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Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 4:07 PM

hello you x

This is a repost, a combination of two shorter posts that I've been intending to compile into one for ages, to make it a little more hands free for you ;) I've had a nasty does of flu for the past week and I'm consequently very aware that there's been nothing new in here for two weeks, so I think now is as good a time as any to put these together for you to enjoy either for the first time, or all over again ;)

This one, as you can tell by the title, is for those who like it a little rougher and more dominant, so it's not going to be to everyone's tastes. Have fun ;)

roger x


You've been masturbating again without my permission - you think I don't know, but I can always tell. Your scent fills the air as I walk into the bedroom. Such a bad girl.

And you know what a slut you are - you know how much trouble you're in - you know that I've forbidden you to touch yourself when I'm not here, and you know the consequences of your actions. Perhaps you weren't expecting me to come home and discover you like this. Though it looks pretty deliberate to me. You're showing no shame whatsoever. Just look at you - sat there at your computer with your hand down your panties, your cunt clearly dripping wet - I can hear it as you stroke yourself, not stopping even though I've walked into the room. Just looking at me, continuing to masturbate right in front of me, challenging me - such a dirty little slut.

I think you know how bad you've been. I think you know I'm going to have to punish you.

You're looking back at me rebelliously. You know that you should submit, that you should be asking my forgiveness, begging me - but today submission doesn't seem to be something you want to give readily. As I step towards you, watching you, you smile at me wickedly, still stroking your clit in rhythmic circles, occasionally slipping your fingers into your cunt, gasping and trembling a little, then returning to the rhythm. You know I love watching you like this, you know how much I love to watch you masturbate, how much it arouses me - but you also know that this is a direct challenge to my authority. You want things your own way. Greedy little slut. That's not the way it's going to happen today.

I move closer to you, stepping right in front of you, watching you, smiling, but not speaking to you. You continue to stroke yourself, opening your thighs wider, tugging the crotch of your panties aside to display your sex to me, sliding your fingers across it, pushing them inside yourself again. I can see you glancing down to my crotch, seeing the bulge of my erection in my pants. You know you've aroused me, and you like that - perhaps you assume that by arousing me, you'll escape your punishment.

I don't think so.

I'm stood between your thighs now, looking down at you as you masturbate on your chair. You look directly into my eyes, still challenging me - your gaze is greedy and lustful. I slide my fingers gently across your cheek, smiling wickedly at you, brushing my fingers up through your hair - you tremble a little, looking me in the eye again, smiling at me. "Fuck me..." you say. It's not a request, it's a demand. But your demand has sealed your fate.

My fingers slip through your hair, winding a little around my hand, taking a firm grip - before you can protest, I pull your head back sharply, holding it there, baring your neck, looking down at you.

"Dirty little slut", I say.

You gasp, your fingers still stroking your clit, rubbing a little faster now. But my grip is tighter in your hair, and I pull you roughly from the chair and down onto your knees in front of me. You gasp, trembling again, still defiant, still wanting your own way.

"Such a fucking slut," I say, spitting out the words. "Do you want to be punished? Is that what you want?"

"...yes..." you gasp, groaning as I tug your head back harder, looking right down at you.

"You want me to fuck you?" I ask, growling again.

"yes... ohh god yes... please..."

"Tell me again," I reply. "Tell me you want me to fuck you."

"I need it..." you gasp, groaning again as I pull your head back harder, "unnhh god please fuck me... I want you to fuck me... please..."

"I think you want it too much," I reply. "First you need to be punished. Unbuckle my belt."

"god..." you whisper, your nervous fingers moving up to my belt, unhooking it, pulling it apart, sliding it out of the loops on my pants, holding onto it.

"Give it to me," I demand. Nervously, you respond, handing me the belt. You can see the large bulge in my pants now, my cock straining to be free. Unable to resist, you slide a hand over my erection, rubbing it slowly through my pants. It feels delicious, my cock pulsing at your touch, but I resist. "Did I tell you that you could touch me?"

"" you whimper, removing your hand quickly. You can feel your panties are already drenched, wanting to touch yourself there, fearful of the response.

"Dirty fucking slut. You want to suck it, don't you? You want my cock in your mouth."

"...yes..." you gasp, "please..."

"Beg me..." I reply. "Beg me to fuck your mouth. Tell me what a dirty fucking cumslut you are."

"god..." you groan, your panties so wet now, needing it, just needing me to fuck you hard, why won't I just fuck you? "please roger... god please fuck me... fuck my mouth... I'm a slut..."

