Sophie in Hollywood 3:2 - Sophie makes a movie

Monday, June 15, 2009 at 6:50 PM

Van Dyke’s parties were always extravagant, and very much the place to be seen, filled with movie stars, those who wanted to be movie stars, and those who simply wanted to be somewhere close to where the movie stars were gathering. Sophie wasn’t a big fan of the movies, travelling far too frequently to be up to date on who was who, or who was currently having an affair with whom. Her knowledge of the latest stars was shaky at best, but she smiled and nodded to all the right people, pretending to listen attentively when Van Dyke pointed out a celebrity or two. She did, however, know Josephine very well, and was delighted when Van Dyke introduced them to each other, giving them both a secret smile and a subtle nod.

Josephine had danced many times in Paris in the 1920s, often at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees and the Folies Bergere, and had been very much the toast of the city during Sophie‘s younger years, performing decadently erotic dance routines for the rich and well to do. Uncle James had treated Sophie to a visit to the theatre to see Josephine dance on more than one occasion, and they had both been dazzled by the spectacle they were provided. It was only now beginning to dawn on Sophie just why her Uncle James had provided her with such treats. The performances were invariably arousing, and Sophie could still remember how it had made her feel watching Josephine on the stage, so provocative and abandoned. Sophie had felt her first stirrings of lust for her fellow sex during those performances, watching Josephine move and twirl and tumble and writhe to the exotic rhythms of the music, her movements sensuous and daring. The shows always left Sophie delightfully stirred, encouraging her mind to wander, to wonder what it would be like to touch such a woman, to caress her soft skin intimately. The more Josephine discarded her clothes, disrobing as she danced until all but naked, the more Sophie felt the need to touch her, to surrender to her sexually. She would invariably leave the performances delightfully wet, aching deliciously between her thighs, but when asked how much she had enjoyed the dances afterwards by Uncle James, she would simply smile and brush away the question as though it had affected her little. It was no wonder that James had constantly fantasised about Sophie - clearly these fantasies had been developing for some time, nurtured by such events.

And now here Josephine was, still only 29 years old, looking stunning in a flimsy shoulderless ball gown, the back of the dress notable for its complete absence. Josephine was clearly still something of an exhibitionist. The two of them hit it off straight away - although American, Josephine spoke French effortlessly and fluently, and her manner was flirtatious and wry.

It also became clear to Sophie very quickly that she was being seduced. She wasn’t accustomed to such a position, generally preferring to be the one initiating such situations, but it was difficult for her not to fall under Josephine’s seductive spell. Technically, of course, Sophie had succumbed to her advances some years before, if only in her fantasies, late at night, alone in her bed, crying out in intense orgasm as she imagined Josephine‘s fingers exploring her urgently.

It was obvious that Van Dyke had set up this encounter. He knew that Sophie had yet to choose a partner for her movie scene, and clearly he considered Josephine to be the ideal choice. Van Dyke’s desires held little interest for Sophie, however. She wasn’t doing this for the director, she was doing it for her Uncle James - the performance was to be for his pleasure and delight alone. The more she talked to Josephine, the pair relaxing on a couch in a quiet corner of the party, Sophie beguiled by her still, the more she realised how perfect this would be. Sophie and Josephine, together, making each other come for Uncle James, over and over and over again… Sophie couldn’t imagine a better gift for him.

As their talk became more intimate, meaningful glances exchanged in as subtle a fashion as they could muster, Josephine moved the conversation towards the film that Sophie wished to make. She confessed that Van Dyke had mentioned a certain intimate project to her, the director indicating Sophie to her after introducing the notion, and Josephine had been sufficiently intrigued by the idea to want to talk to Sophie and discover her intentions. That she was attracted to Sophie was, of course, an obvious bonus. Their conversation had become intimate enough after a few drinks for Sophie to simply come straight to the point about what she intended to do: a gift for a dear friend and lover, sensual and provocative, intensely sexual, filmed in exquisite detail, Sophie owning the only copy of the film. Josephine considered the suggestion, smiling and thinking for a few moments.

“I‘m certainly intrigued,” she began. “Perhaps if we were to discuss this somewhere a little more private, we could come to a mutual arrangement.”

“I’d like that very much,” Sophie smiled, and with that, they made their excuses and left the party, hailing a taxi, heading for Josephine’s apartments.

More to follow…


Oh my. Sophie and Josephine, a delightful combination. Uncle James is going to be so pleased. ;) xxx

Umm Roger ... I'm very much enjoying your new installments.



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