Erotica writing contest: Sophie Story #1 by Lady Grinning Soul

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at 10:33 PM

As promised, here's the first entry for my erotica writing contest, the details of which you'll find here: Write a Sophie story. The (hopefully lovely) prize is a copy of the Sophie book shown to the left, and you'll find more details on how you can enter in the post mentioned above.

So here's the very first entry for your enjoyment, written by Lady Grinning Soul, who you'll also find at - go pay her a visit, she'd be delighted to see you :)

I hope you enjoy her story - I think she's captured the style perfectly here, but I'd very much love to see more entries. Have a go yourself, see what you come up with, there's another three weeks before the deadline, so you have loads of time ;)

roger xx


Sophie's Story by Lady Grinning Soul

I awoke on a cold November morning and reached out beside me for Sophie. It took me a few sleepy moments to realise she wasn’t there and slowly blinking my eyes open I sat up in bed. My initial expression was one of confusion - it was rare for Sophie to leave the bed without telling me - but I ran my eyes around the room once and I saw her sitting at her bureau, reading a letter.

“Good morning,” I said, smiling warmly and stretching.

Sophie held one finger up, indicating for me to give her a moment. I watched her eyes moving along the lines of text and allowed my gaze to slip down over her body. Her hair fell in dark waves over one bare shoulder, exposed where the robe she was wearing had slipped down. She was still wearing the pearl necklace she had worn the night before and between the folds of her robe I could see the silk nightdress I had pulled from her frame a mere nine hours before. Finishing the letter, she smiled, folding it before she turned to me.

“Good morning,” She smiled back.

I leaned back, letting my head rest against the headboard. “What was that?”

“That,” She said, standing up and letting the robe slip further down her shoulder, “Was a letter from my friend Esther.” She smiled even more warmly and I could immediately tell she had something she wanted to share. She moved towards the bed, putting her hands on the sheets, palm down and crawling towards me. “Have I ever told you about Esther?” She asked, kissing my lips lightly.

“I don’t think so,” I answered as she pulled back for a moment. “How do you know her?”

She waved her hand, dismissing my question. “That is not the point. Esther is a respected, married English woman. She is the perfect housewife and takes care of her husband like no one I know.”

“Oh yes?” I said, questioningly. Stories that made Sophie smile like that rarely began with descriptions of respectable women.

“She got married when she was seventeen, to William, who is fourteen years older than her. He was handsome and, Esther told me, an extremely experienced lover.”

Sophie’s hands were moving over my chest, her lips inches from mine as she spoke and I could see she had quite a story to tell me.

“But now, they have been married for eleven years, and Esther is somewhat bored. I know I would be; after eleven years with the same man any woman is bound to want some variety.”

“So she had an affair?” I asked, leaning up to kiss Sophie again. A slight look of irritation passed over her face and I knew she wanted to spin a longer tale, not jump to the conclusion. She moved her legs, sitting astride me as she continued with her story.

“Six months ago Esther decided that she would have an affair. However, due to the high standards to which she is accustomed, she wasn’t willing to give herself to just anyone. So she took her time, pondering each possibility open to her, before choosing a handsome English gentleman named James Carlton.”

“James Carlton? Don’t I know that name?” I asked as a feeling of recognition came over me.

“James Carlton is an extremely rich man, who owns several hotels in Southern England and London. We stayed at one in London. But, beyond that, he is also the best friend of Esther’s husband, William.”

I raised my eyebrows in surprise. “Really?”

Sophie nodded and moved her hands down lower, feeling me through the sheets. Then she began telling her story properly, relaying everything the letter had revealed to her.

Esther and William Trentham lived in a large house in Sussex, surrounded by every luxury. They had no children, although, being a traditionalist, Esther wanted them and William had never been against the idea. However, William worked in the city and as a result, they did not spend the night together very often. Between the soirées and dinner parties, luncheons and teas she held on a regular basis, eleven years had somehow passed Esther by since she had first met and become engaged to William. She enjoyed her life and took great pleasure in being completely in control. Despite being a traditionalist and a perfectionist, she had never been naïve, knowing you could not depend entirely on anyone. She had learnt this at the age of fifteen when her parents had given her a baby sister, and suddenly the complete and utter attention her father had given her every day of her life was gone. This was also when she had decided she needed to get married and had set about looking for the husband William eventually became. So, being wise in worldly matters Esther had always assumed that, spending so much time in the city, William couldn’t possibly be entirely faithful to her. She had no esteem issues and, without being vain, she was well aware of her own beauty. She was tall and slender with flawless skin, her shiny auburn hair cut short, as was the fashion, her big green eyes peering out from beneath her fringe. No, indeed, she knew that if her husband was sleeping with anyone else it was not because he had lost interest in her, but simply because he was away so much. It had never bothered her much, until one day it occurred to her that if he was being satisfied elsewhere, she deserved to take a lover as well.

