Erotica writing contest: Sophie Story #3 by Lily

Sunday, February 07, 2010 at 11:35 AM

Here we go with the third entry for my erotica writing contest, the details of which you'll find here: Write a Sophie story. The (hopefully lovely) prize is a copy of the Sophie book shown to the left, and you'll find more details on how you can enter in the post mentioned above. Just one more week in the contest left, so if you want to enter, get writing! :)

This rather delightful entry was written by Lily - I hope you enjoy it, and I think she's captured the style absolutely perfectly here.

I'd very much love to see more entries - have a go yourself, see what you come up with, there's another week before the deadline, so there's still time ;)

roger xx


Sophie and the gardener by Lily

He watched quietly as she stalked back and forth in front of the window. She had him sitting in a chair with the strict instruction not to speak. He gnawed on his bottom lip. She had also given him strict instructions not to come back unless she asked for his presence. He tried so hard to resist but in the end failed. He needed another look, he needed to see her again. The others were on his mind as well, but there was something about Sophie which drew him to her. He just wanted to be close to her.

The need was stronger even now as he watched her. The sunlight streaming in the windows back lit Sophie. The thin silk dressing gown she wore was transparent in the strong light and he could see every inch of her. He fought hard to control his erection but it was no use. He knew she could see the bulge in his pants as she gave him an annoyed look and turned away from him.

"I only asked one thing of you," Sophie said harshly.

"I know," whispered the boy.

"Yet here you are, sneaking around the property, watching me... again."

"I'm sorry," he mumbled.

"You do realize that if I were anyone else, you would now be in the custody of the police."

The boy's face flushed red and he mumbled something.

"Speak up." she demanded.

"I know, ma'am. I'm very sorry and I'm grateful you haven't called them."

The boy felt ashamed. She and her friends were so kind to him, giving him things he never dreamed possible, and he betrayed her trust. He felt her eyes on him but was too embarrassed to look up.

Sophie made a tsk sound with her tongue and sighed.

"Look," she said in a firm but gentle tone, "I know that I allowed you to play with us the other day, but that means nothing. I have had many lovers, none are around very long save my current one. I don't want to hurt your feelings but you are not of staying quality. You are young and have much to learn. If I were in a different station of my life, I may have taken you under my wing. Now is not the time, however, and I suggest you forget about me and find a lover of your own age."

The boy suddenly felt a tightness in his chest. He didn't want another lover, he wanted Sophie. Yet, he knew she was right. He just needed to touch her again. One last time. He knew she would never call him to come to them again especially after this incident, but he needed the feel of her flesh once more. He fought hard against his urges, but it was no use. His erection throbbed hard in his trousers and a soft pathetic groan emerged from his lips.

Sophie sighed again. She was quiet for several minutes. The boy wanted to speak, to beg her, but dared not make a sound.

"Follow me." she said and began walking from the room.

Dejected, the boy followed her, his head down, watching only his feet as they walked. He was suddenly surprised to see the thick plush carpet of her bedroom appear under his shoes. He immediately looked up. Sophie stood in front of the bed.

"Go get one of the scented oils from the table over there and come back to me." She pointed to a small side table. He didn't hesitate and practically ran the length of the floor. Several bottle sat on the table and he picked up one that smelled like roses. He turned to go to her and stopped. She was nude, her gown a puddle around her feet. She turned from him and crawled onto the bed and laid on her stomach.

"I'll be your fantasy one more time." She said softly. "But this is the last time. You will not see me again."

She waited until the boy nodded.

"Then come here and massage me with the oil."

The boy set the oil down and tugged at his clothes. His young body was taught, rigid and strong and he trembled only slightly. He carefully crawled onto the bed not sure of how to begin.

Sensing this, Sophie said, "Straddle me. Put your legs on either side and rest your cock against my ass."

He did as he was told. He struggle not to come as his erection touched the Sophie's soft skin. The feeling of her was divine. He took the lid off the oil and carefully drip some onto her back. Her back arched slightly and the boy struggled with control again.

Tentatively, he ran his hand through the oil and up her back. She moaned softly into the pillow and encouraged him on. His other hand made the same motion and she moaned again. Slowly, his hands began working over her back, kneading, rubbing, touching. He felt exhilarated being able to touch her like this with no one else around. She was his.

He rubbed his hands over her her sides and down over her ass. She never stopped his hands and, taking it as an invitation, he slid his hands further down each time. He found her breasts first. When his hands finally went down to the duvet, she lifted her body slightly so he could slip his hands underneath her. Her nipples were hard and the boy couldn't help but groan as he felt the soft flesh of her breasts. She breathed heavily and for a moment the boy was afraid she would tell him to stop. She let out another moan and the boy let out his breath. She seemed to be enjoying him.

As his hands caressed her breasts, his body began rubbing against her. His cock was now nestled between her buttocks and the feel of her was so incredibly arousing.

"Use some oil on your cock," were the first words Sophie uttered since he began to massage her.

He didn't hesitate carrying out her request. Dripping oil onto his cock, he grasped it and spread the slick liquid up and down his length. He gasped. The feeling was incredible. He looked down at her ass, so open, so inviting. He dripped some oil on her as well. He couldn't see Sophie smile as he did so. He gently spread the oil around on her before lowering his cock back down.

His hips thrust against her and his cock slid along the length of Sophie's ass. He groaned loudly at the feeling of the slickness between them. Her ass was so hot, the heat making the oil more viscous as he rubbed against her. His world swam away. All he could feel was his cock and a tightness in his core.

He was suddenly aware that Sophie was groaning and he reached back down to her breasts. His lips touched her back. He couldn't believe he was here. He couldn't believe Sophie was under his fingers and pressing against his cock. His hips thrust back and forth, his erection sliding back and forth between her ass cheeks. His fingers pinched her nipples hard and Sophie groaned loudly under him. It was then he knew he wouldn't last any longer. The sensations were too much. He felt the sudden surge in his cock and he was useless to stop it. He didn't want to come so soon yet he had no choice. He wanted to fuck her for real, but he couldn't stop.

He cried out her name as he began to come. The pleasure was overwhelming. He cried out again as his body thrust against her, his hot spunk splashing over her ass and back. He spunk surged again and it took over his body. He was overwhelmed by the feeling of it and he groaned once more as the last of his come left his body. He sat there, breathless and trembling, as he tried to regain his senses, a pulsing still surging through his cock. It was Sophie wriggling under him that brought him back.

She bade him to get a towel from the bathroom. He stood on unsteady feet and did as she asked. He wiped her back and ass, cleaning her of his come. He, all at once, felt incredible and terrible at the same time. He wanted so much to be with her and he had ruined it by coming like a schoolboy's wet dream. He shuffled his feet as he sheepishly walked back to the bedroom.

He was surprised, to say the least, to see her on her back when he returned from dropping the towel in the bathroom. Her eyes were filled with heat and lust and burned into him. Her hands were between her thighs and his mouth opened in a sharp gasp as he watched her fingers exploring her cunt. He barely heard her when she spoke to him next, "That took care of you, now why don't you come back on the bed so we can take care of me..."


I want to read him taking care of her... :) x

Lily is veryyyy good. The story was quite sexy but I agree that she should finish it... wouldn't be fair otherwise. :)

mmmmm, another good story for the contest!
Lily-I hope you continue with the story and let us know how he takes care of her now!

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