Making you mine

Monday, August 24, 2009 at 11:59 AM

"Calm, little one... stay calm... try to relax and breathe..."

It's only moments since you came for me, the orgasm ripped from your body with a savage intensity. Your screams still echo in the room. Your blood is liquid fire. The sharp slap of my hand on your arse is fresh in your memory: a sweet, hot pain, still burning. Delicious convulsions ripple through you, barely conscious of anything but pleasure and pain, your every nerve ending tingling, your body on edge, trembling, shaking.

You're mine, completely.

I whisper softly in your ear, your orgasm not letting go, my breath hot and lustful against your cheek. I hold you close on the rug, my body spooned around yours from behind, the soft fur of the rug brushing against your skin as you tremble in my arms. Your clit pulses... pulses... pulses... not stopping... your nerve ends tingling, the hot pain from my hand still burning on your arse, on your thighs, your clit still feeling that last stroke of my fingers, throbbing at the memory.

My hands move up from your waist, towards your breasts, my fingertips brushing across your nipples, pinching them softly. You groan again, the slightest touch bringing back the convulsions, bucking against me. It's clear you need more, rather urgently.

"Do you need to come again, little one?" I whisper. I pinch your nipples again, a little harder.

"Roger... I... ohhhhh... ohhh god..."

You writhe at my touch, feeling my chest against your back, my hard cock warm and pulsing, nestled between your buttocks. You press back against me, needing to feel it. Still tugging gently on one of your nipples, my other hand drifts down over your belly, my fingertip brushing across your clit so delicately. You groan again, your body bucking up towards my finger.

"Do you need to come, little one?" I whisper. "Tell me... tell me if you need it..."

The tone is soft but the implication is still there. You know that your orgasm is entirely dependent now upon my will and you already realise that I'm going to make you beg. You know you'll surrender willingly.

"Roger... please... I... uunhhhhh... ohh fuck... fucckk..."

"I know you need it... tell me... tell me what you need..."

My finger is circling your clit now, rubbing, stroking, your muscles taut, arching up to my finger. My body is pressed into yours, enclosing you, my voice still whispering in your ear. You're lost in me, surrounded by me.

"uunnhhhhhh... fucckkkk... ohhh please Roger... let me come... fuckk... ohhhh I need to come..."

"Tell me again, little one... tell me what you need..." My fingers rub harder, faster, my cock warm and pulsing between your buttocks, responding to your need...

"ohhhhhh god... I need... unnhhhhhhh... I need to come Roger... please... ohhh god please make me come... I don't think I can hold it... please..."

"Such a little whore..." I breathe, and my words ignite you, a hot trigger. "Then come for me... don't hold it back... come for me..." My thumb skids across your clit, circling faster... harder... and it's all you can do to stop yourself from screaming. As you begin to convulse my fingers slide down to your cunt, slipping easily between the pouting wet lips, and I thrust them... all the way inside you... three of my fingers suddenly sliding deep and hard into your cunt, filling you. Your fingers grab at me, clutching, as your orgasm starts to surge through your body. There's a delicious wet splash, a sudden gush of your wetness spilling over my thrusting fingers, and you come... hard...

Your orgasm is explosive, intense, your body wracked with delicious convulsions, grabbing onto me, arching, writhing... and I can't take much more. I can feel my penis pulsing hard against your arse, wanting you, needing you. Needing to fuck you.

As your body convulses I draw you quickly up onto all fours, my erect penis slipping between your thighs, the head skidding against the dripping wetness of your cunt. I can't wait, I need it now. With one long, delicious thrust, I slide the full length of my cock deep inside you, your cunt engulfing my erect penis as I drive it deeper, flooding over me.

And with that first, exquisite thrust, you scream again...


mmmmmm, delicious...

Thank you, sir, may I have another?

*bending over the desk*

Just delicious. I could feel that thrust as it broke through the tightness. Wonderful work Sir.

P.S. the word verification is "ducker" lol guess it doesnt want to say fucker. Jealous little blog seeing how many women you swoon. ;)

Nothing better than feeling your cock inside me after I cum twice none the less and working towards a third...xo-E

helene - of course you can, I can be very giving ;) xx

mina - mmm good, I wanted you to feel it, to be right there with me - and clearly the word verification is deeply jealous ;) xx

ella - working towards a third orgasm sounds a delightful idea - let's begin immediately ;) xx

mmm...bending over...


My throat is hoarse from screaming through orgasm after orgasm, but I cant stop my body reacting to your touch. I arch my back, my heavy tits swaying as you fuck my dripping cunt, making me gush juice down my legs...

"Oh fuck.... FUCK yes... ohhh roger, thats it...please.... oh god, ride me... RIDE ME.... please, please ride me..."