Under the pretense of expanding her social circles Esther volunteered to host social events at James Carlton’s hotel in Sussex, which was also the first hotel he opened and remained his headquarters. Every Wednesday at two o’clock Esther would arrive, dressed in the latest fashions and walk into the hotel, her heels clicking pleasantly in the marble hallway and, nodding her head kindly at any acquaintances she saw, she would make her way straight to James’ office. She always knocked and was always admitted immediately.

It took exactly three weeks, that is a mere three visits, for her to achieve her satisfaction. On the third week Esther knocked on the office door, as usual, heard James call out for her to come in, as usual, and entered, closing the door behind her, as usual.

“Good afternoon,” She smiled pleasantly walking across the room to where James sat, behind his desk. She sat down opposite him, carefully removing her gloves.

“Good afternoon Esther,” James smiled back. James was refined and clean cut, like all well turned out gentleman. But beyond that, he was tall and well filled out and just looking at his hands made Esther shiver with excitement. His fingers were long and tapered, his palms broad and more than anything, she longed to feel him touch her.

She returned her gaze to his face and they exchanged their usual pleasantries.

“How is William?” James asked.

“Oh, he has been in town all week, I have barely seen him. How is Jane?” Esther asked, enquiring after James’ wife.

“She is well,” He said, without smiling.

The other reason Esther had chosen James was his clear unhappiness in his own marriage. Esther found it hard to believe any woman could resist him, but Jane clearly could, whether Esther understood it or not.

“Well, tell her I said hello,” Esther smiled, knowing James did not want to talk about his wife or their marriage.

James smiled at her again, interlacing his fingers and setting his hands down on the desk in front of him. In that moment Esther decided she couldn’t wait another week. She would not lie awake for another seven nights trying to imagine what James would feel like, pushed deep inside her, his hands tracing over her back.

“You know,” James spoke up suddenly, “I am terribly sorry I didn’t call you, but you needn’t have come in today. There are no events for you to plan and I only really wanted your opinion on the menu for next month’s dinner. But that can wait.”

Esther smiled, licking her lips slightly. “But I like coming here. And I always enjoy seeing you.” She shook her head a little, her hair settling on her exposed collarbone. It had the desired effect and James’ eyes were almost immediately focused on the neckline of her dress. Esther half wished she had worn something more revealing.

“Well, I enjoy your company too,” James said pleasantly. Their conversation was innocent, but Esther could tell that her flirtatious smiles were enough to fill the room with tension. The air seemed to buzz. She leaned forward, breathing deeply, placing her bag on the floor.

“Well, since I am here, I might as well look at that menu,” Esther stood up and moved around to the other side of the desk standing beside James as he shuffled through some papers trying to find it.


Esther bent over, her forearms on the table as she read through the menu. James turned to look at her and she could practically feel his eyes moving down over her frame, trying to imagine the delicate body that was only hinted at beneath her blue silk dress, enjoying the view of her long stockinged legs. Suddenly she felt his hand on her shoulder and she couldn’t help sighing. Seeing, or rather, feeling her approval, he started moving his hand down, across her back, tracing her hip bones, smoothing over her ass and down her outer thigh.

“Do you mind if I...” He trailed off and Esther turned to look him in the eye, smiling. She shook her head, encouraging more.

He moved his hand back up her leg, this time underneath her dress and along her inner thigh. He stopped just inches from her cunt, which she could already feel moist beneath her silk knickers. She heard him groan quietly before moving his hand, ever so slowly higher. She adjusted, parting her legs to allow him better access. Seconds later she felt his fingers smooth gently over her knickers, touching her through the silk, lightly at first, barely tracing the shape of her cunt, and then pressing against her more forcefully, curving his fingers up between her legs. Esther dropped the menu pressing her hands onto the table and pushing against his fingers. James smiled to himself, feeling her growing wetter beneath his touch. With his other hand he raised her skirt over her ass, so he could see the space of white skin between her knickers and her stockings and the wet patch that was fast growing on her underwear.

