If it's spring, then it's audio contest time...

Saturday, May 23, 2009 at 1:39 PM

Spring has arrived much quicker than I expected it to - where does the time go? It's lovely to see some sunshine at last though: strolling through the park and watching the beautiful people go by, buskers playing delightful jazz, birds singing, kids playing, pretty girls everywhere and everything right with the world - I love the spring.

As ever, springtime makes me exceptionally horny. That need I have to touch you, to be inside you, to fuck you delightfully, to feel you come blissfully all over my cock... I feel that more at this time of year than any other. I need to fuck you - what are you doing this evening? ;)

Another thing that spring always brings around these parts is the annual audio contest (one of my absolute favourite times of the year). Those of you who have been with me for a while will be familiar with how it goes, and I think those of you who have entered previously have always enjoyed yourselves rather thoroughly ;) For those of you unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, here's what we do... and this one is very much for the delightful exhibitionists amongst you, of course...

Firstly, the prize: the winner of the contest will receive an audio post from me, where I'll read your favorite post, whatever it happens to be. It'll be read slowly and sensually to you, softly and intimately, I'll say your name, and no-one else but you will hear it, it's only for you, a little something to take to bed with you. I'll want my audio to make you come gorgeously, so you'll need to choose your absolute favourite story, something you know will work, especially if you can hear me reading it to you seductively. Does that sound like something you'd want?

If so, to win the prize, all you need to do is to do the same for me, and send me an erotic audio file that will arouse me intensely... and I want to hear you cum for me...

Interested? Then here's the contest guidelines:

1) Find yourself a little privacy, when you won't be disturbed. It can be anywhere you like, I don't mind, but somewhere private (your bed, your office at home etc) where you can enjoy yourself without being disturbed.

2) Find your favourite entry in my blog, something that's guaranteed to make you reach delicious, intense orgasm, something that always works for you.

3) Start recording.

4) Masturbate deliciously, all the way to orgasm for me - extra points if you say my name as you're about to cum ;)

5) Send it to me - knowing how much I'll enjoy hearing you...

I did say this one was only for the exhibitionists amongst you ;)

Okay, if you've read this far, I'm assuming you're interested in the challenge... so just to be entirely fair, here are the 'rules' of the contest, and a few pointers for you:


1. The winner will be the audio that I like the best. It's hard to define what I mean by this, as I have no idea what you'll send me, but if you make me cum, it's fair to say you're in with a very good chance of winning! I won't be showing any favouritism, this is open to new and old readers alike, and just because I know you or you're a long time reader doesn't mean you necessarily have an advantage - this is open to all of you, and I'll be as fair as I can be. Any single one of you could win! The audio can be as long or as short as you please - though if it ends up being a long file, see number 9 below...
2. I may get quite a lot of entries. Or I may only get four or five. Consequently, please don't think that entering will automatically get you the prize - I think all the entries are going to be mind-blowingly erotic for me, but there can only be one winner - I hope it's you xx
3. To be fair to everyone, both those who can write and those who can't, this isn't about reading me a dirty story, or trying to seduce me. I just want you to relax, read my words, and cum for me, in whatever manner pleases you. All you need to do is relax and have fun, masturbate for me (as you've done so many times before reading my words), reach delicious orgasm - and then do it all over again if you want to - and again! Just have fun and enjoy yourself - think about me right there with you, knowing I'll hear you as you cum.
4. I'm not going to be judging your orgasms. I don't want you to go all 'porn star' on me and thrash and scream and fake a huge orgasm - just do whatever you would do normally. The more real it is, the more intimate and intense it'll be for me. It's likely that what'll arouse me the most will be delightful trembling, the sounds of you touching yourself (especially being delightfully wet, I love that), use of toys might well score you points too lol - I honestly don't know for certain, but I'm not judging your orgasm, it'll be whatever arouses me the most, whatever makes me cum deliciously - that's the winner right there. No need to be a porn actress, I just want to hear what you sound like when you masturbate, when you reach orgasm... that's what'll excite me.
5. Videos not allowed for this contest, I'm afraid - whilst it would be lovely to watch you, it's not fair to the other entrants. Audio files only please - .wav files, .mpeg files, that's what I'm after, I just want to hear you.
6. To prevent cheating (such as finding a sound file and pretending it's you when it isn't), I'm going to ask you to say my name somewhere in the audio, so that I know you recorded it especially for me. For the new readers, my name is Roger (pleased to meet you!). If you don't say my name somewhere in the audio, I'll reluctantly have to disqualify you, so please don't forget! There's probably extra points if you say my name just as you're about to come ;)
7. You're obviously going to need a mic to do this. Sorry to those of you who don't have one! You'll need sound recording software too - I recommend the following, which has always worked fine for me and is completely free and easy to use:
Audacity, a free downloadable sound recorder - though any sound recording software would be fine.
8. Test the sound recording before you begin, to make sure it's working! I wouldn't want you to indulge in a delightful half hour session or something, only to discover it hasn't recorded you...
Using Audacity is easy:
a) plug in your mic
b) download, install and open Audacity
c) slip into bed (or wherever you like to play)
d) press the big red 'record' button, lay back, and have fun ;)
e) when you're all done, press the 'stop' button
f) select 'File>export as wav' (this bit is very important!)and save it - it'll probably be a very big file
9. My email address for the files is: dirtyboy1uk@aol.com
Sound files can be pretty big, and if yours is any bigger than about 9MB, I won't be able to receive it by email, it'll just bounce back to you. For large files (anything bigger than 9MB) I use www.yousendit.com, which is a means of sending large files via the net - when you post it in there, I get notified by email and can download the file. Once I've downloaded it, I'll let you know so that you can remove it. It's safe, very secure, completely free, and no-one else will see the file but me.
10. I'll be announcing the winner by Monday 15th June at the latest - if you don't want your name announced in my blog, please let me know, and I'll make up a suitable pseudonym for you - I don't want you to get caught misbehaving! And please - don't get caught doing it! You'll have your prize of a deliciously filthy audio from me by the end of June, if not sooner x
11. If you have any more questions, please feel free to email and ask. It goes without saying that any files sent to me will be kept strictly confidential, they won't be passed on elsewhere. They're for me! yum ;)

Oh - deadline! Let's say Sunday 14th June, to give you all plenty of time - so you have three weeks from today - go have fun - the contest starts..... NOW! woo hoo! ;)

I'm so looking forward to hearing you, and good luck!

lovely big hugs
roger x


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