Watching you come, part two...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at 10:26 PM

It’s such an exquisite sight, my cock pulsing gorgeously in my hand as I watch you start to come - your thighs wide open, displaying yourself to me so willingly, your fingers skidding around your clit urgently, your thighs trembling convulsively, your hips bucking up to your fingers as your body arches into orgasm, your face etched with anguished pleasure, a long, sustained moan accompanying your frantic movements - and as you come, as your body surrenders to its ecstatic pleasure, I see a delightful stream of warm wetness trickling from your cunt, betraying your intense arousal.

I groan softly as I watch, my hand wrapped around my hugely erect penis, stroking myself deliciously, my own pleasure pulsing from my cock, holding back my own orgasm, not wanting to miss a single moment, my heart beating fast, my breath quickening as you buck and writhe and shake urgently, lost in your orgasm, unable to stop.

I can barely take it - my penis pulses harder, wanting to come, needing to come, but I hold it back - I need more - I need to make you come again. I tug off my remaining clothes rapidly, your body still convulsing, and I know you’re watching me, wanting me, your gaze fixed on my erection, wanting it inside you, wanting me to fuck you, your fingers still stroking your clit, slick wet sounds coming from your cunt as you continue to masturbate for me.

I sit between your open thighs, smiling at you, my fingers gliding up the inside of your thighs. You’re in no mood to be teased, your body arching to my touch, your cunt dripping wet. “Fuck me…” you breathe, “please… god please Roger… I need your cock inside me…”

“Greedy little girl…” I reply softly, my fingertips reaching your wet slit, and as you continue to stroke yourself, I smile again and push two fingers so very easily inside you. You groan with pleasure, your cunt squeezing around my fingers as I slide them deeper into you, another hot wet gush signalling your intense arousal.

“please…” you gasp, but you’re in no position to make demands. My fingers are deep in your cunt, my fingertips tugging back towards your g-spot, delightful wet sounds accompanying my rhythm as I flex them inside you, your thighs trembling again, a deep gutteral groan leaving your lips, your own fingers slick around your clit, rubbing, stroking, faster, harder…

It’s too much - already your hips are bucking and jerking against my hand as you push up against me - you’re so wet - and god you need to be fucked but this feels so good - and my other hand slides up your body… over your belly… up to your breasts… and you groan again as you feel my hand enclose one of your breasts, pinching your nipple softly, my fingers working faster and harder inside you… and you know you’re going to come again… you know you’re not going to be able to stop it…

“please…” you gasp again, but you’re no longer sure what you’re asking for… you need release, desperately, urgently, but I’m keeping you right on the edge, my cock pulsing again as I watch you, your body arching off the bed, trying to take what it needs, so close, ohh god so very close…

“ohh god please…” you groan again.

“Please what…?” I reply softly, my rhythm increasing almost imperceptibly, your cunt making wet sounds now around my fingers - you can feel your juices dribbling from your cunt, dripping onto the bed.

“I need to come… ohh god please…”

“You need to beg me…” I reply, softly but firmly, shoving my fingers deeper into your cunt, “If you want to come, you need to beg me…”

“ohhhh god please…” you gasp, “please let me come… please I’m begging you…”

“Tell me you’re my slut…” My voice is soft but firm. Your orgasm threatens to flood your body, and you fight to hold it back a few more moments, every nerve ending tingling, your cunt pulsing around my fingers, so fucking wet.

“ohhhh god I’m your slut… unnhh fuckk please… please I’m your slut I’m your whore… please let me come please… I can’t hold it…”

Come for me,” I say, firmly, thrusting my fingers deep and hard, “fucking come for me… right now… don‘t hold it back… come for me…”

And you scream with pleasure… intense orgasm rushing through you… convulsing so hard… a hot wet stream spilling from your cunt, drenching my fingers… pulsing so intensely, again and again… never wanting it to end…


That is intense. It made me wet reading lord!


Oh ... I've lost all track of thought Roger.

This is just exquisite as always!

Oh my ...


Heleen - I'm glad you liked it - it was fun to write ;) xx

Charlotte - mmm thankyou - I'm glad you enjoyed it so much xx

mmm...please, Sir...

Mmmmm ... delicious!

omg...this is my first visit t ur blog and i read both posts...i am breathless. i cud get hooked.


J - such a good girl... ;)

nitebyrd - I'm glad you liked it! xx

mishee - welcome to my blog - I hope you're having lots of fun exploring the archives ;) xx

actually, i am...xx ty


Oh. My. Lord.
Lovely ;)

delicious but I do think you should fuck the poor girl now!

nez - I'm glad you enjoyed it ;)

secretly naughty - oh, but the teasing can be so much more exquisite ;)

That was amazing...I just came really hard while reading that post! Now please fuck me.

I love it! Can I beg you for more?

Gemma - such a greedy girl - I love making you come so hard xx

Jane - I'd be delighted to have you beg, yes - perhaps on your knees in front of me, touching yourself ;) xx

That got me so wet please can there be more?

such a greedy girl ;) I probably won't do a part three to this one, but if you're needing something to help you come, you might want to try 'come for me' at the top of the archives ;) xx

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