"you're a dirty fucking cumslut..." I say, correcting you sharply.

"god... I'm... I'm a dirty fucking cumslut..." you gasp, "please roger... please fuck my mouth... put your cock in my mouth... please... I'm begging you..."

I unfasten my pants, tugging them down, my boxers sliding down with them, stepping out of them, still stood right over you as you kneel in front of me. My cock is hugely erect, so close to your lips, visibly throbbing. "Suck me then, slut," I say, "suck my cock... show me what a dirty girl you really are..."

You open your lips greedily, sliding your hand to my hard cock, steering the swollen head into your mouth almost a little too eagerly, sliding your lips over me, taking my hard penis deep into your mouth, your tongue swirling and lapping around my erection. I groan with pleasure, my grip tightening in your hair, pushing your lips further down onto my cock, holding you there as I start to fuck your mouth, a little roughly, taking my own pleasure, looking down at you as you suck and lick greedily. Such a dirty little slut.

I pull my cock from your mouth roughly, dragging you up onto your feet, hearing you whimper, needing more.

"Bend over the desk," I say. My tone is firm, I clearly won't brook any denial. Trembling again, you quickly clear a space on your desk, bending over, presenting your ass to me. I take hold of your panties, and tug them all the way down, my hand sliding between your thighs, my fingers slipping over your hot, wet cunt, stroking you greedily. "You're dripping wet," I state.

"yes..." you gasp, trying to push yourself back against me. I lift up my hand rapidly, and bring it down firmly onto your ass, spanking you hard, and you gasp with pain and pleasure, groaning sensually.

"Greedy little slut..." I say, spitting out the words, stood behind you now, my hand in your hair again, pushing your face down onto the desk roughly, holding you there. You can feel me pressed against you now from behind, my erection hard between your buttocks, rubbing against you, not entering you yet.

"Please fuck me..." you gasp, "god please... I need it..." You reach around behind you, trying to take hold of my cock - I pull away for a moment, spanking you again, hard.

"Give me your wrists," I hiss. "If you can't behave, I'm going to have to restrain you." You lean forward on the desk, letting it support you, passing your wrists back to me nervously - picking up the belt, I tug your wrists tightly behind your back, tying them with the belt, a little too tightly - it hurts a little when you struggle, digging into your wrists.

"god... please fuck me, roger..." you gasp. You need it so much now - you can feel a trail of your wetness dribbling down the inside of your thighs, your cunt aching, needing to be filled. "please..."

I slide my cock against your ass again, still holding you down. You can feel my erection pulsing between the cheeks of your ass, so hot, so hard.

"Then beg me..." I say, "beg me to fuck you... tell me what a dirty fucking slut you are..." and I take a handful of your hair, pulling you back towards me, your back arching deliciously as you push back against me, my hand sliding around your body, cupping a breast in my fingers, pinching one of your nipples, "beg me, you little slut.."

"Beg me..." I say, "beg me to fuck you... tell me what a dirty fucking slut you are..." and I take a handful of your hair, pulling you back towards me, your back arching deliciously as you push back against me. You can feel my hot, hard erection throbbing against your ass as I tug you back against me, rubbing myself against you, using you. You need me inside you, need to feel my cock deep inside your cunt, but your wrists are tied tightly behind your back, and it's almost impossible for you to move, bent roughly over the desk, my hand still in your hair, pulling you back harder, leaning over you, hissing in your ear. "Tell me..."

"unnnhhh god... god roger... god I'm a slut.. I'm a dirty fucking slut..."

"Then beg me to fuck you..." I demand, "beg me to fuck you like the slut you are...". I drag you back harder, my cock pressed hard against your ass, my free hand sliding underneath you, cupping your breast, pinching your nipple hard.

"uunnhhhh... ohhh god... god please fuck me... please fuck me roger... I'm begging you... fuck my cunt... unnhhhhh... ohh god please..."

"That's better," I growl. I push your face down against the desk, holding you down, my cock slipping down from between your buttocks, throbbing and erect, sliding quickly between your open thighs from behind, rubbing the head of my swollen cock against your dripping wet cunt... getting it wet.. and then pushing... hard... all the way inside you with one long, deep thrust.

You groan with pleasure, pushing back onto me.

"unnhhhh god... yes..." you gasp, "fuck me harder... god I need that...god, fuck me..."

"Greedy little slut," I growl, lifting up my hand and spanking you, hard. You let out a whimper, and I thrust my erection deeper and harder inside you. I can feel you trying to grind back onto me, and I lift up my hand again.