Suddenly he removed his hand, instead pulling her down into his lap. In her surprise she let out a little laugh as he reached around, gently pulling her legs apart, running his hand down her body and slipping it under the top of her knickers, immediately finding her clit and pinching it between his thumb and forefinger. She gasped, leaning her head back against his shoulder. While with one hand he rubbed over her cunt, squeezing her clit gently, with the other he started to undo her the top of her dress, moving down and revealing her cream silk negligée. As soon as enough buttons were undone, he slipped his hand inside her bra, finding her nipple and squeezing it simultaneously with her clit. She breathed deeply, her voice trembling. She could feel his cock hard against her lower back as she sat in his lap and felt herself growing wetter and wetter with the excitement of his desire. Slipping a hand behind her back she began undoing his trousers, reaching inside and taking hold of him, rubbing him immediately. He hissed, breathing sharply at her touch. She turned her head to kiss his cheek, delighted to feel the slight roughness of stubble beneath her lips.

Her hand still behind her back, Esther started moving her body, rubbing against him as he continued rubbing her clit, pulling at her hard nipples.

“I want you to come for me,” He whispered in her ear, slipping two fingers inside her. “I want to feel your cunt around my fingers as you come.”

Esther closed her eyes, breathing in deeply. As soon as she heard the words in her ear she wanted to come, desperately wanted to feel that pleasure washing over her. She held back, wanting to keep the feeling of anticipation for as long as possible.

“Don’t worry,” He whispered again, “I won’t let you leave after just once. Let me feel it for the first time now.”

The moment the words escaped his lips Esther felt her body heating up and tensing, every inch of her skin seizing up, and then releasing as she came flooding over his hand, her body spasming, her cunt tightening around his fingers, her breath becoming short and desperate. She leaned back further and felt his lips kissing along her jawline as she came hard.

James found her mouth, kissing her properly, snaking his tongue inside. He raised his hand to his mouth, licking her cum from between his fingers.

“You are delicious,” He growled in her ear, offering his fingers to her mouth. Hungrily she licked herself from his hand, sucking his fingers and moving her tongue around them, looking up at him with wide, lustful eyes.

When she pulled his fingers from her mouth he traced her jawline, moving down inside her bra again. She leaned up, kissing his cheek, smearing her lips over his skin and whispering in his ear. “Now it’s my turn to taste you.”

Esther slid down from his lap, turning as she did until she was kneeling on the floor before him. For the first time she saw his cock. He was hard and glistening with precum, waiting for her attention. After eleven years of marriage it dawned on her that this was the first time she had ever considered a man to be beautiful. As she took him in her hand, rubbing gently at first, moving her hand up and down, she didn’t just feel the hard animal desire of a man, but the beautiful pleasure he could bring her too. Leaning in closer she reached her tongue out to just lick, every so lightly, the head of his cock. She looked up at him again, seeing his eyes, glazed over with desire, staring straight back at her. Keeping her eyes locked on his she slid her mouth down over him, taking his cock properly in her mouth while her hand continued to move around the shaft. She moved her tongue around him, licking him inside her mouth and rubbing her lips around him. She loved the feel of his cock, warm and hard in her mouth and she sucked it hungrily, tightening the inside of her mouth around him.

From where he sat James looked down at her. There she was; his best friend’s wife, her red lips pursed around his cock, one hand gently gripping his thigh while the other worked around the base of his cock. It felt so exciting and illicit. So forbidden and so wonderful. As he watched her move back and forth, sucking him hard, he wondered what her cunt would feel like as he pushed deep inside her. Her mouth seemed to tease him and he desperately wanted to feel more, wanted to push her thighs apart and ruthlessly fuck the tight cunt he had just fingered to orgasm.

Esther could feel him moving, almost involuntarily, pushing into her mouth with more force. The thought that this was her husband’s best friend ran through her head and she immediately felt her cunt getting wetter again, needing to be fucked. She removed her hand from his thigh and pushed it inside her panties, rubbing herself where his fingers had just been. The fingers that had been in her cunt, the cock that was in her mouth, they were just a precursor to what she really wanted. As she knelt between his legs, rubbing her clit, looking up at him, feeling his desire in her mouth, she wanted more than anything to be thrown down on the floor, her panties ripped from her body, and have him fuck her, right there. The idea of being so desperately screwed by her husband’s best friend was so exciting she felt her breathing become shallow again. She pulled back for a moment, gasping for breath, looking up at him as she panted, her delicate hand still between her legs.

