taking you as I please (one of two)

Saturday, December 05, 2009 at 8:02 PM

I've been asked repeatedly for a part two to my original 'taking you as I please' post, so I've decided to repost and take the opportunity to heavily rewrite it here, with a part two coming later in the week.
It's a rough and dominant post, so bear that in mind - have fun ;)

roger x

You're such a bad girl.
Look at you.
Touching yourself again.
Masturbating without my permission.
Did you deliberately want me to catch you?
I thought as much.
Such a dirty little exhibitionist.
You love me seeing you like this, don't you?
You love it when I see you touching yourself.
Dirty little slut.
Get on all fours on the bed.

I don't care if you need to come.
You'll come when I give you permission and not before.
Get on all fours.
Right now.
Just do it.
Don't make me ask you again.

That's it.
That's my good girl.

Open your thighs.

I want them wider.
Open them wider.
Show yourself to me.
Show me your cunt.

mmm... that's it.
That's what I wanted to see.
Look at you.
You're dripping wet.
You need to be fucked, don't you.
You're such a dirty girl.
Such a little slut for me.
Keep your thighs open.
I didn't say that you could move.
Keep them open until I tell you otherwise.

No, you can't touch yourself.
Not until I give you permission.

You're touching yourself.
What did I just tell you?
You're being a very bad girl.
Clearly you want me to punish you.

Since you can't be trusted to behave, I'm going to have to tie you up.
Get up onto your knees.
Put your hands behind your back.
That's it, wrists together.
Don't you move.

Is that too tight?
It's time you were taught a lesson.
It's time you learnt how to behave.

Can you feel my hands in your hair?
Can you feel how tight my grip is?
Don't you dare try to resist.

That's it.
Put your head down on the bed.
I can't trust you not to move.
I'm going to have to hold you down.
Hold you down and use you.
Use you as my slut.
Keep your ass raised.

Open your thighs wider, I said.
That's better.
You're so fucking wet.
You need to come, don't you?
You must have been very close when I interrupted you.
Masturbating like a little whore.
hmm... I've just found your vibrator...
Did you think I wouldn't notice it?

It smells of your cunt.
Were you fucking yourself with this?
I know you were.
Dirty little slut.
Lick it.
Open your mouth and suck it.
Show me what a dirty little whore you are.

That's it.
Get it nice and wet.
Suck it like the slut that you are.
You're gonna want it to be wet.

That's enough.
You really are such a slut.

Keep your thighs open.

ahhh god look at you.
So fucking wet.
I bet you'd love it if I touched you right there.
Is that what you want?
Do you want me to touch you?

Then you need to beg me.

Beg me to stroke your cunt.
Tell me you want me to finger fuck you.
Say it.
If you don't say it, I'll just walk away, and leave you here tied up...

That's better.
Tell me you're a dirty little slut.
Tell me you want me to finger fuck your wet little cunt.

That's it.
That's what I want to hear.

Yes you are my slut.
You're my dirty little slut.
Can you feel my fingers sliding between your pussy lips...?
You're so very wet.
I think you need more than just my fingers...
Maybe if I spread some of this wetness up over your asshole...

Don't you struggle.
Keep still.
Don't make me have to tie you tighter.
You've been a bad girl.
You'll take this whether you like it or not.

There, you're wet enough I think.
Now I'll just slide my fingers...
back into your cunt....
ohh that feels so good...
you're so fucking wet...
Do you like that?
Do you want me deeper?

Then beg me.
Don't you dare try to push back.
Beg me.
Beg me to push my fingers deeper.

That's it.
Good girl.
Pushing my fingers deeper inside you...
unnhhh fuck...
You love that, don't you...
You fucking love it when I fuck you with my fingers.
Such a little slut.

Let me just pick up that vibe with my other hand...
mmm... and it's still wet from your mouth...

I said don't struggle.

Just turning it on low...
and your ass is so exposed...
and so very wet...

Don't you dare struggle.
You'll do what you're told.

Rubbing the head of the vibe against your ass...
I think you like that...
Perhaps I should stroke your clit...
Like this...
still fucking you with my fingers...

What was that?
What did you say, slut?
You want me to fuck you with the vibe?
Greedy little whore.
I don't think so.
This is going in your ass.
You need to be taught a lesson.

ahhh god you're dripping down my fingers...
Dou you need to come?
Is that what you want?

Not yet.
Don't you come.
Don't you dare come.
I'll tell you when you can come.

I'm thrusting my fingers deeper into your cunt.
Don't you dare fucking come.
Can you feel the head of the vibe at your ass...?
I'm starting to push it in...
inch by inch...
ohhh fuckk...

ohh god look at you...
my fingers deep in your cunt...
so fucking wet...
this vibe deep in your ass...
you're such a dirty fucking slut...
fucking you harder with my fingers...
pushing the vibe deeper into your ass...

what was that...?
You need to come?
Filthy little girl.
Then tell me what a dirty fucking slut you are.
Tell me.