"Don't you dare move - did I say you could move?" and you feel my hand come down again, harder this time... slapping your bare ass. You groan with pleasure, unable to help yourself pushing further back onto me, your warm, wet cunt engulfing the full length of my penis, squeezing tight around me. "unnhhh god... such a bad girl..." I gasp, "I told you not to move... and you're still moving... unnhhh fuck... dirty girl... dirty fucking slut..." and I spank you again, harder this time, taking hold of your hips, ramming my cock into you, deep and hard. You squeal with pleasure and pain.

I start to move inside you now... I know that's what you want... my cock fucking you... harder... faster... and you're so fucking wet... so tight around my thrusting cock... ramming deeper into you now... your cunt splashing around my cock... you're groaning, already so close to cumming... crying out with each hard thrust of my cock, slamming into you... taking you... using you for my own pleasure...

"Don't you come..." I groan, breathing harder, sliding my throbbing cock deeper into your cunt, thrusting into you... fucking you... "don't you dare come... if you want to cum you'll have to beg me... you'll have to beg me to let you cum...". You gasp, whimpering again, so close, so damn close, trying to hold it back as I ram my cock harder into your cunt.

I've instructed you not to move, but I can still feel your cunt tightening deliciously around my erect cock, squeezing around me, trying to take me deeper inside. I groan with pleasure, and you squeeze around my cock again, your cunt pulsating around my erection, pushing yourself back onto me, fucking me hard as I fuck you, driving my cock deep inside you, and you groan passionately, begging me to fill you, begging me to cum hard in your cunt, begging me to spurt all my cum deep inside you.

I can barely resist, god I need to cum, I'm so fucking close, but you're being too greedy, ignoring my control. You need to be punished, but I can't stop now - I hear you gasp deliciously, feeling a wet splash around my cock, and you start to tremble, pushing yourself back onto me, groaning: "god roger... god I'm going to come..."

"Don't you dare fucking come," I gasp, thrusting my cock harder into your cunt, "you have to beg me...". I feel a sudden stream of wetness pouring over my erection, your body starting to convulse.

"I can't..." you groan, "ohhh god I can't hold it back..."

I gasp with pleasure, thrusting my pulsing cock deep and hard into your cunt, grabbing your hair, tugging you back... hard. "Come then... god... come like the fucking slut you are... come on my cock... ohhhh god... come all over my hard cock... uunnhhh god..."

"fuckk..." you groan, "ohhh fuck that's it... I'm cumming... I'm cumminnnggg.... UUNNNHHHHHH... ohhh fuckkk... NNNHHHHHHH..."

You convulse hard, your juices pouring over my cock as you come urgently, screaming with pleasure, my erection throbbing gorgeously as your cunt squeezes and pulsates around me, so fucking wet... I need to cum too, but I hold it back, feeling my penis throbbing hard, holding back my orgasm... you didn't wait until I gave you permission to come... you need to learn your lesson.

I pull my erection out of your cunt with a wet splash, and you groan, still convulsing, your juices dribbling down from your cunt, begging me to fuck you again, begging me to fuck you hard. I ignore you, pushing your head back down on the desk, lifting up my hand, and spanking you - a hard, sharp slap on your ass, reminding you that you've been bad, that you need to be punished. You groan with pleasure and pain, needing to be filled, needing to be fucked.

I reach into the desk draw, taking out a silk scarf, my hand sliding through your hair again, taking a handful, dragging your head back roughly, hearing you gasp. Before you can move, I tie the scarf around your head, blindfolding you, pushing you back over the desk, your wrists still firmly tied behind your back, the belt pinching your wrists a little. You whimper, and I kneel down behind you, sliding my hand between your thighs, instructing you to spread them wider. Feeling my fingers stroking you, sliding inside your wet cunt, you tremble and open your thighs further, suddenly feeling another scarf wrapping around your ankle, strapping it tightly to the leg of the desk. You groan, trembling again, so wet now, feeling me spreading your legs wide, tying your other ankle to the other leg of the desk, then standing up behind you again, my hand slipping back between your open thighs , stroking you, thrusting my fingers deep into your cunt. You groan with pleasure, trying to push back onto my fingers, but you're strapped up tight now, your ankles tied to the desk, your wrists strapped behind your back, the blindfold over your eyes, unable to see anything.

"Since you can't be trusted to do what you're told," I tell you, matter-of-factly "I've had to restrain you. Perhaps just one more detail..."

