Sophie in Hollywood 3:1 - Sophie makes a movie

Tuesday, June 09, 2009 at 9:06 PM

Here we go with the start of the third chapter of the latest Sophie adventure, set in Hollywood in 1935. Just in case you've never tried a Sophie story before, here's a very quick catch-up for you of what you need to know:

The Artist: our unnamed usual narrator of the stories (though not of this particular one), the Artist is Sophie's travelling companion and lover. The Artist has settled into a life of decadence and debauchery with Sophie in the cafe society of 1935 Paris. He is currently enjoying a leisurely vacation with her, which began with a week in London, and now continues on to Hollywood.

Sophie: our fabulous heroine, Sophie is the wealthy owner of the glamorous Cafe du Sour in Paris. Stunningly beautiful, both exhibitionist and voyeur, dominatrix and submissive, enthusiastically bisexual, Sophie is a study in contrasts and always unpredictable. A restless traveller, she has formed a steady attachment with the Artist, whilst still slipping away secretly for an experience or two of her own when the fancy takes her. Following an unexpectedly intense sexual liaison with old family friend James (whom she refers to affectionately as 'Uncle James'), Sophie and the artist continue on their vacation.

Anything else you need to know will come naturally in the story, so hold on tight - as usual, there'll be a slow build to the main action, so don't expect a lot of sex in this first part. It'll become more intense as we go along, as I'm sure you know by now ;)

Welcome back to Sophie's world... ;)

roger xx

Sophie had decided to make a film. This wasn’t a random decision: the notion had been at the forefront of her mind since arriving in Los Angeles, and had been the main reason for her trip. This wasn’t, however, something she had been able to share with the Artist, as the film was to be a gift for her Uncle James, a collector of movies of ‘certain tastes’. Ever since the experience with her Uncle in his private little movie theatre, tucked away in a wing of his large house, Sophie had determined that she wanted to make him a film herself, something that would remind him of her, that would allow him to release his passion for her when she was unable to visit him.

You may recall, dear reader, of Sophie’s discovery of her Uncle James’s lusts (in the previous story ‘Sophie and the Film Collector’). Whilst this event proved to be of intense mutual satisfaction to both of them, Uncle James had afterwards clearly felt uncomfortable with what he had done, considering that he had perhaps betrayed his darling young Sophie, allowing his lust to drive him to deeds he might otherwise never have displayed to her. He’d been unable to decide whether their urgent coupling in the movie theatre had been a good or a bad thing, and this indecisiveness had led to him becoming more remote, worried that she would think the worse of him.

On the contrary, Sophie had enjoyed the tryst immensely. Whilst still defiantly dominant sexually, Uncle James had opened up to her the notion of being taken, of being used, and whilst she had no wish to pursue these interests elsewhere, she knew that she would always be happy to be Uncle James’s little girl, to be a slut for him, should he desire. For Sophie, it was all a matter of context.

Given that Uncle James was clearly wondering if he had made a mistake behaving in the manner in which he had, Sophie had decided to present him with a gift, something that would make her feelings on the matter implicit. She wanted him to be in no doubt that she had enjoyed their passion, that she held no disapproval for his chosen hobby, and that she was happy to encourage him and to continue where they had left off.

Her solution to this problem was clear and obvious to her - make him another film for his collection, one in which she was the star.

She wanted the film to be a surprise, of course, so this had necessitated a certain amount of deviousness on Sophie’s part. She had arranged the holiday at Uncle James’s Hollywood retreat, taking along the Artist, Henri and Kathryn to legitimise the trip (and to add a little fun to the proceedings, of course), and had secured from Uncle James a few of his contacts in the industry, which (she had told him) was so that she could look into investing some of her money into a studio or two. This wasn’t, of course, Sophie’s real motive at all. A few conversations with the right people over the course of the week, mentioning Uncle James’s name and alluding to her knowledge of the film clips he had purchased from them, had led Sophie to a particular director, whom she knew could be trusted to help her make her own private movie. A certain amount of money changed hands, securing the discreet services of the director and a cameraman, with assurances that Sophie would retain the only copy of the film in question.

All that was needed now was for Sophie to find a partner to join her in the movie.

Knowing Uncle James’s tastes, Sophie had already decided that she would be looking for another girl to join her. She guessed that he would have no desire to see her being taken by another man, but that seeing her with a woman would undoubtedly inflame his senses delightfully. She had briefly considered asking Kathryn, but assumed that Kathryn would be unwilling to do anything without Henri also present, and she couldn’t be certain of their discretion with regards to the Artist. Whilst Sophie was never especially comfortable keeping things from her lover, her relationship with Uncle James was something she knew James would want to be kept discreet and confidential, and she was happy to respect his wishes.

And so it was that Sophie decided to find herself another girl. It hadn’t been especially difficult. Los Angeles was filled with pretty young things wanting to get into the movie business, and the casting couch was a phenomenon which even then was rife in Hollywood. Over her days there, lazily exploring the local cafes and restaurants, Sophie had found herself attracted to a small number of waitresses and bar girls, all eager to make a break into Hollywood, doing what they had to in order to pay their way. Narrowing her choices down with polite, sometimes slightly indiscreet conversations, mentioning the name of the director who would be filming their escapades, she was met with many eager responses, but quickly rejected them all, concerned that she would be doing them a disservice.

Until she attended a party hosted by her new director, and was introduced to Josephine...

More to follow…


I am very much looking forward to seeing this all plays out. I have a feeling it's going to be quite decadent ;) xxx

oooh can't wait for more, I've been reading a lot of your blogs recently, and I just can't get enough! please never stop writing

DLG - very decadent indeed, yes ;) xxx

Anonymous - more to come at the weekend, and expect it to build in intensity as we go ;)

Oh Roger ... what a wonderfully arousing part!

I can't wait for more from you.


More to come at the weekend, Charlotte, and as usual we're building to some very intense sex - hope you'll enjoy ;) xx

mmm... delicious foreshadowing to awaken the mind (and body) to what is to come (cum?).

Very nice as usual, handsome.

- Lady of Intrigue

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