Say it now.

I'm thrusting my fingers harder...
Fucking your cunt with my fingers...

Say it, and you can come.
Fucking say it.

That's it.
Good girl.
Yes you are a dirty fucking slut.
Beg me to let you cum.

ahhh fuck beg me...
fucking beg me...

ahhh god that's it...
god yes....
god I love it when you beg...

come for me then...
fucking come for me right now...

do it...

let it all go...

come all over my fingers

come all over me.....

fucking COME for me...

fucking little whore...

come for me...

fucking COME...

ahhhhhh fuckkk that's it....

all over me....

all over my fingers...

god yes....

god look at you.....

so fucking wet....

I think I'm going to have to fuck you...


mmmmmm. I'm a hot mess over here. This is always where I come for my dirty words, Roger. I always come back to you.

mmm... such a bad girl... I hope you came gorgeously. xx
I'm sure you'll enjoy the second part too ;)

Oh god, yet again, I've come rather copiously... I'm sorry I didn't ask your permission to do so but I simply couldn't hold it back.


Oh yes, Licking the dildo thinking about thrusting your cock in my mouth! Those fingers fucking me deeply fiercely oh my god I can see them now as you thrust deeper faster so intense please….oh please…. I beg you to let me come spank as hard as you wish I don't care I just need you to let me come.....please all over your hands, your cock oh god I am beggingggggg
Do it harder push faster God just do it! I am begging You!

Oh my... I can't wait for part 2. Love those rough/dominant posts - I enjoy your writing very much! ;)

Now, I've been a bad girl touching myself,. You can come punish me.

Miss Tango - mmm... and that's okay, I wanted you to come for me, hard and wet... but you're still going to be punished for being such a bad girl, and fucked delightfully... xx

Madelyn - mmm... such a little slut for me... such an eager little whore... you'll get what's coming to you... xx

Spring Flower - mmm thank you xx I'm delighted that you enjoyed it - part two will follow later in the week ;)

Violet Vamp - oh, I fully intend to punish you, and you clearly deserve it... such a bad girl ;) xx

Ahhh Roger, you are worth waiting for. I love it rough and the filther the better. Ilove the way you make me cum with your filthy words. I've been touching myself ever since you've been gone. Come and punish me. Over and over again.

Babe - you've clearly been a very bad little girl in my absence - though I do enjoy you cumming to my words. Not that that'll save you from being punished, of course ;) xx

wow. damn, that's hot.

mmm thank you - I'm delighted that you enjoyed it ;) xx

That was rather delicious...as usual.

mmm thank you Truly, I'm glad you had fun ;) xx

I need part two. Now. Please. I'll do *anything* for it.

Leanansidhe - such an impatient litte slut. On your knees and begging would be a good way to begin. Oh, and admitting what a filthy little cockslut you are... xx

::sliding slowly down the length of your body to kneel in front of you, mouth inches away from the zipper on your pants::

Please, sir.. I need more, sir. I love how hard I can make myself come when I'm reading your words. Please take pity on me, sir.. I'm a filthy little cockslut, a naughty, dirty whore.. only you can keep me in line.. I'll take good care of you, sir, do everything you tell me to..


much better... and such very delightful begging...
You'll get what's coming to you, slut... though you're going to need to be patient until the end of the week.
Clearly you're going to need to occupy yourself a little before then - I've dipped into your blog and very much enjoyed it, but I do love the personal touch, and since you clearly enjoy a project - find yourself some time this week when you'll be alone, and fill in this for me - I think I can promise that you'll enjoy it ;) :

MMMM Roger.. you were right.. I did enjoy this one more than you can know.. or perhaps you do know? *wink*

oh, I had a sneaky feeling you would, Mina ;) xx

That was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Deliciously vivid...so hot. I couldn't keep from touching myself while reading it and came twice before I finished reading the entire thing...


Ladies, I can't help noticing that it's nearly the end of the week and we haven't seen part 2 of this lovely story.. perhaps we should band together and raise some kind of protest at this turn of events? Sir, there are an awful lot of hot, wet pussies needing rather desperately to be played with- surely you don't want them to go to waste? ;)

Where's part two? I needed to cum tonight and came here hoping you'd posted part two...

and I'll be honest, I've come back so often and cummed so many times over each and every post I wanted something fresh... Make me cum Roger... I don't care how you do it or what you do to me as long as I cum again and again. Hell I don't want to be able to walk for days after...


Leanansidhe - such a bratty little girl - so greedy ;) Though you'll be pleased to here that I've just posted part two - hope you enjoy ;)

Heather - such a delightfully greedy little girl, so eager to be fucked, so eager to cum for me... go have another look, part two is now there for you - I hope you like it ;)

Fuck! My boyfriend called me when I was right in the middle of reading this... I was masterbating deliciously to your sensual words, and then we had the most incredible phone sex ever. And its all down to you, Roger. Yummy ;)

*blows kisses for you*


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