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Sunday, July 12, 2009 at 11:54 AM

This morning I wrote the introduction for the masturbation section of the new book I'm working on (and there's still plenty of time to contribute, check this link for more details of how you can be part of the project - I'd very much love to hear from you). I thought the introduction it was a hot piece of writing in itself (and I got rather turned on myself working on it), so I thought you might like to see it, as a little teaser for the finished book in a few weeks...


Nothing is more private, more intimate, more personal to us than those times that we spend alone, indulging our senses, touching ourselves, masturbating delightfully. We all masturbate, we all enjoy it immensely, and yet we so rarely talk about it amongst friends: masturbation is a very private pursuit, mostly enjoyed alone.

Through my blog, because of the anonymity and shared sense of community it offers, masturbation has become something we all do together. I touch myself as I write my erotica, and my readers touch themselves as they read - it's a delightful chain of mutual masturbation, taking place in an environment in which it's okay to have such thoughts and feelings, it's okay to feel that good, as we're all feeling the same way, and we all want to come, blissfully and urgently.

Because of that openness in my blog, there are times when writing about fantasies or describing experiences isn't what the writers in here need... sometimes they need to just express how good they feel right at that moment, how intensely aroused and wet they are, how they're touching themselves.

There's a genuine sensual pleasure in simply masturbating and describing it, knowing you're being watched, either by me or by my other readers. I've done it myself on the blog, I've masturbated whilst writing and shared my own orgasms in the same way, so I know how much fun it can be. It satisfies that exhibitionist urge that most of us experience from time to time, that need to come and to share the experience, share the orgasm, knowing how much it will excite whoever may be watching. And the anticipation of the pleasure it will bring to others adds to the experience - you're touching yourself and you're being watched and you love it and you need it and oh god you need to come, you need everyone to see you come and fuck it feels so good, and it's all you can do to keep writing, the intensity increasing as you get closer and closer and closer... and when that orgasm comes, all of these thoughts and feelings surge through your senses, intensifying the orgasm, making it so, so good.

Mutual masturbation of this kind, this quiet kind of exhibitionism, is a common occurrence on my blog, and helps to foster a shared experience, a sense of community: "We're all doing it, it really is okay to feel this good, there's no guilt or judgement in here, everyone understands how good I'm feeling, and wants to experience it too."

I've always been delighted, flattered and thrilled that so many women want to share those feelings with me, want to masturbate for me, knowing I'm watching them, knowing other readers are watching them, enjoying being watched. I've always found it intensely arousing, and I hope it'll make you feel the same way.

The following posts, a broad and fairly random sampling from the comments on my blog, have no real storyline, very little in the way of fantasy scenarios. They are all genuine comments written on my blog, by real women with normal, everyday lives just like the rest of us, letting themselves go because it feels so very good to do so. I've preserved their anonymity, for obvious reasons. All of the following posts were written whilst masturbating, so expect bad grammar, sloppy spelling and multiple typos - it kind of goes with the territory. I've resisted even minimal editing, as I think it's all about capturing the moment. Typos can be sexy too.

And if you feel inspired to masturbate as you read these entries, and I hope you will, then enjoy yourself, indulge your senses, make it last, assure yourself that we're all doing it, and that we all love it. I want you to come as you read the following posts, and I want it to be a delightful, intense, gorgeous orgasm. And when you're done... why not have another one?

Go enjoy yourself x


Oh Roger ... include me in one of those delightful orgasms against yours words!


Charlotte - mmm I will - and it's always such a pleasure to make you come xx

What a lovely introduction - you describe it so well. xxx

mmm thankyou - I think it's going to be an especially hot section of the book ;) xx

Don't know if it's too late but I would love to submit something. As you know, I'm just new to your site but your writing excites me.

I have read a fair amount of erotica and most of it is... not great. I am lured by yours. In fact your writing, and this project, reminds me very much of Nancy Friday's books that, for years, have been a source of great pleasure as I read, rubbed and rocked my way through her reader's intimate submissions.

There is nothing like reading and sharing what turns us on in our private moments. I am getting wet and my fingers are searching as we speak. God, Roger, you really are getting to me...

S - it's definitely not too late, I'm still compiling the collections, and will be for at least another few weeks. The model for the book is very much the Nancy Friday series (which were also a source of a great deal of pleasure to me - I've cum to them many times), though (not being a psychologist, just an interested observer) I won't be analysing the fantasies in the same way she did, just presenting them as they are. I'd be delighted if you were to submit something - anything you please, and more than one if the fancy takes you. My email address is up there at the top of the archive list. Have you thought about filling in the questionnaire? That might be a good place to start, and I think you'd find it fun ;)
roger x

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