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Saturday, July 11, 2009 at 9:28 AM

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm currently working hard on a new book, along the lines of the 1970s Nancy Friday books, compiling comments and readers' fantasies from the site (all included anonymously, no names attached), which I'm hoping to have available on the site by the end of the month.

It's already looking intensely hot, with sections likely to be divided into Fantasies, Experiences, Submission and Masturbation. I'm still eager to add new material not featured on the site, so if you'd like to be in the book (again, strictly anonymously - your name won't be given) please send me by email anything you'd like me to include, I can pretty much guarantee it'll go in. See the previous post for the kind of thing I'm looking for, and have fun writing it ;)

I've already had a really good response, but the more the merrier - I'd love you to be in the book, so if you have something you'd like me to include, please get in touch!

I'd also like to hear from those of you who have corresponded with me before: I've made a decision not to use any private email correspondence without express permission from those of you who have written to me, so if you've previously sent me delightfully naughty emails, fantasies or questionnaires, and you're happy for me to include excerpts from them in the book (again strictly anonymously, with no names attached and personal details removed) please drop me a quick line letting me know it's okay to use them. I won't be using any private correspondence without your permission, so if you've sent me something and you think it'd be fun to see excerpts from it in the book, let me know ;)

More Sophie later this week, and it's going to get very filthy...

roger xx


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