Sophie in Hollywood 3:3 - Sophie makes a movie

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 at 9:11 PM

The conversation in the apartments went particularly well. Although still a little star struck, Sophie found Josephine to be relaxing, engaging, flirtatious company. She was also, very clearly, no stranger to the attractions of another woman, and was just as clearly interested in enjoying Sophie rather intimately. Sophie, however, kept their flirtation to a low level - the invitation to Josephine’s apartments had quite obviously been an invitation into her bed, but Sophie explained to her that this film was intended to be something very special. She wanted the film to record her first time with Josephine, wanted Uncle James to be able to witness that intimacy, that discovery, as though he were right there with them. Making love to Josephine before they began the film seemed somehow wrong - Sophie didn’t want to cheat him of the thrill of that first time.

And so they reached an agreement. A certain amount of money was exchanged. Josephine was at first reluctant to take any payment for what was, after all, just one scene, in which no lines would need to be learned, and which would undoubtedly be intensely pleasurable for them both. It made her feel, she commented wryly, something of a whore. Sophie reassured her that this was not at all her intent, but insisted on the payment, stating firmly that an artist of Josephine’s stature should never be expected to work for free. The deal was sealed with a soft, intimate kiss, though they went no further. Sophie told her that she would be in touch in the next couple of days, once Van Dyke had arranged the availability of a small studio space, and had secured the necessary equipment and furnishings.

And so all was arranged. Van Dyke gave them both the address of a studio, which turned out to be a little used warehouse on the edge of the Paramount lot, a little out of the way, not too frequented by other staff. A sign on the door as Sophie arrived in her taxi made it clear that this was to be a closed set, with no unauthorised persons permitted entrance. There was, however, no-one on the door to enforce this rule - Sophie wondered what would happen if they were discovered - would she find herself splashed all over the cover of Variety, as the latest Hollywood scandal? The idea amused her.

The interior of the small studio was quiet and mostly dark, Van Dyke there to greet her, stood next to a huge camera, a large, luxurious bed softly lit behind the camera, various lights and long overhead microphones pointed towards the opulently bedecked bed. Pillows and sheets of silk and velvet were draped on the bed, a backdrop of velvet curtains completing the scene - it was a picture of decadence, and Sophie very much approved. Two further cameras also looked towards the bed, though Van Dyke appeared to be alone. He explained that they had used this same set-up for another movie earlier in the day (though for nothing quite so disgraceful as Sophie intended), and he’d paid the technicians a little extra to leave everything switched on. None of them questioned this, of course - this wasn’t the first time Van Dyke has shot such a movie for his ‘special’ clientele.

As Van Dyke busied himself with the cameras, ensuring that everything was ready for the scene to unfold, Sophie saw Josephine arrive, looking glamorous in a long black silk dress, clinging to her every curve. Sophie had made a point of wearing the same dress that she had worn the day Uncle James had fucked her - the dress he had bought for her. She knew the sight of her in that dress alone would arouse him, and help to prepare him for the pleasures to come.

Kissing Josephine gently on the cheek, Sophie took her hand and turned to Van Dyke. “We’re ready whenever you are,” she smiled. “Are you done with your preparations?”

“I think so,” he replied. “Do the two of you need any time alone, or should I begin filming you straight away?”

“I’d like you to capture everything,” Sophie replied, stroking Josephine’s fingers softly. “Capture as much as you can, from whichever of these cameras you choose. We can trust you to edit it afterwards into something James will enjoy?”

“Absolutely,” Van Dyke smiled. “I know his tastes pretty well. Are you comfortable with my filming whatever I please?”

“Yes,” Sophie replied, feeling Josephine’s fingers caressing her own. Already she could feel herself becoming wet, anticipating the pleasure to come. “You can film whatever you please. However, I must insist that you remain the voyeur, you are only permitted to watch, not to take part. Is that understood?”

“Of course,” Van Dyke replied. “Pay no attention to me, I’ll be letting the two of you simply indulge yourself whatever way you like. And I’ll keep my hands to myself, as agreed.”

“Then I think we should begin,” Sophie smiled. Van Dyke returned the smile, moving behind the cameras as the film began to roll…

Much more to follow…


i know i would rather read you write about the movie than actually watch it...

I keep checking back wanting more Roger.. I'm such a closet fan <3 Natalie

I promise there's lots more on the way, Natalie - I've just landed a publishing deal for the Sophie stories, so I can guarantee you'll be seeing plenty more of her - and thank you :) xx

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