I reach into the drawer again - you can't see what I'm doing, but you hear me remove something - the low, vibrating hum gives it away, and you gasp as you feel the head of your vibe slipping against your wetness, and I start to push it inside you, slowly sliding the vibe all the way into your cunt, deep inside you. "I'm going to leave the room for a couple of minutes," I tell you. "I'll expect this vibrator to still be inside you when I return. Perhaps that'll teach you to keep still."

You're so wet - you can already feel it sliding ever so slowly out of your cunt. You grip it tightly, squeezing around it, groaning with pleasure as the low vibrations ripple through the inside of your sex, writhing a little on the desk, the bonds too tight to allow you much room to move. It's no good - the more you squeeze around it, trying to grip onto it, the more you can feel the vibrations, making you wetter - and as I watch, inch by inch it slips out of your cunt - I catch it behind you, moments before it slides to the floor.

"Dirty little slut..." I say, spanking you hard, and you groan with pain and pleasure, "such a fucking slut... so wet you can't even keep this inside you... looks like there's only one alternative...". I shove the vibe back deep into your cunt, and you gasp with pleasure, feeling it vibrating deep inside you... but just as you're enjoying it, I pull it out again roughly. "There, I think that's wet enough..." - and suddenly you feel the head of the vibe skidding against your asshole - you gasp again: "ohhh god..." and then groan as you feel me pushing it inside you, your asshole parting around the vibe, trembling and groaning again as you feel me push it deeper, all the way inside you, deep into your ass...

"Okay, " I say, letting go of the vibe, leaving it buzzing deep in your ass, "let's try this again... I'm going to leave the room for a couple of minutes... I'll expect the vibrator to still be in your ass when I return... let's see if you're capable of controlling yourself..."

And with that I leave the room, leaving you whimpering, squeezing around the vibe, bucking a little with the vibrations, trying to keep still, your cunt dripping wet... tied up and helpless, not knowing what I'm going to do next...


Oh god Roger, you know what I need. You've got me dripping so bad it's running out of me. I came so hard my entire body was spasming not just my cunt. I can still feel the vibrations and my pussy still convusing over and over as I feel the heat of your throbing cock as it plunges deep within me. Thanks Roger. I needed this. Keeping it filthy as always. Babe

Oh my.. That was very intense and hot. *fans herself* I definitely need to find a quiet spot for a few moments alone..

Oh my jeezus...Roger don't leave me this way


Yessssss .... *sigh*

oh god rogeR. this is deliciously compelling. You just made me cum helplessly and repeatedly.. HOW can you leave me noW, my vibe deep inside me, trying to hold it in, aching for more . . .

"god please fuck me... I want you to fuck me... please..."
So very doable, hmmmmm

I think I said all I had to say on this one the first time you posted it ;)

But it was delicious to revisit *shudders*


Roger...I can't stop...I know I'm going to be punished again, but I can't help myself. With or without your permission, I'm coming again, my bonds spurring me on, my ass still I press my pelvis into the desk, the vibration sends me over again, shuddering and screaming aloud, helpless, drenched...

Now what, exactly, are you going to do about it?

Oh one of my favs my cunt is wet tingling and throbbing all at once needing it cock hard vibe something deep inside god I neeeed it.............

I never have been able to control myself where you are concerned. I can't stop from teasing, can't help myself touching, can't resist the building orgasms you always inspire ... please, Roger. Don't leave me bent over the desk like this too long, I need you to come back, I need you inside me while the vibe pulsates so deliciously in my ass...


Babe - mmm, it's such a pleasure making you come so hard - and that's what I'm here for, of course ;) I hope I can continue to inspire such deliciously intense orgasms x

Gray - I hope you found the quiet spot you were looking for ;)

Malicen - So lovely to see you back in here, it's been a while - and I do enjoy torturing you a little ;) x

Nitebyrd - I'm delighted you liked it ;)

FoXx - it's lovely to see a new face in here, and I'm delighted that I made you come so hard - though i do like being a little cruel too ;) x

b - I've wanted to put it together into one post for a while, so I'm delighted your revisit was fun ;) x

alive_she_cried - clearly you need more punishment - but then I enjoyed your second orgasm so much that it seems cruel to be so mean to you again ;) xx

SJ - mmm, such a greedy girl, whatever should I do with you? Clearly you have a few ideas yourself ;) xx

First time on your site but it won't be my last. That was one fucking hot scene. I need to go use my vib now and shove it up my ass while I rub my clit. thanks

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