Amethyst - such a bad girl, wanting more - but you do bend over so delightfully... ;) xx

Honora - ahhh god so exquisite... my breath increasing, groaning intensely as you gush, a hot flood over my cock, so lovely...
Clearly you need to be taken hard... xx

Coming and crying it's too good

Very intense. ;)


Hmmm, one of my favorite positions please ohhhh love it when you go so deep.....ymmmmm cum dripping everywhere

I moan in desire as I hear you groaning gutturally, your body pressing against my back as you hold me close to your chest, thrusting into my dripping wet cunt... I need you to ride me, I need you to take me hard, HARD, sooo damn hard...

I start to mewl as I feel your balls slapping against my ass... reaching a hand back, I dip my finger in my wetness to provide lubrication and slowly, so slowly, start to probe my tight ass pucker..

I catch my lip as I feel my muscles start to relax, allowing my finger entry, and I start to thrust my finger in and out of my ass gently, matching the rhythm of your hard penis fucking my cunt.

"Roger, that's it... ohhhhhh right there, RIGHT THERE....mmmmmmmm....oh gods yesssssss......take my ass, roger, please, take my horny little ass and make it yours...."


malicen - mmm, the perfect response, clearly this really worked for you xx

kelly - definitely very intense, yes ;) xx

madelyn - you clearly are such a delightfully dirty girl - I like that, of course ;) xx

honora - and this was just gorgeous, I love your imagination and the way you write, it's lovely to have yo commenting so gorgeously. Have you thought of filling in my rather intense and lovely questionnaire here? :

I'd love to hear your responses to my delightfully filthy questions ;) xx

trembling from the intense orgasm ooooh I sooo need to cum againn Ohhh please make me cum....I can still feel it.... pain from your hand still burning on my ass ignites my lust..........oh god I want it again please just do it.....oh goddd I am such a slutt for you only you....oh god Roger it ahhhh I am waiting for you......please

This post is exactly why I come here. Impressive and inspiring as usual.

Wow. First time I've visited your site, I will most definitely return for more. And, thank you.

madelyn - you are indeed a disgraceful little slut for me - not that I'm complaining, you understand ;) xx

stephanie - and I'm very delighted to have you visiting me again xx

Flygirlie - it's lovely to have you with me - I hope you enjoy exploring the archives ;) xx

"oh gods, I need you, I need your hard cock..." I moan as you pump into my dripping wet cunt, my cum trickling down my legs. "Fuck my ass, fuck it, make me your slut.."

I catch my breath as your fingers tweak my nipples roughly in response, prompting a gush of wetness to cascade over your thrusting cock. "uhhhhhhh........ oh fuck yes....mmmmmmm.... fuck ym ass baby, fuck that hot little ass..."



You do know how I love to be your little whore. This is deliciously intense, I can feel the desperate need to come now I am soaked after reading your words. Do you think anyone would notice if I just slipped my hand down now? I should have known better than to drop by your blog while at work. Would it be so terrible of me just to make myself come right here at the office desk? I don't think I can help myself... my clit is throbbing with need to be touched. I could just slip my hand under my skirt.. no one can see... Oh god, so wet. Mmm... that feels good...

(Formerly known as Dukky)

Yes, PLEASE!! I am so fucking wet from that. I could feel the burning slap...the rising of the orgasm within me...that was such a good mind fuck...please give more!!!


I popped over here, hoping to find a new HNTer to oogle, and instead I find this.

Now I have to put the timer on the oven and drag my man to the back room for some quick satisfaction.

Thank you.

Honora - you really are such a delightfully filthy little slut ;) xx

SJ - You should absolutely make yourself come... though you should wait until I'm watching you, I absolutely want to see it ;) xx

Black Pearl - I'm delighted you enjoyed it so much ;) xx

Dharma - you won;t find any HNTs in here, but you will find a lot of very intense erotica written for women - I hope you'll come back, and I hope it'll inspire so very many delightful orgasms for you xx

Mmm, this is so hot.. as is all your writing.

I have been a lurker of this blog for
years now. So here I am.. another lurker coming out of hiding.

Hi Kayla x It's lovely to meet you at last! I'm delighted that you liked it, and I hope I'll see you in the comments more often :) xx
Since you've been around for a few years, have you ever thought of giving the questionnaire a try? I'd love to hear your replies x

I may just do that :)

mmm - then I hope you have fun with it ;) x

Yum. New Favourite! Bravo! Encore!

mmm thank you Katie, I'm delighted you enjoyed it so much :) xx

My favourite so far - just yummy xx

K was here, dripping wet, extremely aroused, writhing and struggling not to fall off her bed. Left fully satisfied.


mmm... I'm very delighted to hear that ;) xx

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