You know that every other woman in this room has reached orgasm to my words, over and over again.

There's already an unspoken sexual tension in the room as the evening's entertainment begins. You know your usual reaction to my stories. You know how wet I've made you in the past, when you're read me alone, there in your bed, or on your couch, or at your desk. You know what my words usually do to you.

And here I am now, right here in this bookshop with you, perhaps another thirty or so other women also watching me as I take my seat at the table, smiling across at you as I open the latest collection of my stories, ready to read for you.

I begin with quiet reassurance:

"I'm delighted that you came to join me this evening. I want you to relax and enjoy yourself. I'm going to be reading some of my most popular stories from the blog, the ones that I know you really love. I'm anticipating that these stories will arouse you. I'll be reading with the specific intention of arousing you, reading them slowly and sensually, so that you can enjoy my words, so that you can feel them, so that you can experience them a little more directly.

"Please don't be embarrassed if you find yourself responding to my words. Please don't be shy if you find yourself becoming wet. I want to make you wet, that's what this evening is all about. That's why we're all here. If it all gets a little too much, if you feel the need to touch yourself as I read for you, please go right ahead. What happens in this room stays in this room. Just settle back and enjoy."

And I smile again, a gentle, reassuring smile. You glance around the room a little nervously, thinking about what I've just said. Surely he's not expecting anyone in here to masturbate, in front of all these other women? No-one would do that, would they?

And yet the sexual tension in the room is sky high. You know that you almost certainly would, if perhaps someone else started first. You don't know any of these women here. You'll probably never see any of them ever again. The thoughts tumble through your head as the lights are turned down low, and I begin to read...

The first story is simply a gentle tease. Nothing too explicit, just a little playful, sexy story to help you relax, to make you giggle disgracefully, to ease you into the evening ahead. You're surprised by the slow, sensual rhythm to my reading, by my soft voice, by the way I savour each word, allowing you to picture the images, to experience so directly what I'm describing. As the first story concludes, half the audience lets out a long breath, and a mutual ripple of gentle laughter follows. You're all feeling it.

"Okay," I say, smiling again as I watch a few of you adjust yourselves in your seats, some of the women blushing slightly, some smiling secretly. "I think we're all a little more relaxed now. Let's try something a little more intense."

And I start to read again. It's a long piece this time, one you've read many times before, alone in your room. You wonder if I'll read the whole story, knowing just how explicit it becomes, knowing it's certain to turn you on, knowing precisely which part of it usually makes you come. Surely I'll stop before I reach that point, won't I?

But I continue to read. The story gets more and more intense. As the fantasy becomes more explicit you can already feel your body wanting to surrender to my words. You're exquisitely wet, and I'm not stopping. I'm clearly going to read the entire piece. There's no way you're going to touch yourself, even in this low lighting, it feels way too public, and yet... was that a soft gasp you just heard, a few feet away?

The words become more explicit. My voice is inside you now, the rhythm of the words driving you on. In the fantasy, we're fucking each other intensely, and you can feel it, you can feel my cock sliding deep inside your cunt, you can feel that pulse as we move together, you can almost taste me... and despite yourself, you start to squeeze your thighs rhythmically, trying to be discreet, trying not to be too obvious about it, but you're so damn wet now, and it's becoming so hard not to touch yourself. There's another soft sigh towards the back of the room, and a gentle, exquisite moan. You're not the only one feeling it, the other women are caught in the same rhythm, and the scent of sex is in the air.

Somehow you make it to the end of the second story. There's another giggle from the audience, and some breathless sighs. Somebody whispers: "My god...". You look right at me, studying my face. It's clear to you that I'm equally as aroused. My voice is softer, but with a sensual edge to it. There's the hint of a little sweat on my forehead. The room is distinctly warmer now. You find yourself wondering if I'm erect, and you're sure you're not the only person wondering. And of course, I am.

I clear my throat softly, taking a sip of water, and smile. "Would you like to hear another?" Somewhere at the back of the room, someone says "Hell yes!" and the room giggles again, some shifting in their seats.

And I turn the page, beginning the next story.

to be continued...


A very nice beginning with a little tease....

I hope you don't plan on making us wait too long...

Just a few days, as usual with these opening episodes - I always like to start new stories with a tease :)

Ohh. I just know I'm going to love this. Little librarian me, oh yes. This hits me right where I love it. Do you mind, dear Roger, if I tell myself that all this is happening in my little library? I hope not...

Oh Roger, this one was such a delight to read. It definitely kept me on my toes (my back really.). I'm ready to cum though, but I'm right on that edge, and need that extra little push. I guess I'll go lurk through the rest of the archives. I cannot wait until you post the next part to this one.

This is wonderful. A scenario I often have in mind when I masturbate. ;) Can't wait for more update on this.

Excellent, eagerly anticipating more.

I have a feeling that this could be one of the most erotic stories yet. I can almost feel you touching me.

Where's part two? Can't wait...mmm...

I agree with the person at the back of the room i want another ;) xx

No part 2 yet!?! I think you have teased us long enough Roger!

