Erotica writing contest: Sophie Story #2 by Madelyn

Tuesday, February 02, 2010 at 7:43 PM

Here's the second entry for my erotica writing contest, the details of which you'll find here: Write a Sophie story. The (hopefully lovely) prize is a copy of the Sophie book shown to the left, and you'll find more details on how you can enter in the post mentioned above.

Here it is for your enjoyment, written by Madelyn, who you'll find here - go pay her a visit, I'm sure she'd be delighted to see you :)

I already have a third entry, which I'll be posting at the end of the week, but I'd very much love to see lots more entries. Have a go yourself, see what you come up with, there's another two weeks before the deadline, so you have loads of time ;)

roger xx


My first encounter with Sophie by Madelyn

Hesitant about meeting, Jeffrey approached his table at the Café Du Mar in France. My arousal was high at the sight of this man sitting at the back. His profile pulled me the way no other had.

Intensely aroused by the time he greeted me, I glanced thoughtfully down in hopes of hiding my thoughts. His warm gaze covered my face, bringing a soft glow to my cheeks. I wondered if he knew how many times I had lusted over him.

"Hello Georgina," he whispered gently. My whispered hello caught in my throat. "Please take a seat," he smiled wistfully.

Our eyes met as always, those unspoken words pulling us. Our conversation took a turn to his latest sculptures. Inadvertently my eyes roamed to his hands, those delicate soft sinewy hands. Just as I had forgotten where we were, his gasp caught my attention.

He glanced to the door as she walked in, almost gliding in, this confident self assured creature. Oh yes, she was a creature, a rare beauty, something you could only dream about. A fantasy. Her dark hair cascading down her back, those eyes deep pools of sensuality. Everything about her spoke volumes, the men watching her as she took her seat. Her eyes met mine briefly - a look of disinterest crossed her features as she looked my way.

Jeffrey gasped with delight as I was watched him breathe her in. "Sorry," he said gruffly, "I must explain. Years ago, when I was younger I met the most enchanting woman at the Café du Soir in Paris. This exquisite woman left me a request to join her in her room. I was unaware of who she was, of course. Curious by the request I joined her."

"Yes," I said softly.

"Please Georgina, let me tell you the story, don’t interrupt," he spoke softly. "Pushing the door open, I found her sitting at her dressing table brushing her hair, soft long strokes, dressed in just a satin robe. As I approached I could see her breast, the robe had parted almost to her navel. I was enthralled by her vision. I took in the entire scene, her pearls trickling from the mirror, her satin gown hanging from her armoire, the beautiful fox fur stole dangling from her chair." He chuckled softly as he remembered the vision. "You know what a romantic I can be," he laughed.

Barely breathing at this point, I asked him to continue. He sighed that soft longing type of sigh you hear when you remember something so profound.

"She turned you see, as she did so, her robe parted. She was nude underneath. I could see the dusting of her sex, the smoldering of desire lurking in her eyes. Her voice was soft as she said 'Please, take your clothes off, sit there by my bed. I would like you to watch me.' At this point, she said I would not be allowed to touch her or approach her. I was there at her invitation.

"She wanted me, I could feel a pull but she would never have admitted it. I know that now.

"I did as she requested - by the time my hands had unbuckled my pants, my arousal was evident and she gasped in delight, watching me undress slowly for her. I sat down by her bed as she approached. The robe was slowly slipping from her body, the satin stroking her softness, gliding down to the floor. She took a step closer to me. I was within touching distance when she opened her beautiful pouting lips and slipped one finger over her wetness. Soft sensual touches as she stroked herself, her eyes intent on mine. I could smell her scent in the room as she continued touching herself, this vision triggering my pre-cum to tear down my cock.

"Those soft strokes of hers had me caressing my cock in a gentle soft way. My moans as she moved further on to the bed opening herself to me. Showing me how she touched. I had to gasp, this beautifully exquisite woman had aroused me beyond how anyone ever could, reaching deep within me, pulling out all my sensuality."

His groans as he continued caught my attention. "I am just a man Georgina," he said softly.

"I couldn’t hold on as she touched herself. Fucking herself with those fingers pressing inside her softness, watching her wetness slide down. And yes I touched myself. She took intense pleasure in watching me stroke myself, until my cum shot across, touching her, as she came once again. My cum landed on her legs. Her delight as she touched the cum. Tasting me from her legs, groaning wildly as she came yet again."

I gasped at his words as I looked across the room, seeing her watching us. His smile touched his face as he said "Now you understand, Georgina."

