audio orgasm 1 - Schatzie

Monday, July 27, 2009 at 6:23 PM

Something a little different today that I'm certain you'll enjoy...

In my previous post I wondered aloud whether any of you would be brave enough to record an audio for me, in which you'd be masturbating to delightful orgasm, with the results posted here on the site for everyone here to enjoy along with you. It was something I thought might just appeal to the exhibitionists amongst you, knowing you'd be listened to, knowing everyone would be touching themselves as they listened, almost certainly coming with you...

I was delighted with the positive response, and I'd like to present what I hope will be the first of an ongoing series of such files. This gorgeous nine minute audio file was recorded just last night by long time reader Schatzie, whilst reading my post 'At The Party'.

Obviously, this delightfully sensual audio is very much not safe for work...

I'd love to post more of these, so if this inspires you to do something similar (and I hope it will), all you need to do is email me here: Please feel free to ask any questions you please, and should you prefer to remain completely anonymous when I post your file, that's totally fine.

That's quite enough from me - I hope you enjoy Schatzie, she's doing this for your pleasure (and of course, her own)...

Schatzie's orgasm

roger x


Such a lovely audio... I'm very much looking forward to more ;) xxx

oh, there's definitely more to come, DLG ;) xxx

speechless... this has left me speechless. And breathless. And so wet I'm... gonna have to go now!

I'm delighted that you enjoyed it so much, emme - there's more to come, and I'd be thrilled to listen to you too, if you find yourself tempted to join in... xx

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