SJ - I'd be delighted if you imagined this taking place at your own library - in fact, if you invite me, there's no reason why it couldnt ;) xx

Melanie - Sorry I've kept you waiting so long, but Part Two is imminent - I hope you enjoy it, as I would so very much like to make you cum ;) x

Ari - And I thought this was just a little personal fantasy of my own - clearly I need to organise one of these readings ;) x

N - thank you, more on the way momentarily x

Babe - I'll do my best, I'm hoping to make it fun and sensual x

Anonymous - I know, I've kept you waiting far too long, time just ran away with me this month - but more is about to arrive... x

Naughty/Good Girl - it's almost here ;) x

I would love to read more and to hear your voice, I can feel myself getting rather worked up already. I have just discovered you and can I just say, I very much like what I see... ; )

More should arrive this weekend, Diva - and I'm delighted that you're enjoying yourself, I hope I've helped you along to a lovely orgasm or two ;) xx

the weekend is almost over... I want to cum..

You certainly have dirtyboy and I look forward to many more ; )

I love tension building... my toes are tingling. Looking forward to part two. X

Dirtyboy where oh where are you

hello Roger....mmmmm acnt wait for more

mmm and hello to you too Elizzabeth - there's lots more on the way, I hope you'll enjoy it ;) x

When will we get part two?

Roger-Just how much longer are you going to make us wait for part 2? ;) I know you like to tease.....but I can be a greedy, naughty girl and you are really making us wait on this one! ;)XX

Makes me wonder Roger, since your life is so hectic if you should write 1 or 2 chapters ahead (or complete a project) and then release as you like if you wanna tease us.
As much as your intentions are good, we get angsty but try to be good with the not bugging you and you get lots of 'where's the next part!' from us, perhaps feeling pressured?
Hard scale to balance, but I'm with the others of 'where's the next part!' xD

Summers almost over, may we get something to end with season with as delightful as this piece is? <3

(And yes, long、 long time no see) ;)

hi Mystique, lovely to see you in here again :)
I do always intend to write ahead when entering busy times (such as now - I'm trying to get the third draft of a novel completed) but then fail to do it - though I have often written ahead with the Sophie stories so it is possible, I'm just sometimes a biit rubbish ;)
But yes, part two is coming! xx

I think I would lovely to come to the bookshop to see and lissen to you.

My plan would be to come a bit late, so that when I arrived it would hopefully be many others present. I was just going to sneak in without you noticing me. I should be as invisible as possible, wearing a simpel dress, flat shoes, put my hair in a ponytail and no makeup. I would stick out or look tempting to you in any way. Because I did not want you to know that I was there.

But you stood there in the doorway… No sneaking in, you had thought of everything

I get really nervous when I saw you, for a moment I wondered if I should turn around, but I had traveled quite far to get here, so I decided to walk over to you, take your hand, look you in the eyes and smile back at you - fortunately it would only take a minute.

I imagine that my heart would beat very fast and that I would be a very shaky.

It would have been lovely if I had managed to bond with one of the women inside, but my english is not too good and maybe it would be a bit difficult to talk at the moment

I'd been sitting in the back row, and you could not see me - I'd hide behind the people sitting in front. you would not know anything about what I did.....

I was wet when I came in, and now I'm even wetter, still pretty shaky. The entire senaret is surreal, and it became even more surreal when you open by saying that you would like us to masturbate, I just thaught what – here – are you mad? I had planned to wait there till I come back to my hotel. I think I have some selfcontrol...

It was so wonderful that you've organized these rows. How lovely it was to sit here at the back and lissen to you, I could look at you if I liked, and you were so concerned on reading so you would not see me. I heard the exciting terms, the aroused voice. I could feel that you were horny. Nice.

I feel so aroused , and as your storys eskalates I pull the panties of under my dress, the panties is the most expensive I have on this day, I let it slide down on the floor in front of me, thinking that I'm not going to take it with me when I leave.

It's a little difficult to masturbate when I'm sitting, I usually like to lie down, I wish I had something I could use, but I had nothing. ….eeh I had my Oral B electric toothbrush in my bag. But it would probably be a bit rude .. bzzz - That thought quickly turned away from me but it made me smile a bit.

I closed my eyes and tried to stretch out a little in the chair….

I know I'm probably the only one to do this, at least at this point – But I should only touch my selves a little, I am slipping my hand slowly under my dress put two fingers over my clitoris and pushing a little inward. I corn down to the edge of the chair, stretching out - and spread my legs a bit. I let my fingers slip back and forth, I am so wet. Ranging all the muscles in my body, listening to you, forgeting the bit where I am…. and then I moan. Waking up slightly again – looking up and at you, but you are so concerned with reading, and I'm almost sure you did not hear me moan.

I close my eyes again, and continues - a little bit harder and faster - my breath gets heavier. You fucking inside my head - I cover all the muscles in my body even more – and then I come all over my fingers - with you inside my head, the delicious trembling feeling spreading across my pussy, the tightened muscles throughout my body relaxes up, but my heart beats so fast, and it's hard to breathe normal

I concentrate on breathing, you drink some water - and ask whether you should read one more story.

I think it's a bit embarrassing now, considering what I just did. I know that those women that sits near me have seen it.

The way out of the room is not far from where I sit. But I know I can not leave. It would be disrespectful and ungrateful to you
- you would see me go- and believe that I did not like it.

I close my eyes again, I would love to hear another anyway

Inika, these comments are just exquisite xx I clearly need to write the next part, and I have a feeling these comments are going to be delightfully inspiring for me ;) xx

Yay :)) how lovely....cause I wanted more, and I just forgot so very quickly that I was considering leaving the room and you.

I even forgot how nervous I was, how shy I really was, cause right then i just wanted to listen to you, and have your voice inside my head....and you made me so incredible horny, and made me loose my selfcontrol

I like it when you lose your self control, that's when all the fun starts ;) xx

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