The second James saw that look in her eye he could take it no longer. Leaning down he slipped one hand behind her back and one under her knees and lifted her off the ground, carrying her around his desk and laying her down on the carpet in front of the sofa. The second he set her down on the floor he reached beneath her dress and taking hold of her knickers, pulled them off in one smooth movement. She raised her knees a little, pressing her thighs together and looking up at him with desire and want. Leaning down over her he kissed her lips desperately and yet gently, one hand holding him above her, the other moving down her body again, prizing her thighs apart. Spreading her wide, he pushed her skirt up and saw her cunt, pink and wet, waiting for him. He could almost see her quiver with excitement. She reached up to kiss him again and he moved between her legs, taking his cock and rubbing it gently along her slit, across the soft lips of her cunt. Esther moaned, slowly closing and opening her eyes and he could wait no longer.

James suddenly thrust inside her. Esther immediately gasped, crying out, and arched her back, leaning her head right back as he pulled out and pushed inside again. They were both practically fully clothed, fucking hard and fast on the floor of his office, both painfully aware of their betrayal and both enjoying it beyond measure. He thrust again and again and every time she couldn’t help but let a little moan of pleasure escape her lips. She loved the feel of having him inside her, her husband’s best friend using her cunt to get his own satisfaction. They moved together again and again, feeling the raw passion that is fucking; so far away from the gentle love making of their marriage beds, or the playful sex they had enjoyed as teenagers. No, this was pure desire. Two people using one another to fulfill their fantasies, fucking hard and relentlessly.

“How do... ahh... how do you feel?” James asked, continuing to thrust deep inside her, pulling out almost completely every time, wanting her to feel the full impact as he pushed deeper inside her. “How do you feel, being fucked by your husband’s best friend?”

“Ahh,” Esther gasped, feeling her body moving beneath him, “Ahh.. I love it. I want you to fuck me. I’ve wanted you to fuck me for weeks. Ahh! God! How do you feel using your best friend’s wife?”

He pushed inside her again, hard and fast, knowing she was getting closer, wanting her to come around his cock, just as she had around his fingers, knowing it would push him over the edge, bring his desires to their climax.

“You feel so good. I just want to fuck you,” He growled, moving a little faster. “I don’t care that you’re married to William, I want to fuck you, and I want to come inside you. I want to give you pleasure and feel you giving it back to me.”

“Ahhh! Holy fuck!” Esther cried out, arching her back again as he thrust deeper inside her, faster and harder.

Afraid they would be heard James clasped his hand over her mouth, leaning down to kiss her hard. They kissed passionately, their tongues meeting as they continued to fuck, harder and harder. Esther felt waves of heat coursing through her body as her desire began to peak again.

“I’m gonna come,” She said breathlessly, her toes curling as her body grew tense, at the brink of orgasm. “Come with me!”

James thrust hard inside her, enjoying the feel of her cunt tightening around him and he felt her start to come again. Her cunt spasming, soaking his cock as she came. As he felt her squeezing around him, he needed to come with her and he did, spurting his hot spunk deep inside her, their juices meeting deep in her cunt, both of their bodies moving more desperately, fucking harder than ever as they both came and came and came....

They both collapsed, breathing heavily, and James lay between her legs, still inside her. Esther smiled, feeling satisfied and in control.


Quite well done!

Incredibly hot. I came gorgeously about half way through. It was too hot so i couldn't stop myself :P

It was lovely.........mmmm

Thank you so much! I love writing.. glad others are enjoying the reading.

thank you, this was a great story.
you led me to the peak slowly, that's what i like -- liked it so much in fact before i knew it my hands were stroking my clit and i had a fantastic orgasm....mmmm thanks again. adrian

Fantastic story. I can't remember the last time I was so engrossed by a a piece of erotica. Thanks for sharing.

Oh that''s just gorgeous... yum.

mmmmm very hot.......... like it

I am very much enjoying all the praise.. and I love pleasing my readers. Delicious.

mmm, very hot story. yummy!

Voting for this hot story here.. haha.. surprise surprise.

Never ceases to amaze ;)

I vote for this story!

Here's my vote :)

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