Dazed by the story, with as much dignity as I could muster, I collected my things. Glancing at Jeffrey, I said: "Thank you for the story, but I think I shall have to leave at this point." His look of concern touched me, but after what I had heard, it was obvious I would never realize his touch on my body.

As I made my way out a note was pressed into my hand. Looking at it, I opened it unaware of the watchers. I read the invitation to meet her at her hotel this evening. Refusing to look back, I left the café, the note held tightly in my hand.

Unsure of my thoughts at this point, I waited patiently in my hotel. Jeffrey’s story had most definitely intrigued me but I was terrified, truth be known, of encountering Sophie.

Evening came faster than I anticipated as I reached her room. My knock was answered quickly. She stood there before me wearing a satin gown that barely concealed her breasts. Her glance was casual but I could sense something else brewing between us.

She stepped closely behind me as I entered her room. "Please," she said softly, in a very seductive way, "take your clothes off for me." My eyes narrowed on her as I stood before her. She took her place by the bed, watching me. As I slowly started to remove my clothes, I heard the door open behind me. I didn’t dare turn to look. My eyes were focused on Sophie and hers on mine.

Soft warm hands caressed me from behind as I saw Sophie’s eyes sparkle. I trembled under the touch, his voice familiar as he said: "So you know it’s me." Jeffrey had been asked to partake in this. My thoughts traveled to their encounter. Trembling under his touch I brushed his hands away from my arms. Her eyes never left my face. She was aroused I could tell, but she wasn’t touching herself, but those eyes couldn’t hide her lust.

Standing there in front of her completely naked, I could feel the eyes on my back. He was watching intently and I knew he was aroused.

Her voice rang out in the room as she said: "Get on the bed and masturbate for us." I slid on her bed. At this point my sex was visible from behind, my bottom exposed, laid on my belly, letting them watch as I slipped my hand over my cunt. My fingers slipped over my clit. I knew they couldn’t see exactly what I was doing, but I heard the gasps.

As I took myself into my first orgasm, my body shook under my touch, the moans surrounding us as I cascaded on her bed. He groaned as I got on my knees. My back was facing him and she was at my side watching.

I dared not look at them for I knew they were touching, just as I was touching myself. My hands slid over the wood of her bed, grasping it tightly with one hand as I slipped my fingers, three at this point, into my cunt. Letting my juices engulf them as I thrust them very deep inside, the passion raced through my veins as I screamed out loud, arching.

Jeffrey’s hand pulled me roughly on the bed, spreading my legs wide open as Sophie walked around the bed. She lay directly across me watching him. Those hands no longer gentle, he thrust into me, impaling me swiftly on his cock. I groaned as I wrapped my legs around him. Pulling him into me tightly. She moaned in pleasure beside me, her wet noises moving in time with his fierce thrusts.

No longer conscious of her movements, I watched his face above me as he watched his cock sliding in and out of my cunt. I could hear her noises as she fucked herself. Her hand slid to his thigh, his fingers stroking her clit, stroking her delightfully as she watched his cock thrust fiercely into my cunt. His body trembled as he swore under his breath, thrusting faster and faster, taking me. His cum sprayed hard inside, and I milked him with my cunt as he quivered, tightening around him. His moans slipping out, he placed his face between my legs. Lapping up our cum brought me to another orgasm. It came swiftly, the spilling of my juices dusting his lips, covering his face, down his chin. I heard her groans in the background, her breathing ripping through me. I knew she was cumming, watching him fuck me.

He moaned as his hands turned me over on the bed, as she watched his cock still hard and throbbing. His eyes consumed my body from behind, her gasps of delight watching him take me.

Looking down at his cock sliding in, my juices getting so very wet, the tension filled the room. He gently probed, bit by bit, as he entered my ass. I was unable to contain myself as I pushed back against him, those slow strokes. I screamed, watching her gasp besides me. She was stroking herself, those feather-like strokes matching his.

My intense passion for this man exploded as he took me again. Her hand caressed his body between his thighs as he went in and out of my ass. My orgasm hit as he thrust in deep, and she explored us, cumming. Those moments so intense, her groans of delight, watching her fingers glide into her mouth, with our cum dripping from them.


Wow - just delicious - boy are you gonna have trouble judging this or what?? Keep up the good work xx

oh, I won't be judging, I'm going to take votes from the readers, seems the fairest way :) xx

mmmm, another good story! Loved it! It will be tough to vote on just one as the best! Both made feel very naughty and wet. God! I need a big hard cock in my wet pussy to fuck right now. mmmmmm!

Thank for the wonderful comments really enjoyed writing the story sort of pulled me in a naughty way ;) yum

wow... what a story :-)

... indescribable...

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